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17/12/2018: Festive Greetings and Yearly Reflection
19/11/2018: Thank you for an Incredible 18 Years
22/10/2018: Are You Putting in the Effort and Not Seeing Results?
12/10/2018: Qt Wins Another Global Award – Best in Professional Training & Coaching 2018
12/09/2018: Qt CEO Named in Australia’s Top Ten Women Entrepreneurs 2018
13/07/2018: The Pursuit of Perfection
19/06/2018: How Limiting Beliefs Limit Career and Business Success
07/05/2018: How to Transition to Running Your Successful Business in Helping Others
09/04/2018: Qt Wins Another Global Award – Excellence in NLP & Hypnotherapy Services, Australia
19/02/2018: How Much Are Your Habits and Addictions Costing You?
19/12/2017: Seasons’ Greetings and Yearly Reflection
13/12/2017: Qt Wins Another Global Award - Best for Business Transformation and Empowerment Training
14/11/2017: Never Enough Time
16/10/2017: Top Three Traits Insecure People Have in Common
24/07/2017: Qt and Dr Vesna Win 2 Global Awards
17/07/2017: Celebrate the Release of My New Book
13/06/2017: How to Fast Track Your Business Success
23/05/2017: How to Stop Analysis By Paralysis
27/03/2017: Do You Settle For Mediocrity?
06/02/2017: How to Quickly Journey from Fear to Success
05/12/2016: Reduce Festive Season Stress for Success
04/05/2015: Communicating with Difficult Personalities and Motivating People into Action with Dr Vesna Grubacevic
06/01/2015: Wishing you a Prosperous 2015
06/01/2015: Wishing you a Prosperous 2015
08/10/2013: Transform Your Success with NLP and Hypnosis