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How to Run Your Own Successful
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and Grow with Us!

Are you:  
  • looking for other proven ways to generate even more customers and ongoing income for your business, while creating your desired lifestyle?
  • committed to achieving your business goals faster, prospering in a high growth industry and wish to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit?
  • interested in replicating Qt’s successes by modelling our highly popular programs (developed, proven and refined over the past decade)?
  • keen to save time, money and effort by having ready to deliver programs (with full materials, training and NLP business coaching) so you can “hit the ground running”?
  • wanting to learn and have access to a set of breakthrough behavioural change techniques personally developed, proven and researched by Dr Vesna over the past decade (which produce long term health, personal and professional success and results) and are only available from Qt?
  • seeking support from an award-winning speaker and business owner, whose business and marketing excellence you can model for your own success, and who is dedicated to your success?
  • keen to take advantage of our proven know-how and get a head start for a fabulous year and beyond?

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to grow with us as one of our licensees!

Since 2000, we have been honoured to have touched the lives of so many people.  We would like to empower you to help even more people with creating the health, relationships, career/business, family and life that they desire!  In the process, you will attract more customers, generate more income and create your desired lifestyle.  You will also have exclusive access to our proven breakthrough behavioural change techniques, be leveraging our expertise and modelling our award-winning excellence.
As a Qt licensee, you will receive everything you need to succeed to run our programs so that you can replicate at least the same results as us far more quickly than the time it took us to get there!  You will be empowered by us so that you can keep succeeding and growing, both personally and professionally.  Plus you will have exclusive access to Qt’s unique behavioural change techniques to create even faster transformations for yourself and your clients.  

Importantly, as a Qt licensee, you maintain your independence and operate your own business as you choose to, while having the peace of mind of using our proven systems, techniques, training, NLP business coaching and support to empower you along the way.

Here is what one of our delighted licensees says:

"As a new Qt TYD seminar licensee I have found the support and knowledge from Vesna to be of an exceptional standard.  Vesna has assisted me all the way, from setting up my business goals and plan, to all the small details required for running the seminars.  The licensee program has all the information needed to run successful seminars and Vesna is there for help when needed.  I have now conducted 2 seminars and it is a very rewarding experience to see the change in the participants over the weekend and ongoing afterwards.  I am now looking forward to conducting my next one!"

W. K. - Qt Licensee, Business Owner and Master NLP Practitioner

Imagine the impact that would have on your business and on the lives of the clients you empower.

This opportunity is only for highly committed practitioners and business owners seeking to grow!

Please be aware that this opportunity is NOT:

·   for the feint hearted, uncommitted business owner and practitioner;

·   a franchise with huge fees, strict rules and guidelines and where you are restricted to operating within marketing territories (with Qt, the world is your oyster!);

·   for business owners and practitioners who are unwilling to learn and continue to grow, both personally and professionally;

·   for complacent business owners and practitioners who are not interested in taking their business to the next level;

·   for people who jump from one business opportunity to the next seeking a magic pill or a get rich scheme.

How to become a Qt licensee and fast track your business success by modelling award-winning excellence?

Limited Qt licenses are now available so if you are genuinely interested in learning more and fast tracking your success as a practitioner and business owner this year and beyond, the first step is to call me on 0411 479 256 or on (03) 9653-9288 or email me to arrange a confidential discussion at a time that suits you.  This discussion will enable you to see how this opportunity can assist you to fast track your business goals and vision, you will discover the range of Qt programs available for our licensees to choose from, it will provide you with further details, as well as give us an opportunity to meet you to gauge whether you meet our criteria.

Looking forward to hearing from you and empowering you on your journey of excellence!

Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

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