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Your Special Winter Reward!

Pamper yourself with a FREE 1 hour body treatment (valued at $90)!

Experience a vigorous, yet relaxing Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy treatment that:
  • Energises the body and mind, and reduced stress and tension
  • Invigorates the body’s natural functioning
  • Stimulates healing
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Cleanses out toxins
  • Encourages weight loss and smooths out cellulite
  • Assists with water retention and digestion
  • Assists with allergies, inflammation and sinus congestion
  • Eases aches and pain throughout the body
  • Improves circulation
  • And much more!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (MLDT)

As we know our body has a number of different systems, each one doing its unique role, and together they work in synergy with each other to create our current health.  If one of the systems starts to work less effectively and if this remains uncorrected, other systems need to work harder to compensate.  If this is left too long, chronic illness can develop.  One of the systems in our body is the lymphatic system.  Our body has lymphatic nodes spread throughout our body, from head to toe.  Blockages can occur in any part of the body, which in turn can affect the entire lymphatic system.  Therefore, regular drainage is important to keep the fluids in the body moving uninterruptedly, and for effective waste elimination.

What is the Lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is one of the elimination systems that the human body needs in order to work at optimal levels and for our body to stay healthy.  Because the lymphatic system does not have pumps, it needs to be stimulated by muscle contractions, the breathing system and by the body’s movements.  The lymphatic system plays a major role in eliminating toxic waste out of the body, helps to transport fluids throughout the body, helps with the absorption of nutrients, filters out harmful substances, and bacterial infections, and maintains the balance of bodily fluids in the cell tissue.  Simply eating and drinking the wrong things, being inactive and not drinking enough alkaline water can impact on the lymphatic system.

What results can I expect?

Each client will enjoy their own unique benefits as they experience four different body treatments in one session with Nevenka.  Nevenka is a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Painless Pain Relief Therapist© and Clinical Nutritionist. 

Here are the benefits experienced by one client recently: 

“I saw Nevenka to assist me with poor circulation, soreness in my lower back and buttocks and calluses on the balls of my feet.  I was pleasantly surprised by her unique treatment.  Nevenka incorporated Lymphatic Drainage plus three other treatments in the one session, and I must say the benefits are amazing!  After the first session, the circulation in my body increased and the next day my legs were a lovely pink colour, instead of the usual white, and I felt warmer during the day.  Normally I feel the cold more than other people.  The soreness in my lower back and buttocks eased significantly and was completely gone after a few more sessions.  As for the calluses, I was amazed, how after one session, they were completely comfortable – all the soreness and discomfort had gone.  In addition, I felt so relaxed at the end of the session and had the best night’s sleep for a long time.  As an added bonus, my weight reduced a couple of kilos after only two sessions!  Nevenka’s unique treatments are truly amazing and a must for anyone experiencing any discomfort, pain, stress, health problem or wanting to nurture themselves.  I have already told so many friends and colleagues about Nevenka, her wonderful treatment and her caring and supportive approach.  I am excited about returning for regular treatments to ensure that I maintain my great results.”

G. D. – Executive

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