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Is Your Business Ready for the new Anti-Bullying Laws?

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

·   Are you aware of the new anti-bullying laws and the implications for your business?

·   Do you have the culture, systems and processes in place to prevent workplace bullying, and create an empowered working environment instead?

The 1st January 2014 saw the introduction of new anti-bullying laws with heavy fines for both individuals and businesses who are found in breach of those laws.  While the Fair Work Commission has provided general guidelines as to what constitutes bullying, the ambiguous nature of those laws provides your business with both a potential risk (if you are unprepared), as well as an opportunity to empower your team.

The Cost of Bullying to Your Business

Businesses without a clear and empowering culture, systems and processes in place leave themselves open to potential risk and fines, harm to their business reputation, disruption to their business operations, reduced productivity and the possibility of losing good employees.  

Research has shown that toxic employees (including ones that bully others) have significant detrimental impacts on a business.  Some of these include angry, frustrated and dissatisfied employees whose performance decreases or who end up resigning as a result of toxic employees’ behaviour.  According to one study, of those employees who choose to stay:

-   66% decrease their performance at work as a result of the negative environment;
-   80% lose time worrying about the negative incident/s;
-   63% waste time avoiding the offending co-worker/manager.

Imagine the cultural, emotional, performance and financial impacts of the above on your business.  Make sure you have a safe workplace culture in place (including an emotionally, psychologically and physically safe environment), for all your employees.  Once bullying occurs, identifying and addressing that behaviour swiftly is the key to your business success.

The Warming Signs of Bullying

Often people who are being bullied are too scared to speak up and may exhibit any of the following warning signs, which may indicate that they are being bullied:

·   An unusual drop in an employee’s performance
·   An employee taking a lot of time off (compared to their normal requests for time off)
·   An employee avoiding certain people/meetings/calls
·   An employee getting upset around certain people
·   An employee not being their usual self/being out of character eg. being unusually quiet, withdrawing from interaction with others
·   An employee being easily upset by normal work requests
·   etc

The above are warning signs that an employee may need some help, whether as a result of being bullied or some other reason.  Employees exhibiting bullying behaviour also need help to stop that behaviour.  People's behaviour can be affected by many factors and employees who were once working well in the team can start bullying others for a number of reasons.  As a business owner/leader/manager it is important that you offer any support if you notice an employee showing any of the above or similar signs.

Transforming Your Workplace into an Empowering Culture and Environment

Using our innovative and leading edge Qt behavioural change techniques (only available from Qt and proven over a decade of research, development and results), we can assist you with:

·   Clarifying and implementing an empowering culture in your business
·   Permanently stopping bullying behaviour should it occur and ensuring you prevent bullying from the outset
·   Helping any employees who are being bullied to safely and effectively deal with the trauma of being bullied so that they can be productive and healthy employees again, and feel safe again
·   Retaining your good employees and strengthening their loyalty
·   Transforming any disempowering individual, team or business dynamics to maximise individual, team and leadership performance and business results
·   Transforming underperformers into top performers
·   Creating healthy, safe and highly productive workplaces
·   Integrating an empowered culture into the fabric of your business so that it is an ongoing and long term change, which is lived and breathed naturally by each and every individual.

In addition, we can assist you to access the HR and legal advice to complement the above, and to implement the structure, systems and policies to protect your team and your business.

Maximise your team’s wellbeing and performance by transforming your culture into an empowering one.

For additional details and a confidential discussion, please call Dr. Vesna on 0411 479 256 or email her today.

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