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Are You Tired of the Corporate Treadmill?

·         Another year is almost over and are you still in the same job, lacking passion and dreading the daily grind?
·         Does your job lack fulfilment and would you prefer to make a real difference?
·         Are you still dreaming of starting your own business or pursuing your passion?  
·         What is stopping or sabotaging you from taking action to fulfil your dreams?

Discover how you too can:
·         discover and clarify your passion and learn how to turn your dreams into reality;
·         remove limiting thoughts, fears, self doubts and behaviours that prevent you from following your passion;
·         resolve internal conflicts around finances, security, etc. and take consistent action towards your dreams;
·         discover and align your business values to optimise consistency in your performance;
·         align all areas of your life to create your desired work/life balance;
·         learn how to tap into your passion and maintain your motivation and commitment to realise your dreams;
·         learn advanced rapport, communication, sales, self promotion, influencing and leadership skills to increase client satisfaction and retention and to easily grow your business;
·         develop consistent belief in yourself, create a mindset for success and a supportive internal dialogue;
·         learn how to maintain your focus and bounce back when faced with challenges.

And discover how you too can make a real difference to the lives of others!

Many of our clients have already made the successful transition from corporate life to running their own business, by developing the mindset of a successful business owner and entrepreneur and learning skills to empower themself and others!

Act now and discover how you can be certified in advanced business skills by February 2008... and make 2008 the year YOU pursue your dreams!

Simply call Vesna on (03) 9653-9288 or 0411 479 256, or email her (with your name and phone number) by 19th October 2007 to receive your FREE Information Pack and free gift (valued at $300)!

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