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Transformational Success Story!

May 2007

Welcome to our Transformational Success Story where I personally interview one of our very successful clients, Dianne Adams.   Dianne is a passionate midwife who enjoys interaction and assisting people to achieve their goals.   She has a new love of hiking, travelling, exploring new things and improving her fitness.   Dianne is also reaping the rewards of successful parenting and mothering and has two wonderful, delightful, supportive and loving children.   Her new pursuit is Bowen therapy and her aim is to spread it to everyone she meets and to help others.

How was your life prior to your transformation?

I was miserable.  I had difficulty communicating with other people and I was misunderstanding them.  I went through periods of depression, loneliness and self pity and I lacked knowledge of the possibilities.

You have made some significant changes in your life Dianne, can you tell us about your transformation journey.

My transformation began when I was recommended to see Vesna.  I was able to express myself and I learnt that I was able to put myself in control and that I could choose to be in control.  I began working with Vesna one on one and then completed my NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification training, where I learnt the techniques of communication, being more self aware and valuing myself more.  The biggest challenge I needed to overcome was myself – not having the knowledge of myself and the capacity that was within me and not being trusting of that knowledge.  Doing the Master NLP Practitioner training was very much a turning point.  I allowed myself to totally surrender to the process and actually came through the other side when I did.  I chose to move on. 

To what extent has working with Qt helped you to overcome those challenges, to develop your confidence and to take your business and life to the next level?

It’s been the transformation.  It provided me with the insight into how to move on and how to progress the understanding.  The ongoing support, the understanding, the possibility to get positive feedback and then move on and the love I received have been wonderful.  Transforming my thinking has made the difference – I’m a different person, more confident, more self aware, a contributor.  And it covers all areas of life – my relationships, business and personal life. 

What has been the biggest change for your Dianne?

Being happy, being confident – taking on challenges and seeing them as challenges, rather than obstacles or hindrances, and knowing it is all good, it is what is meant to be.  There was a lot of hurt in my family around favouritism and others being left out.  In hindsight it served a purpose – the unity now with myself and my sisters is just delightful.  I am more accepting of things, knowing that it will work out.  I’m enjoying life very much.  Having a good time, taking time out for myself and being open to further possibilities of what’s out there. 

What tips would you give to people who lack confidence?

If anyone gives you the offer to come to Qt, take it up.  There are ways to overcome it and by loving yourself and being confident in yourself, you can portray that confidence to others.  By loving myself I can love other people more effectively.  Vesna’s Self Empowerment CD has also been wonderful in assisting me with this. 

How would you sum up your transformation?

Absolutely wonderful - challenging, inspiring as to what is possible and what you can achieve.  Thank you so much for your love and support and the opportunity to just talk and express myself without judgement. 

Dianne is happy to talk to you about her transformation so please contact Vesna on (03) 9653-9288 for her details.

Would you like to have the confidence to do what you desire?   Are self doubts and fears holding you back from pursuing your dreams and passion?   Do you want to stop the negative self talk and enjoy a more positive relationship with yourself? 

Discover how you can create unstoppable confidence in your complimentary one hour Boost Your Confidence© consultation with Vesna.   To book your session, call Vesna on (03) 9653-9288 or 0411 479 256, or email her today!

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