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Qt respecti ® (also known as respecti ®) is a unique set of breakthrough advanced behavioural change techniques that have been specifically developed by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic to assist you to effectively deal with people and their behaviour.  These techniques are ideal if you would like to permanently stop the disempowering dynamics between yourself and your loved ones, friends, colleagues, manager and other people.  They assist you to quickly, safely and easily transform disempowering dynamics into lasting, harmonious and fulfilling personal and professional relationships.

Are you tired of:

  • stressful, energy-draining, confidence-sabotaging, and motivation-sapping personal and professional relationships
  • other people treating you like a doormat and walking all over you
  • feeling used (emotionally, financially, physically or mentally), being taken advantage of, being bullied, being put down or criticised by others
  • other people not dealing with their own issues and “dumping” their issues on you
  • compromising yourself and what is right for you in order to stay in your personal and professional relationships
  • being treated as less than an equal, being treated unfairly or unjustly by others and the “games” people play eg. guilt trips, etc
  • being in a one-way relationship with a partner, family member, friend, manager, colleague or in business where you do all the giving and they do all the taking
  • not speaking up and being a people pleaser or peace-keeper to avoid confrontation or other people's anger
  • feeling angry, frustrated, afraid, anxious, betrayed, abandoned, resentful or rejected by other people’s behaviour?

Would you also like to permanently stop:

  • fitting into other people’s expectations of you and conforming to peer or social pressure
  • other people making you feel bad or guilty for their behaviour towards you
  • other people expecting you to be there for them and yet they make excuses why they can't be there to support you in return
  • making all the compromises and your partner, family, friends, colleagues and manager making none or very little
  • people taking your ideas and suggestions and claiming them as their own
  • sibling/colleague rivalry, and the arguments, disagreements or conflicts with your partner, family, friends, colleagues or manager
  • living or working in a negative or toxic environment
  • feeling unloved, unappreciated and undervalued
  • any other disempowering behaviour towards you?

Left unaddressed, disempowering dynamics can often lead to:

  • loss of confidence, low self-esteem, social anxiety, depression
  • insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares
  • poor performance at work, scattered thinking, lack of focus, being unproductive
  • stress, anxiety, fear, post traumatic stress, panic attacks
  • unwanted negative habits (eg. smoking, drinking) and weight and other health issues
  • deep seated and multifaceted internal battles and struggles with yourself
  • financial challenges/loss, job loss
  • relationship/friendship/business break-ups and much more!

Instead, you can prevent this and:

  • once and for all stop the same negative and disempowering behaviours and dynamics in your personal and professional relationships
  • stop being a pushover, safely, confidently and effectively speak your truth, and communicate your needs to your partner, family, friends, colleagues, manager and in business
  • have the strength and confidence to stand up for yourself and deal with challenging people and their behaviour
  • get the respect you deserve and feel loved, valued, appreciated and recognised
  • have greater confidence, self-esteem and feel free to be yourself when interacting with other people and easily resist peer and social pressure
  • stop other people from sabotaging your success and happiness
  • permanently transform disempowering dynamics into empowering ones, and attract the lasting personal and professional relationships, and the happiness, health and success that you desire!

How You Can Benefit from Qt respecti ®

Qt respecti ® is a very safe and powerful set of award-winning and innovative techniques.  The client is safely and quickly guided through the transformation process by a fully trained and certified practitioner, who assists the client to work with their unconscious mind to transform the disempowering dynamics with other people.

What makes Qt respecti ® so unique?
  • you never need to recall, work with or refer to past memories or past events, or relive past memories in order to stop the disempowering dynamics.  Because this eliminates the risk of you getting caught in the past memory, and the emotions and trauma associated with the memory, these techniques are completely safe and comfortable for you, the client.
  • many clients are unable to recall or remember past events or memories so these techniques are ideal for them as they never need to work with past memories or events
  • some clients have suppressed some of their memories (eg. following trauma, significant stress or highly emotional events) so they have no recollection of those past events.  These techniques assist these clients to safely let go of the past without needing to recall or remember past events (and often it would be unsafe for them to do so)
  • these effective techniques help you to quickly, profoundly, positively and permanently change the dynamic between you and other people at the deepest level: at the mind-body-deeper self levels, at the same time!
  • the changes are so profound that the integration is fast, which means that you can see quick and lasting changes in your dynamics with others.  If you like fast and lasting change, these techniques are ideal for you.
  • you are gently guided to comfortably, safely and easily transform the disempowering dynamics, which then quickly assists you to be yourself... as well as to create and maintain lasting and harmonious relationships with other people, and have the confidence and personal and professional success you desire.
  • these techniques are award-winning and innovative and Dr Vesna has been recognised internationally as Innovator of the Year for creating these techniques and our innovation trainings.
These techniques have been proven to work with thousands of clients over the past decade, in both one on one sessions and group workshops, and address an unmet client need.  Qt respecti ® is a very safe set of techniques, which are recognised as a proven modality in Australia and New Zealand, and covered under professional indemnity and public liability insurance for your peace of mind. The best way to truly appreciate these techniques and their unique benefits is to experience them for yourself.

Finally, there is now a proven, safe and recognised way to permanently stop the disempowering dynamics with other people and get the respect, love and appreciation you deserve!

You can read a detailed introduction to Qt respecti ® in Dr. Vesna’s book, Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence, as well as receive your free Chapter of this exciting new book which was also gifted to Hollywood and Australian celebrities, featured on American and Australian TV and media, and on the Amazon best-seller list.

You can personally experience these unique techniques in Qt’s exclusive transformational programs, including:
           - Qt respecti ® Certified Practitioner
           - Qt respecti ® Certified Master Practitioner

Simply email Dr. Vesna for full details of this unique and exciting certification opportunity, so that together as a team, we can create an empowered society.  Please note that because these techniques are extremely powerful and create profound changes in dynamics they must be used with integrity.  Hence, Qt respecti ® are protected by trademark and copyright, and are only available from Qt and our Qt respecti ® trained and certified practitioners.

Discover how you can receive our highest qualification - Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Qt respect i ® certification.  You will also be able to receive the following qualifications and professional recognition:

History of Qt respecti ®

Qt respecti ® is a set of new advanced behavioural change techniques, developed by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic through her PhD research, further studies and experience in successfully working with thousands of clients since 2000.  After working with many clients and identifying a gap in the market and an unmet client need, Dr. Vesna created these unique transformational techniques.

These new and proven behavioural change techniques have been used with thousands of clients with great results, and were introduced more widely in 2014 with the publication of Dr. Vesna’s book, Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence, which introduces her innovative work.

Since then, Qt respecti ® has received worldwide exposure through international book sales, the book being on the Amazon best-seller list, the book being received by Hollywood & Australian celebrities, and TV and media exposure (both in Australia and overseas). 

Most recently, we won the award for Best Life & Business Coaching Service 2017 – Melbourne in the 2017 Australian Enterprise Awards and the 2016 Bronze Stevie Award for Innovator of the Year for Dr Vesna’s innovative work in creating new and proven advanced behavioural change techniques, Qt respecti ®, and the development of our Qt respecti ® certification programs.  These enable us to successfully train and certify even more practitioners in these transformational techniques, so that together we can help make a real difference to even more people and create an empowered society.  

In addition to creating these unique techniques, Dr. Vesna is also the founder of award-winning company, Qt, a media commentator, and sought after speaker. Her vision is to create an empowered society and she is passionate about training and certifying aspiring and existing practitioners and therapists in these unique techniques, so that they too have the confidence and skills to help even more people in a truly profound way.

You can read a detailed introduction to Qt respecti ® in Dr. Vesna’s book, Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence, as well as receive your free Chapter of this exciting new book.

You can personally experience these unique techniques in Qt’s exclusive transformational programs, including:
           - Qt respecti ® Certified Practitioner
           - Qt respecti ® Certified Master Practitioner

Simply email Dr. Vesna for full details of this unique and exciting certification opportunity, so that together as a team, we can create an empowered society.

Remember you can empower yourself right away with your FREE NLP resources and you are also welcome to contact us with any questions and enquiries.

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