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Seeking 5 Highly Committed Aspiring or Existing Business Owners….

Interested in Attracting More Clients, More Income
and Fast Tracking Your Business Success!

Whether you wish to: 
  • Transition from employment to starting your own business or growing your business and achieving your vision even faster;
  • Attract your first paid client or many more paid clients;
  • Increase your income and create more options for your lifestyle;
  • Significantly boost your confidence and skill level in getting new clients, working with clients and growing your business, and learning from someone who has already done it from scratch, while avoiding expensive lessons and short-cutting your success;
  • Develop success strategies for staying focused and learning how to bounce back fast from challenges and to refocus on growing your business, regardless of how challenging the external environment around you may be;
  • Have an objective fully trained and qualified NLP Trainer and business owner exclusively available to help you to identify and resolve issues as they arise, saving you time, money, lost opportunities, worry and wasted energy;
  • Have an experienced business owner personally holding you accountable to achieving your business goals and prepared to challenge you to grow to the next level;
  • Have a sounding board to run marketing and business ideas past and obtain feedback from to ensure that the strategies that you are implementing will produce the best results for you and your clients;
  • Have access to over 29 years business experience, the latest skills and strategies and a vast network and resources at your fingertips, ready to personally assist you with growing your business;
  • Or all of the above and more! 

you will benefit from your exclusive Qt Platinum Transformational Business Mentoring Program©! 

This program is ideal for aspiring or existing business owners ready to seriously grow their business, either part time or full time!

You will personally be able to draw on over 29 years of expertise, knowledge and skills from a successful award-winning business owner in the following areas:
    • Transforming your thinking
    • Clarifying your business vision, strategies and successfully delivering on your vision
    • Attracting more clients
    • Networking strategies
    • Leadership skills and how to lead yourself and others to success
    • Mastering relationship building
    • Effectively dealing with challenges
    • Time mastery and balance
    • Running a business day to day.
Imagine how quickly you can achieve your business vision and desired lifestyle by knowing how to and successfully implementing the thinking, skills and strategies proven to work!

So if you would like to be considered as one of the exclusive 5 business owners who will be personally mentored one on one by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic this year on their journey of business success at the next level, please email your expression of interest with your contact details to her by 31st March 2011.  

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