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Self Empowerment Technique© - Available as either an online audio or CD

Develop an empowering relationship with yourself so that you can create the personal and professional success you desire!

Please select your preferred version of this technique.   The online audio version enables you to listen to the technique at your computer as often as you choose.  Once your purchase is confirmed you will be emailed a link to the online audio which will give you unlimited access and you will be able to access this online audio at any time in the future as often as you choose.  The CD version enables you to listen to this technique on any CD player either in your own home or in your car.  The CD version makes an ideal gift for your family, friends and colleagues so that you can also empower them!  The online audio is approximately 13 minutes in length, while the CD version is 14 minutes in length.

(All prices stated in Australian dollars.)

Please note that to provide you with additional security and to protect your privacy, your credit card details will be processed directly via PayPal and their secure server. Once we receive confirmation of your payment we will contact you to confirm your order.

Self Empowerment Technique - Online Audio Download

AUD$19.95 inc GST  


Self Empowerment Technique - CD version

including standard postage and handling in Australia
AUD$27.95 inc GST   Quantity:   

including standard postage and handling overseas
AUD$30.95 inc GST   Quantity:   

Please note that a postage and delivery fee (of $3 in Australia and $6 for overseas) is already included in the above CD prices.

Your investment includes:
  • your personalised copy of the Self Empowerment Technique© either as the online audio or CD (as per your selection above) for you to listen to at your convenience and as often as you choose so that you can keep being empowered for many years to come;
  • standard postage and delivery;
  • a total satisfaction guarantee!
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