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Your lasting and quick personalised life and business transformation and results, guaranteed.

Transformational NLP training and hypnotherapy certification to empower yourself and others for exceptional success... with scientifically proven techniques that create permanent transformations ... fast!

Make a profound difference in your own business & life and empower others! Experience your own personal transformation, learn 100s of amazing techniques to help others and be certified in NLP, Hypnotherapy and more!

Our clients say that our trainings are the most personalised, transformational and results producing trainings they have experienced.

Learn 100s of amazing transformational techniques and receive 3 international certifications, Australian certification and accreditation (including in NLP Transformational training and Hypnosis certification training).  Ideal for: leaders, managers, teams, coaches, mentors, consultants, executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, salespeople, trainers, speakers, teachers, educators, self/personal development enthusiasts, health professionals, therapists, sports enthusiasts, performers, entertainers, creative artists, parents, students and everyone interested in transforming their personal and professional life!

At Qt, we offer you our unique transformational NLP trainings and Hypnotherapy certification to empower you to transform your own results and to empower others.

Which journey of transformation and empowerment will you choose?

  • New Hypnosis Weekend Certification training – learn how to use the power of hypnosis to stop smoking, stop overeating, eliminate stress and more.   Become a certified hypnotherapist in our life changing 3 day hypnosis certification training.
  • Join the Qt Team - be trained and certified to empower others with Qt respecti ® so that together, as a team, we can create an empowered society!

Our Transformational Trainings are recognised by major Australian and international associations.  Once you complete our trainings, you will also be able to receive the following qualifications and professional recognition:

Whichever program you choose, we have a proven track record of empowering clients to achieve lasting and quick transformation in confidence and personal and professional results, since 2000.

This is how we are unique and how we work with you to guarantee your success and results.

Start your journey of transformation and empowerment now and experience our unique, highly personalised and result-producing transformational programs!

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