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FREE Autumn Booster Package

Be one of the first 20 people to call or email and receive your FREE Autumn Booster Package (valued at $475)!

Your Autumn Booster Package includes:

·   A one hour Transformational Consultation© with Vesna, Performance Transformation Expert™ and NLP Trainer with Qt to assist you to: 

-   boost your motivation and overcome procrastination;

-   free your mind from stress, self doubts and fears;

-   obtain greater clarity and direction;

-   feel more joy and fulfillment in your life!


  • A one hour Health and Nutrition consultation with Nevenka, Health, Nutrition, Anti-Ageing and Longevity Consultant©, including:

 -   testing of your body’s pH acid/alkaline balance;

-   testing of your water pH acid/alkaline balance;

-   a healthy lifestyle and nutritional eating assessment;

-   advice to reduce pre-mature ageing and promote a healthier and longer life!

Here is an example of the benefits that you can expect from your sessions with Nevenka and Vesna:

"I recently spent an hour with these two ladies and I'd like to write a brief note to explain how they have changed things around for me. 

Working with Vesna was an inspiration. Vesna radiates warmth and positivity and is truly committed to assisting you.  She helps you to systematically and comprehensively unearth your self-limiting beliefs and to transform them into tools of surprising power.  In just an hour I was also given several suggestions for developing my business that I had never thought of. I am also working with the daily focus meditation and it has brought some great results. I'm feeling much more focused and positive about my work and life in general. 

Nevenka is another bundle of positive energy!  After performing a couple of quick tests, Nevenka advised me to change my diet and to delete certain foods. The results were immediate and profound. I am now a lot healthier and happier.  I have completely changed my eating patterns. I would recommend anyone with health issues to speak to Nevenka  -  there may be issues with your diet that you were not even aware of!

Thank you Vesna and Nevenka. You make the world a healthier and more positive place to be!!!"

R. K. - Business Owner, Writer

Your consultations are available either during or after hours as follows:

   -  Thursday:  8.30am to 9pm at Port Melbourne

   -  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 9am to 9pm at St Kilda East

   -  Saturday: 10am to 4pm at St Kilda East.

To book your complimentary sessions with Nevenka and Vesna, please call Vesna at Qt on (03) 9653-9288 or 0411 479 256 or email her today!

This offer expires 31st April 2008, is limited to one free package per new enquiry and excludes all other offers.

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