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3 Major Ways You Hold Yourself Back from Making a Career Change

3 Major Ways You Hold Yourself Back from Making a Career Change

Have you being thinking about changing careers?  Do you wish you were in your dream career, loving what you do each day?  Are you holding yourself back from making a career change?

If you can honestly look yourself in the mirror and say you are happy in your career right now, congratulations, you are among those who are following their dreams and goals.  If on the other hand, you are unhappy, frustrated, bored or unfulfilled at work, and wish you could change careers, this article will assist you.

The first step is to identify what is holding you back from making a change – below are the three most common ways that you may be holding yourself back in your career:

1. Better the devil you know

You have probably heard the expression “better the devil you know”.  This is what keeps people stuck in their comfort zone – they are familiar with their job, their manager, their team, their organisation, etc.  The thought of making a change has some people think about what if they get into a worse situation, what if they don’t like their new career, etc.  The fear of the unknown has them dwell on the negative possibilities instead of think about and get excited about the positive opportunities.

Remember that whether you think about best case or worst case scenarios, either way you will create a self-fulfilling prophesy through your thoughts and behaviour (and this has been proven through scientific research).  Even if you do not enjoy your work, you are good at what you do and are paid well to do it, you may find it easier to stay in the rut.  Be careful though – the longer you put off following your desired career, the more unfulfilled and resentful you will become, which will affect your confidence and success in your career.

2. Fear of making the wrong decision

Many people second guess themselves and question their decisions.  This can often lead to confusion, change of mind and being scattered with your thinking and action.  Everyone knows what they really want deep down inside.  Only you know what is right for you – asking other people’s opinions simply adds to the confusion.  If you were to really listen to your intuition and pay attention to what it is telling you, you already know the decision that is right for you.  

The key to making a decision that is right for you is to trust yourself 100%.  When you fully trust yourself, there is an absence of fear, second guessing, questioning, confusion and seeking of others’ opinions.  The best way to fully trust yourself is to address all your fears and insecurities so that you have the self-belief and confidence to make a decision that is right for you, each and every time.

3. Lack of clarity

Most people don’t know what they do want in a career because they have too many self doubts and insecurities getting in the way of that clarity.  Every time I work with a client that is seeking clarity about their career, they always find that clarity inside themselves once their fears, self doubts and insecurities are addressed.  

Once they obtain that clarity, they have the self-belief and confidence to pursue their dream career.  With that clarity also comes the focus to develop a plan of action, and the motivation to take action towards their career goal.  Before they know it, they are attracting new career opportunities and following their dream career.

Here is how you too can easily make a career change.  Feel free to access your free NLP confidence and success resources, post your questions below or email me for a confidential reply as I am happy to assist you too.

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Posted by Dr Vesna Grubacevic on 11th July, 2016 | Comments | Trackbacks
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