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Confidence Hits the Airways

Confidence Hits the Airways

Congratulations to the award-winners, finalists and nominees at last weekend’s Australian radio awards.  In the lead up to the awards, dozens of the most popular radio celebrities and hosts were gifted celebrity radio gift bags to celebrate the awards.  Their radio bags contain many special goodies, including their autographed copy of my book, Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence.

The popular Kyle Sandilands & Jackie Henderson from KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O Show (pictured below) won Best on Air Team Metro FM.  Meanwhile, Ross, Charli and Galey from Gold Coast’s wonderful 90.9 Sea FM, were awarded Best on Air Team, Country and Provincial.

Jonesy (Brendon Jones) and Amanda Keller from Sydney’s WS FM101.7 are pictured below with their celebrity radio gift bag.  This fabulous duo won the Best Syndicated Program for their show, My Generation.

Best Networked program was won by another great trio - Kate, Tim & Marty (pictured below presenting at the awards) Nova Entertainment.

Best Community Service Project was won by the entertaining Fitzy & Wippa (pictured below also presenting at the awards); Ryan Fitzgerald & Michael Wipfli, Nova 96.9

Entertainment guru, Richard Wilkins, from smoothfm also won an award for Best Musical Special, together with Michael Bublé.

Congratulations also to the other fabulous award finalists and radio hosts who also received their celebrity radio gift bags including:

·   Matt Tilley, Jane Hall & Simon Baggs KISS 101.1 Melbourne
·   Dave Huges & Kate Langbroek KISS 101.1 Melbourne
·   Fifi Box & Dave Thornton Hit 101.9 Fox FM Melbourne
·   Hamish & Andy Fox FM Melbourne
·   Eddie McGuire, Luke Darcy & Mick Molloy Triple M Melbourne
·   James Brayshaw Triple M Melbourne
·   Billy Brownless Triple M Melbourne
·   Bridgett Duclos & Anthony Lemo Gold 104.3 Melbourne
·   Meshel & Tommy Nova 100 Melbourne
·   Mike Perso & Jennifer Hansen Smooth 91.5 Melbourne
·   Cameron Daddo Smooth 91.5 Melbourne
·   Melissa Doyle smoothfm Sydney
·   David Campbell Sydney
·   Ty Frost smoothfm

We had a great response from the announcers with many of them saying they loved their gift bags.  Thank you to all the wonderful celebrities - humbled and grateful for your amazing support.  Congratulations again!

All of these radio celebrities and more have now received their copy of Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence book to help them to continue their success.  If you would like to have lasting confidence and more success too, we have a very special Awards offer for you until 30th October 2015.

PS.  One of Hollywood’s celebrities who recently received a copy of my book (McKenzie Westmore, host of Syfy's FACE OFF), posted that she already started reading my book and loves it!  Many thanks!

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Posted by Dr Vesna Grubacevic on 14th October, 2015 | Comments | Trackbacks
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