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We Won Innovator of the Year – Thank You!

We Won Innovator of the Year – Thank You!

We just received some exciting news and wanted to share it with our wonderful community.  We are honoured that our founder, Dr Vesna, has been named a finalist in the 2016 Stevie Awards for Women in Business, and to have won the Bronze Stevie Award for Innovator of the Year at the Awards ceremony in New York last weekend!

The Stevie Awards recognize outstanding performances by individuals and organisations worldwide, and the Stevie is widely considered to be the world’s premier business award.  More than 1,400 submissions were received from 22 countries across a range of categories.

Dr Vesna won the Bronze Stevie Award for Innovator of the Year (Accounting, Business Services and Financial Services category) for her innovative work in creating new and proven advanced behavioural change techniques, Qt respecti ®, and the development of our Qt respecti ® certification programs.  These enable us to successfully train and certify even more practitioners in these transformational techniques, so that together we can help make a real difference to even more people and create an empowered society.

Here is what several judges said about Dr. Vesna's award submission:
  • "An innovative, thoughtful leader that is focused on results as well as making a difference. Attuned to the marketplace."
  • "Very innovative and a very creative approach to solving a problem."
  • "What a wonderful confidence booster, Dr. Vesna Grubacevic is leading by example."
  • "Impressive accomplishments."
  • "Congratulations on your success and achievements and positive contribution to mental health."
Proudly Representing Australia

We are also delighted that Dr Vesna is the only Finalist and Winner in this category representing Australia in these international awards!

This week Qt also celebrates our 16th year in business and this award is recognition of the dedication we have towards helping others and making a real difference in their lives.

Thank you – this exciting milestone is only possible because of your incredible support.  We look forward to many more years ahead as we continue to be of service to you.

With gratitude…

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Congratulations Vesna and team,
Going for 16 years - doesn't seem like that long ago I was seeing you regularly!!
Liz :)

Posted on 23/11/2016 by Liz Hines

Thank you so much for your good wishes Liz, really appreciate it. I trust you are really well. It has been a wonderful 16 years of growth, learning and helping. Sending you best wishes and looking forward to staying in touch :) Warm regards and thank you again, Vesna

Posted on 23/11/2016 by Dr Vesna

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