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7 ways to create certainty

7 Ways to Create Certainty in Your Life

7 ways to create certainty

More and more people are asking me how they can stop worry and have more certainty in their life.  Below are 7 ways to create certainty in your life regardless of what is happening around you; these are things you can begin doing right now.

1. Develop inner certainty.

Fully address all fears, self doubts, insecurities and deeper unconscious issues. These are the greatest causes of uncertainty and saboteurs of confidence and success, as they have us worry, question ourselves and the future.

2. Set and achieve your goals

Setting and achieving your goals is a great way to create certainty for yourself and your life. Setting goals gives your clarity of direction and focus, and also motivates you to take action.  Achieving your goals also builds your confidence and success, and helps build your inner certainty.

3. Only think about what you want

Remember, whether you think about what you want or what you don’t want, it will become self-fulfilling through your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. When you dwell on the negative what ifs, worry and uncertainty are present. When you focus on what you want, certainty is present.

4. Take action

In the absence of action, you will feel like you are treading water – at a standstill – neither moving forward nor backwards. Action creates momentum and helps you to achieve success. In turn, this gives you certainty in your ability and in your life.

5. Let go

Let go of having to have your goals and what you want. Letting go gives you certainty. This requires trust in yourself and your ability to achieve what you want. Make sure you address any fears, self doubts, insecurities and deeper unconscious issues that prevent you from fully trusting yourself.

6. Celebrate and refocus

Once you achieve one goal, celebrate. Then refocus and set your next goal. Goals provide you with certainty of direction and motivation.  Your motivation levels may decrease if you stop setting more goals. Achieving goals also boosts your confidence and success, and certainty in yourself.

7. Create a Supportive Environment

Choose people and situations that support and empower you rather than disempower you. This includes who you surround yourself with at work and socially, and what you watch, listen to, and read. A supportive environment will complement and further strengthen your own inner certainty.

How will you create more certainty in your life right now?

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