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The consequences of your action or inaction

The Consequences of Your Action or Inaction

The Consequences of Your Action or Inaction
  • When you have a decision to make, do you make it easily and quickly?
  • Do you procrastinate or avoid making decisions?
  • Are you decisive or indecisive?
  • Once you make a decision, do you then take action or do nothing about it?

Decisions and Actions

Just like every action is preceded by a decision to do something, every inaction is preceded by a decision (often subconscious) to not take that action or to put it off.  What is holding you back from making decisions, and following through with action?

Fear, self doubt, insecurities and deeper core issues often lead to procrastination, avoidance and inaction.  Inaction means that nothing changes; there is no movement or inertia.  You remain stuck where you are – in your comfort zone of perceived safety.  And it is only a perception. 

After all, how safe is it to keep doing the same thing, not learning new skills, not growing as a professional, and stopping yourself from being as successful as you want to be?  How soon will this perceived safe strategy make you, your skills and your career/business obsolete?

In turn, inaction can lead to regret – regretting not doing the things you wanted to do or things you said you would do, and never acted upon.

The Domino Effect

Like a row of dominos, every action affects the rest… as does every inaction. Consider the impact of your inaction – of you NOT:

  • writing that blog
  • giving that presentation
  • attending a networking event
  • following up people interested in your product or service
  • etc?

The flow on cumulative effects of inaction over time can be significant, and can affect more than just you, including:

  • your confidence levels
  • your level of self belief
  • reinforcement of your excuses, negative self talk, fears, limiting beliefs and deeper core issues – hence you keep running the same patterns of self sabotage, etc
  • your stress levels and health
  • your career progression and income
  • your business income, success and growth levels
  • your ability to provide for your family
  • your ability to enjoy time away with family, and fulfill your other wants
  • your ability to go out more with friends
  • your ability to educate and help more people with your tips, skills and knowledge
  • your ability to help more people with your product/service/skills, and make their lives better as a result
  • etc

Never Do Harm

Every action and inaction often has a flow on effect on others.  Hence, it is important to consider the impact of your action or inaction on others. Anytime you wish to do something, always check that it is a win-win for all, and never harms anyone.  Make sure that everyone will benefit from your action, and that no one will be harmed as a result of your inaction.

Master Decision Making & Action Taking

What is holding you back from making decisions, and following through with action?

We have helped thousands of clients to make decisions which translate into win-win action.  Start making decisions, and taking action today:

Looking forward to empowering you.

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