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How to release stress and pain, improve circulation, improve your sleep, reduce swelling and arthritis pain, release toxins, rejuvenate your body and mind, create optimal cellular health, create protection and peace with…

  • Infrabed and Bioblanket Thermal Therapy
  • Reiki and Crystal Healing
  • Painless Pain Relief©
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Clinical Nutrition and pH Balancing

To discover how you too can create a relaxed, pain free life and be happier with your body image, contact Nevenka today on 0423 337 597.

Nevenka is a Clinical Nutritionist, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, and will choose any of the above techniques to assist and support your health and well being.

How You Can Benefit?


Infrabed and Bioblanket Thermal Therapy

Infrabed and Bioblanket are two components of radiant energy, working in synergy that deeply penetrate to support restoring and raising your core body temperature, metabolism and circulation for better health and healing. Using Infrabed and Bioblanket can penetrate 3-10 centimetres into the body, creating deep nerve, organ, joint, muscle and tissue warmth.

The benefits include:

  • reducing stress and fatigue
  • relieving pain from inflammation
  • increasing circulation and metabolism
  • improving poor joint mobility
  • relieving pelvic pain and sciatica
  • better sleep
  • relieving constipation
  • detoxifying internally
  • boost post surgery and accident recovery
  • and many other benefits.

Nevenka combines Infrabed and Bioblanket with Crystal Healing and Reiki all in one therapeutic session for maximum health and healing benefits. You will experience the most relaxing and rejuvenating healing session without pain or physical contact. You will be fully dressed and this treatment is non-invasive.

Reiki & Crystal Healing

Reiki and Crystal Healing energy complement each other, when applied on the body, especially when the person is stressed or feeling unwell. Incorporated with Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Reiki and Crystal Healing give greater relief of pain, aches, stress and exhaustion.

Painless Pain Relief©

Before any treatment, a full assessment of your current health is completed. After that, Nevenka will design a pain relief program best suited to your specific needs. She will then work together with you to help you to get the best results. Nevenka will also guide and assist you to address the underlying pain, and will teach you how to avoid recreating pain. Because pain can be associated with a number of causes, it is important to identify those so that they can be addressed effectively and painlessly.


Stop smoking, reduce weight, eliminate stress, change bad eating and sleeping habits plus more with hypnosis. Nevenka designs unique self-healing programs to suit each individual’s needs. Improve your health and emotional wellbeing with hypnosis. Create rapid change in your behaviour utilising the power of your subconscious mind.

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical nutrition, health and longevity© consulting is aimed at dealing with theunderlying cause affecting the immune, respiratory and digestive systems, candida, diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma and other respiratory problems, weight problems, other related health conditions and emotional issues. We also assist you with rebalancing your body after overindulging in bad habits, having surgery and treatments like chemotherapy. Once the underlying issues are addressed, the focus is on educating you in healthy eating, a positive attitude towards food and behaviours that are supportive of optimal health and longevity.

At Body-Mind Rejuvenations© we work on a deeper level and address the whole body-mind to help you to achieve optimal long-term health. We combine Clinical Nutrition, Hypnotherapy and our other modalities as appropriate, for each client’s well-being and results.

Accurate body and water pH testing will determine if your body is acidic or alkaline and will assist in designing an appropriate treatment specifically for you to balance your pH levels. An over acidic body is the beginning of almost every health problem. The correct water pH will help to buffer out acid safely and effectively.

We believe that detoxification is essential for good health and a strong immune system because toxins and heavy metals weaken the body’s systems and cause increased vulnerability to virus & infections. Over time, toxins accumulate in the body and can weaken or even shut down our body’s defences. This leaves the body vulnerable to all kinds of disease and illnesses.

Client testimonials


Before the treatment with Nevenka


I suffered from severe eczema for 18 years, saw doctors and other therapists, used many different products and I saw very little results until I saw Nevenka. Working with Nevenka has been great – she really listened to my needs, worked with me as an individual and tailored a program specifically to address my health issue. This has made a huge difference in my personal and social life and since 2000 I have been free from eczema – what a relief! If you have any health conditions, I highly recommend you work with Nevenka.



After the treatment with Nevenka


When I was going through menopause I started to have heavy night sweats, I would wake up and couldn’t go back to sleep. In the process I would wake up my husband too. Over the counter items helped a bit, however not to the extent that I could have a good night’s sleep. Nevenka helped me to address this stressful problem. By changing my diet and choosing appropriate herbal supplements, I have since slept without waking up during the night. Now my husband and I can sleep and have a good night’s rest. Nevenka is very passionate and well qualified to help others with their health issues.


Nevenka is bundle of positive energy! After performing a couple of quick tests, Nevenka advised me to change my diet and to delete certain foods. The results were immediate and profound. I am now a lot healthier and happier. I have completely changed my eating patterns. I would recommend anyone with health issues to speak to Nevenka – there may be issues with your diet that you were not even aware of! Thank you Nevenka. You make the world a healthier and more positive place to be!!!


For my entire adult life I have had weight problems and went through many different diets. I would loose some weight and soon put twice as much back on. With my weight problem, I also developed high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which made my life more complicated. I was recommended to go see Nevenka. I was pleasantly surprised how passionate and committed she was to help me with my health issues. I am now progressing in a positive direction, am feeling much better, have the energy to go through the day and to also look after myself. I am delighted to have met Nevenka! Thank you Nevenka.


After struggling with kicking a bout of shingles, I came to see Nevenka. For over 6 months, my neck and face had a terrible itchy pimply looking rash which caused me much embarrassment and was very difficult to cover up even with heavy make-up. The rash came and appeared to go over those 6 months, only to come back even worse after a root canal treatment I had. My body was just unable to cope with so much toxin in my system – it had to come out somewhere.

I went to see two different natural therapists, and the treatment they recommended was of little help. Frustrated, I saw Nevenka who immediately knew what to do. She recommended one of her unique detox programs, which I am so impressed with. After 3 days of treatment under Nevenka’s experienced care, my rash was 95% gone and all the itching had stopped. Within a week, my neck and face were totally free of any sign of the rash. Eleven months later, my skin is still clear! I am over the moon – thank you heaps Nevenka. If you have any health problems that are frustrating you, you simply must see Nevenka.


I saw Nevenka to stop grinding my teeth. After grinding my teeth for two weeks, my teeth and jaw were extremely sore and I was so stressed and upset by the pain. I was in such agony for days and then decided to call Nevenka for help. Nevenka was wonderful from the phone call to the follow up, she is so caring and professional. I was excited that after just one session of hypnosis with Nevenka my teeth grinding stopped and I was able to have the most relaxing sleep. Nevenka also showed me self hypnosis techniques to help me continue this wonderful relaxing sleep. I am so grateful and highly recommend Nevenka.


After over indulging during the Christmas period and putting on over 4 kilos, I called Nevenka to assist me with weight reduction. I heard about how powerful hypnosis is, and how skilled Nevenka is as a hypnotherapist, and so was curious. I was amazed that I lost 4.8 kilos is under 5 weeks and returned to my natural weight – without dieting or increasing my exercise. It was so effortless and easy! I am now telling everyone to see Nevenka.

Allison B. – Nurse

For the last couple of years, I had a constant battle with weight, craving sweets and carbohydrates (especially bread). My job involves a lot of entertaining clients and wining and dining out, which exposes me to a lot of temptation. I decided to do something different this time to avoid going on constant diets. I heard that hypnosis could work well. For a while I was sceptical then finally a colleague of mine told me how she had great results with hypnosis, and she gave me the name of the Hypnotherapist she went to see. I made an appointment with Nevenka, who made me feel very comfortable and reassured me that I can do it too.

After hearing my problem with weight, Nevenka explained the importance of combining Hypnotherapy with Clinical Nutrition to have lasting results, and to stop the craving cycle. I am so glad that I made the decision to see Nevenka because since I saw her 6 weeks ago I already lost 5.2 kilos, can feel my clothes fit me much better, and feel more comfortable in my own skin. I am still eating out and doing lots of entertaining, and now can easily say “no” to the temptations, and have completely stopped overindulging.

Eliza T. – Event Planner

To discuss your specific needs and how Nevenka can assist you too with your health, contact Nevenka today or call her on 0423 337 597.


Which unique experience will you choose?

Nevenka offers one-on-one consultations from her consulting rooms in St Kilda East and the Eastern Suburbs by appointment only. All sessions are 45 or 90 minutes and by appointment only. Full payment for consultations at the time of booking please via direct deposit or credit card. Gift certificates are also available.

About Nevenka…

Nevenka is a Clinical Nutrition, Health and Longevity Consultant©.  She holds a Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Food and Environmental Allergies, is a Painless Pain Relief Therapist©, has over 40 years’ experience in the food industry, is a Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Practitioner.

Nevenka is a highly passionate, driven and dedicated professional. Her strong ethic is reflected in her clients’ success. Her excellent communication skills and deep understanding of nutrition, food and health assist Nevenka to simply and effectively explain even the most complex concepts to her clients.

Her philosophy is that nutrition plays an important component in the recovery of any health issue, including addictions. Nevenka strongly believes in going back to basics and drawing on the wisdom of how food has been prepared by our ancestors. The more natural the food we eat, the better the chance that the body can recover. Nevenka believes that food is our medicine and she works on a deeper level to address the whole body-mind to help people achieve optimal long-term health.

A firm supporter of prevention, Nevenka focuses on keeping the body healthy before it breaks down. She always begins with good quality fresh food then supplements as needed. Every single body is different especially if the person has any health conditions, therefore she assesses each individual before designing their individual program. Nevenka empowers her clients with the self-belief, skills and knowledge so that they can sustain the successes they achieve with her, in the long term.

Nevenka believes that every person deserves a second chance to be healthy and happy. Having been through many personal and health challenges in her own life, Nevenka has adapted to life changes many times and is very familiar with the difficulties that accompany these. A history of serious illness and injuries gave Nevenka a determination to heal herself. She set off on her healing journey, re-educating herself in a healthier lifestyle. By using complimentary therapies, in combination with a nutritional and healthy eating plan, she has seen outstanding results. As a cancer survivor, Nevenka is also passionate about assisting others to deal with the recovery process after major life changing conditions.

Nevenka speaks fluent English and Croatian.

Professional Experience

Nevenka’s life has revolved around people, food, health and business. She grew up on farm in Europe and has from an early age been exposed to growing organic produce, cooking and using nature for healing as taught by her grandmother. With those solid foundations, Nevenka then spent the next 40 years combining her love of food, people, health and business in the hospitality industry, both overseas and in Australia. For over 10 years, Nevenka also ran a very successful restaurant in Malvern, managing dozens of employees to deliver great food and customer experience.

She has also researched food and environmental health over the past 19 years and has worked with numerous clients over that time, developing and using a unique combination of techniques to achieve outstanding results with them.

Nevenka has contributed her cooking skills and presented at the Slow Cooking Festival at Federation Square. She has also been invited to contribute articles and recipes to the book “Thank you Mum”, a tribute to European and Middle Eastern migrants who have contributed to Melbourne’s cuisine. Nevenka also presented and educated at the Multicultural Society in healthy cooking. She has also taught cooking and baking at community centres, and gluten free cooking at Celiac and Food Intolerance groups.

With a unique background and experience in nutrition and hospitality, Nevenka helps people to know exactly what they need to eat for their own nutrition and health recovery, as well as teaches them how to prepare healthy nutritious meals in less than 20 minutes.

Nevenka’s qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management (obtained in Europe) and qualified Chef
  • Diploma in Clinical Nutrition
  • Diploma in Food and Environmental Health
  • Certified Reiki Master Practitioner
  • Crystal Healing Therapist
  • Infrabed Thermal Therapy
  • Certified Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotherapist

Nevenka has worked with numerous clients who are committed to their own health over the past 18 years to achieve outstanding results with them.

Nevenka offers one on one consultations with clients by appointment only at her St Kilda East clinic and in the Eastern Suburbs.

You can personally meet Nevenka by calling her on 0423 337 597 or emailing her to arrange your consultation with Nevenka and she will be pleased to assist you.

Educating you to rejuvenate your body and mind to create optimal cellular health.

Contact Nevenka today on 0423 337 597 and discover how you to can achieve optimal cellular health.

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