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What is Hypnotherapy? hypnotherapy melbourne

Hypnotherapy techniques are used to assist individuals and business people to overcome unwanted habits, in creating new thinking processes and behaviours, to enhance their performance and also aid in the body’s healing process.

Hypnotherapy techniques aim to strengthen the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious mind. They are a set of techniques that also aid in building rapport with your own unconscious mind. Our behaviour and our results are driven by our memories, values, beliefs, emotions, language, etc. Because these are stored at the unconscious level, any change we wish to make in our behaviours needs to happen with the cooperation of the unconscious mind.

Milton Erickson, the famous hypnotherapist, said that “patients are patients because they are out of rapport with their own unconscious mind”. In another words, when we lose touch with our inner selves and stop listening to what is right for us and allow all the outside programming to influence us (eg what others say, what social and cultural influences say, etc.) we can lose rapport with our unconscious mind. Whenever we stop listening to ourselves, we can create situations and people in our lives that limit us and stop us from being, doing and having what we want. By re-establishing the rapport with our unconscious mind, we start to pay attention to what is right for us and create behaviours, people and situations that empower us to live the life we desire.

So how do we tap into our unconscious mind? By shutting off our internal dialogue, the self talk, the analysis, the internal chatter that can prevent us from really listening to ourselves. Have you ever noticed that when you are relaxed, your mind is free from the internal clutter and there is peace instead?

Hypnosis as a Relaxed State

Hypnosis is simply learning how to go into a relaxed state, a state we call a trance. What is interesting about trance is that we put ourselves into a trance every day. When was the last time you were watching TV or a movie and you were so involved in the movie you lost track of time and became unaware of any distractions around you – you were totally involved in only the movie. You were in a TV or a movie trance. Or perhaps the last time you drove your car, you drove to half way to your destination and then suddenly realised where you were and wondered how you got there. You were in a driving trance. And in all those instances you were fully awake and relaxed.

So trance is a natural normal waking state that we go into any time our attention is totally focused on one thing. Because only we can control our thoughts, feelings and actions, when we are in trance only we are in control. Any therapist simply assists us to enter a relaxed state of trance so that we can communicate more effectively with our own unconscious mind. Entering trance allows us to stop the analytical brain, the internal chatter, so that we can communicate directly with the unconscious mind to create the changes we desire in our life.

Hypnosis is a well respected discipline, its use dates back to before 1500 AD and today it is being used by medical doctors, dentists, surgeons, therapists, other health practitioners and sports athletes. Many individuals are using hypnosis and also learning self hypnosis techniques to assist them to tap into their unconscious resources and to change long term habits and behaviours.

Qt and Hypnotherapy Melbourne Transforms Behaviours

Hypnosis is ideal for changing many long term habits and behaviours and creating new more empowering behaviours, including to:

  • stop smoking
  • reach and maintain your ideal weight
  • establish exercise and eating habits for optimum health
  • overcome fears, panic, anxieties, stage fright and performance anxiety
  • improve relaxation and sleeping patterns
  • stop stress, tension and worry
  • improve memory, concentration and studying
  • enhance self confidence and assertiveness

as well as to:

  • put a stop to procrastination
  • improve your creativity
  • listen to your intuition
  • improve your sporting ability (golf, tennis, etc)
  • relieve pain
  • enhance your personal and professional success
  • heal yourself to great health
  • and much more!

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