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nlp business coachingHow to Confidently and Successfully Grow Your Business… with NLP Business Coaching

Below is a snapshot of some of the results and successes that we have helped our clients to achieve in growing their business with NLP business coaching. At Qt, especially given the nature of our work, our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is paramount. While our clients have been thrilled to offer these testimonials, we would like to respect and protect their privacy and confidentiality and have, therefore, withheld specific details about them.

Before my transformation, I was very lost in business. Patient numbers were dwindling, we weren’t getting any new patients, and I was constantly bouncing form one idea to the other. Often times, I would be working long hours trying to think of new ideas to get patients with very little success. Everyone would be trying to give different advice which at times confused and clouded my vision even further. It was frustrating as I was only concentrating on the difficulties of private practice.

I was lacking confidence – almost underselling myself at times which patients saw. Vision and focus was very sporadic – as they say all roads lead nowhere. Inability to find the correct avenues to promote my business properly.

The most significant change to date is my ability to follow through my ideas and have a clear vision of what my day will look like. Being able to visualise success, feel success before each day allows me to be very very focussed in achieving all my goals, both personal and in business, and allows me to enjoy the most out of life.

On an objective level, patients numbers have grown over 500% over the last 3 months. This is through careful strategic planning to get more patients, finding the correct avenues and networks to hone into my specific target market. I was also taught how to utilise specific NLP techniques so that I can speak to patients with more confidence, use specific phrases to allow the patient to understand more about chiropractic, and most importantly allowed me to stay very focussed on my goal on building a busy practice.

I also learned how to be very focussed on what I want to grow and block out negativity. This has impacted all areas of my life – in the gym, amongst my friends in a social setting and in a business setting as well. I am a lot more efficient both in business and life. I know now exactly how to achieve my success and Vesna has given me to tools to continually grow. This gives me more free time to spend with my friends, travel more and focus on other aspects of my life. Having a great work life balance has improved my mood and I am much happier.

Ensure you have someone like Vesna to keep you accountable. I have had fantastic results since starting out my coaching with Vesna and have seen a 500% increase in my patients numbers. She has worked with me to form good strategies to close business, find referrals and to grow my business even further.

C. H. – Chiropractor & Business Owner

I was brought up to believe that you have to work really hard just to make a living. I used to limit myself with what I could do and how much money I could make. I was also undervaluing myself and struggling financially. During the Transform Your Destiny© seminar I realised my self worth. I now value myself, my services and my time better and it has made a big difference to my cash flow. The seminars I attended with Qt last year helped me to clear a lot of issues both personally and financially and gave me the tools to work with.

My cash flow increased by another 30% within 6 months and for the first time I reached my monthly targets. Since then I have reached, and even exceeded, my targets each month. My finances are a lot more consistent now compared to before – they used to be such a yo-yo. I used to panic and stress about money and now I am enjoying my work and my life. I also changed my mindset around relationships and I now have a great relationship. During the weekend seminar I set two goals, one for finances and one for a relationship and I met both of these goals. I also have a better understanding of people and connect with them better by working out their personality and adapting to them.

I have a much better understanding of myself and other people. I am a lot more content and balanced, both personally and professionally. Even with an increase in the volume of work I am now relaxing on weekends and am more efficient when at work. I loved my transformation and enjoyed it. I have been on other courses elsewhere and at first I was cynical because things had not lasted after those courses. With the Qt seminars the things I have learnt have stuck with me and have lasted. I also liked the small groups as they encouraged me to participate and remember even more.

T. W. – Graphic Designer, Business Owner

Being a person committed to my personal development and growth, I have undergone countless trainings and programs over the past 25 years both in Australia and overseas, I can honestly say that Qt’s Mentoring Program has been the most successful program I have ever undertaken. Vesna’s commitment to my success was relentless and as always she delivered far more value then I could have imagined.

If you want to advance your life in any area and this program is on offer to you, I highly recommend you go for it.

M. G. – Business owner

In the four weeks since the completion of my NLP Training in Melbourne, I have attracted 50% more clients and have been able to increase my company’s revenue by 100%. My expectations of this training were well and truly exceeded! My experience of Vesna as a leader and facilitator was that she was extremely knowledgeable, able to impact this knowledge in a highly effective manner, engaging, congruent and completely committed to achieving an outstanding outcome for all the participants. I highly recommend Qt’s transformational trainings to anybody considering investing in their own, or their company’s professional development.

R. C. – Professional Coach

Vesna – my sincerest thanks for your mentoring and guidance over the past twelve months. You have assisted me above and beyond the specifications of the program, and for this I am truly grateful. I have found this service invaluable and have greatly appreciated all of your feedback, your suggestions and keeping me focused. My business wouldn’t be where it is today without your assistance.

P. R. – Business Owner, Presenter and Author

Prior to my transformation, I was completely exhausted and overwhelmed. I was the biggest obstacle to growing my business!

When I first met Vesna, I was working incredibly long hours and totally exhausted. Vesna employs strategies to help cope with working life and its challenges in her NLP Training. I used them fully and my working life flows much better. I was constantly busy without the sense of achievement at the end of the day. This also, influences how you cope with your personal life. The return of the sense of achievement on a daily basis and fulfilment in what I do.

I never thought I would be offered the opportunity to write articles for a journal where I advertised because I was considered the expert in the field. Imagine my surprise, when I submitted my article to the editor and it was written they way he wanted. It was published.

The biggest change for me was the end of multi-tasking. Focus. Finish one task, move to the next. Constantly, moving forward. With so many projects happening, sometimes, getting started becomes the issue. A timer will help you to finish the matter.

I enjoy what I do for my clients. The somewhat elusive balance is starting to become a reality. Vesna is the solution. Smart people look to others for advice and assistance. Going it alone doesn’t really allow you to make the next step. Remaining stuck solves nothing. You owe it to yourself to make your life as easy as can be.

The best thing I have done for myself. I wish I had taken the step many years ago. It would have made my life so much better. See Vesna immediately. Schedule the appointment. You have the time. Vesna can make the world of difference to you. She is amazing.

T. R-S. – Accountant

Thank you for all your work helping me achieving what I set out to achieve. It has been amazing working with you. Week after week, I saw the changes in me and the way I handled situations around me. Right now, I am so motivated to achieve my goal of going out there as a speaker and just getting my message to a lot of women. Thank you again.

O. R. – Finance Industry

I have found Vesna and QT of great benefit to both my business and personal life. Vesna’s program helped me resolved a number of issues to improve my focus, outlook, energy and my organisational skills.

Vesna’s approach is very supportive and empowering and I would have no hesitation recommending her programs to others.

M. M. – Recruitment Industry

Business was stagnant, just chugging along. It wasn’t growing and was beginning to regress – I could see the signs. If something didn’t change, it was all going to fall apart. I had to find the passion and desire again. What I fell in love with 10 years ago, I had to rekindle. Life issues and obstacles that had built up over the 10 years were blocking my whole life and business. My health was also deteriorating and was triggering other things.

I have changed me – I think I was burning out. Redefining my goals and getting clarity around them was important. Walking is now part of my life – it is the first thing I do! Because the passion and desire is back now the results are better. Introducing people to the business is happening again, sharing opportunities with them and expressing that desire. Before I was robotic when promoting my business, now it is real and now I believe it when I say it. I have an extra 6-8 consultants in the business in the past month compared to a maximum of only one a month (and that was at a push) prior to my transformation. The momentum is starting again.

Qt helped with releasing all the past issues, even though I didn’t believe it at first. I am a cynic. The obstacles and challenges that have come up I deal with appropriate emotions now. In the past, I would have had a meltdown, would have brought the issues home and others were affected. I used to take things personally and go into self blaming and doubting when I received a “no”. Working with Qt has helped me to deal with things with clarity. I am in the right place and I am confident it is what I want to do. I, the person, and the personal and business issues had to be unclogged to allow new things to come in and to reignite my passion for business.

I am happier with me because I am looking after my health, therefore, don’t drag my tail with business. It used to be a vicious circle of procrastination each day. Balance has come back and I am not feeling guilty for not thinking about the business every minute. I now let things go when I get a “no”, instead of thinking of what I did wrong – I respect where people are. All those distracting voices and clutter that got in the way is gone. My focus is now easy to maintain. I have a clearer head, without the brain fog. Things get done faster – I know what I need to do and just get on and do it. I do my work efficiently.

Get rid of the baggage. Your coping mechanisms are better without carrying around all those years of shame, guilt and fear. I used to carry lots of baggage – everything is now gone. Each issue was a kilo of weight and it really feels lighter without them. If you want to change, allow your curiosity to do the weekend seminar for something to change for you. You need to invest in yourself. You need to service your mind and body like your car. You don’t realise how much better your life could be. It could just be a perceptual change which will help you to do other things more successfully.

Very positive, very enlightening and rewarding for me as a person, which then affects every part of my life, family and business. Balance is back in my life which is good. I enjoy life more and talking to my children more. If I enjoy life more, I enjoy business more. Happiness is there again and I have fallen back in love with my business again.

D. B. – Fashion Industry

My business was often at a road block without being able to see the way forward. I could go so far and then I would stop and progress would also cease. I found this quite frustrating. My biggest obstacles were second guessing myself and talking myself out of doing things. I wouldn’t always write down the things that I wanted to achieve, and by not writing them down I had nothing to compare my progress against. Also, in not having a check list I didn’t have the sense of achievement by ticking off completed tasks as I progress along. I’ve found that when you work by yourself, sometimes you have to give yourself a pat on the back, because there is no one else to do that for you, and we all need to feel a sense of achievement and forward moving progress.

Finally, I’ve been able to refine some of my systems and client management processes and this will help improve my cash flow. Typically I used to bill my commercial clients at the end of a job and this could see me waiting up to 6 months from the time of shooting until the time of 100% payment. With being able to revise my processes and be more confident in my product and myself, I now bill three times during the job. Needless to say, this small change will make a huge impact on my cash flow and budgeting, equating to a 33% improvement.

Qt has taught me the tools with which to unlock my progress and achievements. Now, I am the key to my success. I am more determined to follow through on an idea. The biggest change has been changing my thought processes and being able to effectively deal with limiting beliefs and thoughts that held me back. Because I can see the benefits of this change, I’m determined to make it a lasting improvement. I am now less stressed, more calm, get more done and have a greater sense of achievement.

By using the tools that Qt has shown me, I have now, finally, been able to achieve a balance between being self employed and having a personal life. There are boundaries to both, and now I can see that. By making one small change I can now schedule in time for all the important things in business and my personal life. This gives me peace of mind and a sense of achievement, because I can fit it all in when I plan ahead. My stress levels are greatly reduced and I am feeling the ongoing benefits of a greater level of calmness.

Get a mentor like Vesna and Qt and utilise their tools and knowledge so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you face a hurdle. You might be surprised at just how quickly you can stop running around in circles and actually make some progress. My transformation has all been positive – I wish I had done it sooner.

M.M. – Photographer

I always had this feeling that I deserved more success in my career.

Finally, this year a number of my projects began to come to fruition, with international exposure. (I am a musician and an entrepreneur, with a background in advertising.) Instead of filling me with excitement, I was dreading what was to come. Not the right response to the thought of travel to exotic places, high profile performances, career success and accolades.

I was fearful and anxious, directionless, depressed and angry.

It’s funny – now that I write those lines it feels like I’m talking about someone else. In many ways since I’ve done Vesna’s courses, I am significantly different, and for the better.

I selected Vesna because I was looking for someone who was a master practitioner. I had only briefly heard about NLP and timeline therapy from a naturopath, and Vesna seemed the appropriate choice, given her background and extensive experience.

And she was! Since my personal consultations with her and completing two of her workshops (Transform Your Destiny and Art of Self-Promotion) I have achieved the following:

– I have lost over 20kgs and now am at my goal weight for the first time in 10 years.
– I have eliminated numerous anxiety triggers that were impacting my daily life
– I have taken commercial office space for the first time, recruited staff and now have a dedicated team that is helping me achieve my goals in business and in my numerous projects as an artist
– I have been booked to perform at major international festivals and am attending conferences in Europe where I have appointments with the people who can really help me take my music to the next level
– I have created new companies and programmes that provide opportunities to help other artists find exposure and markets for their work
– I’m more confident and assertive, and have a clearer sense of purpose.
– I am generally much happier, healthier and optimistic about the future.

Everyone has noticed a change in me and I can honestly say if you’re ready to get rid of the useless baggage that’s slowing you down, take control of your life and explore your potential, see Vesna.

A.W. – Musician and Entrepreneur

I met Vesna at an event this year and scheduled one meeting with her. I did not really know what to expect but I have to say that I got so much out of that one meeting. The impact was profound: I have found what we discussed to have wide reaching impact on what I do with Women in Property Melbourne over and over. It was quite extraordinary. I plan to work with Vesna again in the future and look forward to it.

C. S. – Property Industry

Recently I attended a Transform your Destiny seminar. I enjoyed the day interacting with others and learning many things about myself. I left with more confidence in my ability to be a successful business owner. I put the strategies I had learned from the Course and a few that Vesna had suggested in our follow up session into practice. The results have been excellent. My sales volume and business activity have increased significantly and I have more confidence and energy to move forward and less negativity from the past holding me back. I am extremely excited about the future. Thank you Vesna.

J. S.C. – Health & Beauty Industry

Up until recently I had the one business and it was going through a bit of a slump. The business had been going well mainly because we had one large client. When we lost the large client things fell into a heap. Prior to attending the NLP training, nothing that I was doing was working to get the business on track.

Completing the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings helped me to get into the space where I could take more control of my business. Prior to completing the trainings, the business partnership I was in had dissolved. It was very emotional as one of the partners was a friend. The techniques I learnt helped me to put that into perspective, accept it and to get past it so that I could focus on where I was going and use new strategies to get back on track.

The main thing that I noticed after the training was that I was attracting the right sort of clients. After the partnership dissolved, I was left with a few bad debtors. The work I have done with Qt helped me to create boundaries and follow up debt, and do it in a way that doesn’t create ill feeling. I now have no bad debtors. I now attract people who pay on time and clients with interesting projects and who trust me in what I am doing. Over the past year, all the clients have fitted that mould.

Qt has also helped me with techniques and systems to work out what I want in an employee so that I could select a very strong team to begin with. I now have 2 very strong employees at my new retail business and their learning curve has been pretty short. They have been with me for 6 weeks and I don’t need to be there 24/7 – they know how to get answers when I am not there. I now better understand how as a leader I can create a high performing team more consistently. My retail business is already exceeding my expectations very much. It had a good turnover in its first month, in the second month the turnover has more than tripled and I have already had 2 franchise enquiries!

The change has been a lasting one. It is now a lot more pleasant to be in business. I thought of giving up the business because of the bad debts that I inherited – I questioned whether to pursue the business or to get a job. Now I have a second business that I also enjoy. I enjoy watching my businesses grow and evolve and genuinely enjoy getting a good result for my clients. I also get a buzz when people come into the shop with their finished garments!

If someone is really serious about growing their business and having a greater range of behaviours to help them with business, Qt has helped me get fantastic results. Identify and get clear in your mind what excellence is, including separating the outcome from what produces the outcome. Know what you want so you can get help to get it. My transformation has been amazing.

A. T. – Business Owner, Retail & Professional Services Industries

It has been a few months since I took part in the Transform Your Destiny course. It has been a fantastic experience both on the personal and business level. I am so grateful to you for helping me clear the past negative events and especially for putting me on the right track on thoughts and positive action to be successful. My business turnover has increased and I just feel terrific. My new product line is about ready for marketing and I feel so comfortable to tackle it with self confidence.

I. P. – Business Owner, Fitness & Health Industry

Vesna can deliver results. Following a few successful business interactions with Vesna over the years, I invited her to support one of my business partners. In a small period of time, Vesna’s hard and expert work delivered significant changes to spirit, mindset and eventually approach to do business. Very impressive. I highly recommend Vesna to anyone looking to adjust their personal and professional life.

M. V. – Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Strategist

Thank you for the time you spent chatting with me about my life goals, challenges and opportunities. Your warmth and enthusiasm was evident from the first time I heard your voice. You also have a very logical way of approaching what seem to be insurmountable problems.

Around the time we talked, I was in the midst of a massive manuscript assessment project and had web sites to develop as well as career consultation documents. In short, I was verybusy and very stressed.

Since our chat, I have increased my prices to a still affordable, but more reasonable range, and you know what? My clients are still rolling in! I now realise that apart from anything else, one of the key steps in running a successful business is to value your skills and charge accordingly. When you back that up with energy, enthusiasm and excellence, you have an unbeatable e^3 combination.

In short, within one hour, you were able to help me put in place some strategies to more effectively harness my efforts so I can continue to provide stellar service at a reasonable (and profitable) price for years to come.

R. B. – Website Developer & Designer, Marketing Consultant and Writer

An awesome training! Prior to the training I was struggling to grow my business. Within months of completing the training, my conversion ratio increased from 0% to 60%. Truly transformational!

V. M. – Small Business Owner/Entrepreneur

Thank you for the results I have achieved after completing your Transform Your Communication© seminar. Two days after I completed the seminar, I did a pitch to a large company with a view to obtain some contracting work. They offered me several hundred dollars worth of training for free as well as offering me work!

The same night I went to a party and managed to find another client! I was very impressed by this on two counts, first because I think it is a perfect client for my business and second because I’d met the client several times previously in social situations and managed to get exactly zero rapport with him on each occasion. Our first conversation lasted about 30 seconds and I got the impression that was 29 seconds more than he wanted to spend talking to me! To turn that around to the point where he’s talking about how the two of us are going to build up his business to infinity and beyond is a spectacular result. Thank you for sharing the secrets that made all this possible!

A. T. – Director, Technical Writing Industry

Vesna, after expertly and deftly helping me recognise that I still had an issue around the value I place in myself, you went on to work with me to change my perspective. I was delighted to have the opportunity of working with you on what is an important development area for me. You are a skilful, sincere practitioner who quickly and effectively changed my mindset to one of greater abundance and enhanced self worth.

I have been able to tackle more challenging assignments, with greater vigour since our session and am making a tremendous progress toward achieving a goal I have had for several years. Thank you and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

S. S. – Business Owner, Professional Speaking/Training Industry

After attending your Transform Your Destiny© weekend seminar I have been fast tracked on a path of success. This is all thanks to you & Qt.

Prior to attending the weekend I was unsure of who I really was as a person & as a business proprietor. I was just ambling around without knowing me & trusting in me & my abilities.

I would be able to write a novel & sing your praises from the mountain top as you have changed my life forever.

Thank you so much Vesna & Qt for without you I couldn’t have achieved the level of success I’m experiencing now.

J. G. – Bowen Therapist & Business Owner

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