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Personal Development:

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  • be the person you want to be, and have the clarity and passion to purposefully pursue your dreams!

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Here is one happy reader’s book review:

“I noticed a change in my consciousness from the very first chapter as I went through this book. It is written in a way that is easy for everyone to read and understand. At the end of each chapter there are practice plans and time for introspection which builds momentum for positive change. I found the techniques that Dr. Grubacevic teaches throughout the book easy to remember and implement in my everyday life – and they really work! Highly recommended for everyone.”


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“I particularly liked the layout and content of your ebook. It should be part of every young person’s Management 101 as it deals with the soft skills that often get overlooked, especially in-house trainers. The case studies were pertinent and succinct and as such held my attention. The internet has made me somewhat impatient and I move on if not engaged. Don’t we all? I think your book says a lot in a short easy to read form and should be required reading for emerging managers and also millennial entrepreneurs who are wanting to start their own businesses. I would recommend this book to anybody who wants to improve their business relationship skills.”

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“I was lacking self confidence and only had negative belief about myself. After seeing Dr Vesna and reading her book on stop sabotaging your self confidence, I improved out of this world. I was amazed how quickly I was able to use the technique Dr Vesna showed me and how much it changed my outlook on life in general. I am very pleased with the quick results and her caring nature. We would recommend Qt for anyone. Thank you Dr Vesna.” – Narelle

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