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Below is a snapshot of some of the results and successes that we have helped our clients to achieve with NLP life coaching and Hypnosis techniques in their relationships. At Qt, especially given the nature of our work, our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is paramount. While our clients have been thrilled to offer these testimonials, we would like to respect and protect their privacy and confidentiality and have, therefore, withheld specific details about them.

The training program and the Qt respect i® techniques it employed were instrumental in my personal and professional growth journey. They provided me with the insights and tools necessary to recognise recurring disempowering relationship dynamics that had long been impeding my progress. By addressing and letting go of these patterns, I underwent a profound self-discovery process, which not only boosted my motivation but also miraculously alleviated my chronic neck and back pain.

This transformation allowed me to reconnect with my authentic true self, shedding the layers of self-doubt and constraint that had held me back for years. It also guided me in discovering my life’s purpose through a powerful and insightful process. Now, I feel liberated and genuinely free, empowered to embrace the person I’ve always aspired to be. This journey has also significantly contributed to achieving my business goals and effortlessly attracting clients. Thank you Dr Vesna and Qt!

M. M. – Qt respect i® Practitioner & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

I am writing a testimonial for a wonderful, kind, compassionate & professional human being Dr Vesna Grubacevic, whom as a result of seeing Dr Vesna less than one year ago, I’ve created a new & exciting path in my life, with my wonderful family. I didn’t have the courage nor confidence to make the life changing decisions required to get ‘unstuck’, I didn’t back myself to choose what I wanted, I was angry & hurt over past issues with my family, I had a fear of learning environments due to my schooling as a kid, I was living a life hiding away from what I truly wanted and I didn’t know how to change, fix, create a new way of thinking, letting go of the negative beliefs and fears that were hindering me living my life to the max!! I knew it was possible, I knew there was another way hence I discovered Qt.

Hence right now less than a year later, I’m absolutely loving & living life every day, I’ve started studying toward a new career, my relationship with my husband, kids & friends has blossomed, we’ve moved to a bayside suburb, and the feeling this gives me is indescribable. Awesome!!

Thank you from my heart Vesna.

K. C. – Coaching Industry

Before Qt I was struggling with severe anxiety, from as long as I can remember my mind has always thought the worst in everyday situations – even driving in a car was a struggle. Qt has changed my way of thinking, my negative voices have been silenced.

Learning to take control of my negative thoughts was the key. Because I am much happier with myself it has flowed over into my relationships. I have become more rational with my thinking and I see positives rather than negatives. The change in thinking has made me see success in everything I do. Finding success on a daily basis has made me happier and stronger. Before I couldn’t see success – my brain had only allowed me to see the negative.

The biggest change is that I feel in control of my life and my reactions. Before Qt I was struggling to get out of bed as my mind only saw negatives. I now start my day with an overview of how I want my day to be and I know that there are many things I can’t control but what I can control is the way I think, and the way you perceive something will affect the way you react.

I think being the best version of yourself will improve relationships. For me, my anxiety was not only destroying me but my relationships. I now have so much more to give now my mind is clearer and free from negative thinking. What I now enjoy the most is not being defined by my past and feeling alive and in control.

Qt was the best decision I have ever made. To be honest, I nearly didn’t go to my first appointment as my mind was telling me there is no point. My life has taken a new direction, I have been held back all these years because of the way I thought. I never would have been able to make the changes in my thought process on my own without the help and encouragement from Vesna. I have tried many different types of therapy over the last 7 years but finally I have been able to overcome my anxiety. I was only able to do this because I committed to it and with the support of Vesna who helped guide me to a better quality of life.

M.R. – Engineering Industry

Before I came to Vesna, life was becoming quite difficult. I really wasn’t coping with the stress of my work life and I was trying to move past the hurt of my last relationship. Looking back now, I was a bit of an unstable, emotional wreck. I was exhausted from keeping myself together. I overthought the little things and didn’t appreciate the big things, and to me the notion of happiness was unreachable. And I had tried! I’m quite a proactive person in my everyday life and I was working hard to make myself happy and let go but I just couldn’t manage it, which was even more frustrating.

I had several goals, things that I had identified I wanted to change when beginning my transformation. The biggest thing for me was feeling at ease with myself. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling not to, because you can’t escape yourself and when you’re at odds with your mind, you really have nowhere to go. The most valuable thing I learned through the process was self-appreciation. To recognise and value yourself and your achievements – this didn’t come naturally to me, but is now a habit I will maintain for life – as it really is the key to my happiness these days. It’s very easy to get busy, or keep busy, and forget to stop and reflect on what you’ve done. Usually it’s easier to jump to the next thing on the list! And as we all know, the list never ends.

Ultimately, self-doubt was the hardest hurdle. Once you get out of negative mental processes and convert these to more positive ones, doors open. I’m still reeling at just how powerful the practice of positive thought, intention and visualisation is. It’s simple self-belief. I just can’t believe how your mind can so quickly turn from your worst enemy to your greatest asset – the challenge is learning to channel this force in the right direction.

I’m in a really positive place. In general everyday terms, I’m looking forward to life instead of struggling through it. I’m recognising just what I can achieve and getting excited and motivated by its possibilities and my own potential. Mentally, it’s a nice place to be. Personally, I’ve accepted and forgiven all the past hurt, and have let this all go. To have an unconscious mind free of the burden of any past negativity is a gift in itself – but more importantly, I now have room for a new relationship. Work-wise, I have achieved all I set out to and more, and my relationship with work is healthier. Balance is key!

I’m enjoying life in general! And I will do for the rest of my life. Looking forward to life is a really powerful thing, I have new lenses and I appreciate everything I have AND everything that’s yet to come! Invest in yourself – it’s worth it. Thanks again so much for all your support Vesna. The techniques you’ve taught me have really changed my life!

R. O. – Retail Industry

Prior to my transformation, I was a workaholic. I was an attention seeker, always craving the attention of others. I allowed others to hurt me. I did not have clear boundaries. I had little respect for myself. I was disconnected from myself.

I stopped making work my top priority. I stopped craving the attention of others. I stopped allowing others to hurt me. I have set clear boundaries. I respect myself and feel connected to me again. The biggest challenges I needed to overcome was to admit that I had made mistakes, that I was not perfect and forgive myself. I needed to be honest with myself.

Working with Qt has improved my confidence. Qt has helped me to see where I was lacking in my confidence and why. Qt sessions have helped me to enjoy a fulfilling relationship with my partner, children, family and friends. My thinking has been transformed from the self-doubt, self-sabotage and negative, to a can do, confident and positive. The biggest change for me has been stopping the attention from others and giving myself attention and making myself a priority. The change is a lasting one.

I enjoy myself the most. I love who I am. I have a greater appreciation for relationships and interacting with people. There is no perfect time to improve your life. Waiting is an excuse. The best time to improve your life is now. My Transformation has been nothing short of amazing and life changing.

T. N. – Hospitality Industry

Prior to seeing Vesna I felt very lonely, and did not feel grounded or all together happy with myself and the way I thought about my life. I felt as though I had made some really terrible mistakes which I could not fix or that were stopping me from moving forward.

The biggest challenges which I had to overcome were the terrible pain and loss I felt from being cheated on by my husband. I felt worthless, unloved and betrayed. I feel whole again. I feel like I can have a successful and happy future. I don’t feel as lonely or in constant emotional pain. I am steadily letting go of the parts of my life which were not serving me well. I have made goals for my future and am working towards achieving them.

I feel much better about myself now and am constantly working on maintaining my self respect and care for myself. I am a work in progress. I am firmly placing my gaze on the future where I have self respect and will be treated well. I have set a goal to find a certain type of partner and so far it has been successful. I also feel more resilient so when things don’t work out according to plan I can bounce back more quickly.

The biggest change I have felt is that I no longer feel lonely, unloved and abandoned. The loss of these feelings is a lasting change. I enjoy feeling free and less panicked. I also enjoy the good things that are being brought to me. I feel like my past is moving away and that soon I won’t remember it and my future will take over.

I would definitely recommend that you come and see Vesna. She is a very intelligent and caring person who’s techniques can really assist in transforming people’s lives and for setting achievable goals. Since I have been transformed by seeing Vesna I have recommended this to many friends. It is definitely worth taking the time to work on yourself. It makes sense to devote time to achieving your goals and repairing your mind and heart so that you can move forward as a new and improved version of yourself.

L. H. – Local Government

It would be true to say that I found Vesna’s Qt Transform your Destiny® weekend was a mixture of pleasure, enlightenment and hard work.

Never before in my life have so many parts of my behaviour and ‘being’ revealed themselves to me in such a short period of time.

It has permeated my existence in very subtle, yet powerful, ways.

Some years ago Vesna first showed me how to do the Qt Transform Your Day® Technique. She told me that if I did it for 7 days I would do it for the rest of my life. She was right. I found immediately that the outcomes were rewarding. It has changed my life!

The Qt Transform Your Destiny® weekend allowed me to build on this tool. Stimulated by further insights about how my mind works, and how it responds to the data and experiences I absorb, I have found further confidence in backing my judgements and less concerns about being wrong.

My focus has also improved and I am less concerned about my ability to handle the challenges that life is throwing at me.

I also had the privilege of attending the course with my son. This was a bonus that, for both of us, was invaluable. We got to talk about a range of issues and experiences that are the foundations of our future ventures. I wish my Dad had taken me this course when I was 30.

I have also found that my experience that weekend has modified the way I communicate and deal with clients. My approach has been broadened and I am now armed with greater understanding of the many foibles associated with human existence, how they may have been created and some of the options for dealing with them.

I commend this course to any person who wishes to enrich their life and become a more loving and effective human being.

I. H. – Chartered Accountant

I completed the NLP practitioner course a few months ago and started seeing changes in my attitude and myself almost immediately. I went in with the intention of learning to develop fulfilling relationships having focused on work to a large extend. I met someone during the course and I found I was able to communicate freely and openly, ask for what I want, treat the other person as I wanted to be treated and am now in a fulfilling relationship where my partner is fully in sync and reciprocate of everything we share. The key thing that has helped is the belief in my own self, trusting my instincts, asking for exactly what I want and having faith in my own decisions.

In developing this self-belief, its also effected every other part of my life. I’d already been extremely happy with my career and was not sure how far up the career ladder I wanted to go and had started experiencing difficulty dealing with the politics that comes with being in middle management in a multinational organisation. Getting rid of my limiting beliefs and emotions allowed me to express my feelings and thoughts about what I was passionate about and gave me the confidence to believe in myself and go after what I really wanted to do and to strive for even more growth in my career. The Monday after the course I received a 50K scholarship offer for a business school and am now taking a sabbatical to focus on myself, set up my own business and set myself up for an even better career representing exactly what I am passionate about. In addition my personal and work inter personal relationships have been more open, honest and fulfilling and have been getting along with everyone with ease building instant rapport and connections.

K. P. – Finance Industy

Although I entered the weekend with skepticism, Vesna was professional, patient and open to questioning, which enabled me to work on my own demons after a difficult divorce. Before attending the seminar I was a mess, unable to cope with everyday activities, and the physical manifestations of the stress were mounting, I thought I would always in some way be stuck in that rut.

After leaving the seminar, I felt physically lighter, and my confidence showed. People commented on the changes in me, and in the 6 months since attending the seminar I have been able to surpass the goals I had set for myself with Vesna. I have been able to let go of my past and make small changes to manage my time better and most noticeably, I’ve learnt to take time out for myself, booking a holiday to Brazil this year.

Thank you Vesna for empowering me to ease my own burdens in a way I never thought possible.

L. M. – Physiotherapist

I hit rock bottom. I just left my husband after 3 months of marriage and living in Germany. I left my job and the life that I had in Germany. I visualised I was going to stay there the rest of my life and that was the life I expected. Overnight his affair came out. I left all that behind and came back to Australia. I had many mixed emotions. I was scared how my friends would perceive the whole thing. I also felt really confused and lost and unmotivated to really do anything apart from drinking and partying. I felt like a real failure because the marriage didn’t work, even though I had done everything I could.

Dealing with issues that I suppressed from the past and forgiving people for their actions were my biggest challenges. Forgiving people was a tough one, as was being honest with myself. Initially, I found it hard to verbalise and get out what I wanted for my goals.

Following my transformation, for the first time in my life I feel like I have a clear and positive outlook and that now I can make decisions and choices without letting unresolved emotions get in the way. Setting my three goals was very important. I already achieved my work goal and went back to teaching. Travel is my second goal and now when I budget I make allowances for my annual holiday and already have a trip booked and paid for this year. A new relationship is my third goal and I am working on that goal. Now I have a list of ideal partner qualities that I can refer to when I am thinking of potential partners so I can attract who I really want.

I have already successfully achieved 2 of my 3 goals. I achieved my career goal after the first week of working with Qt, that was by being honest with myself about what I really wanted. I am now 100% happy and confident with my life. Everyone is positive towards me – it’s amazing. I am being invited to everything. I feel like a celebrity – people want to go out with me. I am booked socially a month in advance and I have all this energy. Other people have made nice comments and they can’t believe how different I am. People have been expecting me to be a complete mess – instead my whole life is better than it’s ever been. I am loving life, achieving my goals and dreams. I have the best job – before I could never imagine having such a great job.

Transforming my thinking is the key to success. How what you put out is how people will treat you – this has been a real eye opener for me and I will use that for the rest of my life. Thinking about my day ahead and being positive about the day really helps me. I no longer have those insecurities and worries that things won’t happen because I just make sure that things do happen. I actually look forward to the future and doing things I’ve never done before. I am confident I can achieve it. I used to have sleepless nights and wake up at 4am in the morning and now I have a solid night’s sleep. I’ve always been a person to sit back and get others to organise things. Now I am also organising things and searching for new things to do with friends. I no longer worry about my weight – in the past I always had peer pressure to be skinny and to have that certain
“look”. I am happy being me and my personality comes through rather than what I look like. Yes, the change has definitely been a lasting one because I’ve noticed things are so positive in my life that I just automatically do what I want. It is now very easy and my way of life.

If you are thinking of improving your life, do it now! The longer you put something off, time goes by and you are missing out on all the great opportunities that are out there. It’s amazing how when one door opens, it opens so many other doors.

This has been the most positive life-changing experience. I never thought that my life would be so enjoyable and I’m doing things that I never thought I would be able to do. For example, I now have the confidence to get up in front of people and talk. I have always been a person that sat on the fence and now I make clear choices and go forward without regrets. I can see everything clearer. Qt offers fantastic thinking techniques that really help to detach your emotions and see the bigger picture. It’s been so easy, a short transformation rather than spending months in counselling just talking about the same old issues over and over again.

M. A. – Teacher

The break-up of my 10 year marriage gave me an immense sense of loss and helplessness. I felt as if the sign posts I once put on my road had been taken away. Deep down inside I knew this wasn’t me and I had to put up new sign posts to continue my life’s journey.

During my transformation, I started to look at myself from the outside and the world around me. I slowly started to get my confidence back. The sense of loss I experienced turned into an opportunity for personal growth. I began thinking and dreaming again, as a result, I started to create new sign posts along the way. I’m enjoying the journey…

The biggest challenge was learning to live alone and doing things without the kids and not feel selfish about it.

I learnt new tools and developed new skills to make everyday a great day, and expect tomorrow to be an even better day! Being able to create my life and my day the way I want it to be. After a couple of sessions with Qt, I felt the change, and people around me started to notice the change in me – the transformation. In the case of unexpected events, I now think about what my contributions to such events have been so I learn from it. The major emotions I now feel are of having a vision and somewhere to strive for. When I see the kids now, we all make the most of that time, it’s great to hear “Dad, you’re the best!…”. It’s a life changing experience and that is what I needed.

Qt showed me how to think my way through life the way I want life to be. My thinking now is always to improve things. I am aware of my thoughts on a daily basis and correcting them to my desired outcomes. Yes, the change has been a lasting one because I do that on a consistent basis. The way I was feeling a year ago to the way I feel now – it is a tenfold difference because I now make everything around me to suit my lifestyle. It is a continuous process. I now have the power to enjoy everything in life because I know how to change it to suit me.

Thank you Vesna, the last 12 months have been a life transforming experience. It has been my biggest ever personal growth experience that I’m sure will continue for life.

R. F. – IT consultant

I’m very happy that you helped me to overcome my anger, doubts, and insecurities about myself. Overcoming anger was something that I wanted to do for very long time as it was affecting my relationship, and you gave me chance to look at it all from different point of view.

I feel so much more fullfilled now with myself and my life, that I can freely now say that I can continue with my life on a better road than I was travelling before. I experienced change and great results, and I’m very happy that I have met you.

K. B. – Newlywed, Employment Consulant

We were referred to Dr. Vesna to help us with our son who had been experiencing separation anxiety. Following an initial consultation with her, we have had positive results with our son. Today he actually stayed at day care for the first time without me being there. Yes, he cried when I was leaving but he wasn’t hanging off me for dear life. The carer said that he was fine, apart from when his sister started crying for me – she would set him off. Apart from that, it’s been good. He is also starting to open up and wanting to stay at my in-laws, which is great.

The session we had with you really opened my husband’s eyes as to what his role as a father is. He is interacting more and understands that it’s not easy raising 2 toddlers.

Thank you so much for your help and guidance.

J. B. – Homemaker

Thank you so much for last night’s session and helping us to resolve the issues we had with other people. We both feel extremely happy, lighter, more focused and energised. And the other people’s behaviour towards us has completely changed – they are much more loving and respectful towards us now! Thank you so very much for all your support.

Y. G. – Health Industry

Thank-you for your absolutely wonderful support in helping me achieve my relationship goals! I met my ideal man four months after we set my goals and the main breakthrough for me has been accepting his love and feeling worthy and deserving of his lovea major turnaround for me. We are now married and expecting our first child. Thank-you for helping me realize real love and happiness.

A. P. – Marketing Manager

My transformation has been enlightening and amazing! Before that I had fear, hurt and guilt from the past and no goals to be in a relationship, so kept putting it off. Immediately after the Transform Your Destiny© seminar the flood gates opened regarding commitment and the future, because I let go of the baggage from the past, removed the fear and am now focusing on what is positive and good for our family, which has resulted in better communication for all. Now my mindset is focused on what I want because you get what you focus on. I re-evaluated what I wanted and found a new rewarding job with more responsibility and have doubled sales in my territory in the 13 months I have been there. Before, I was in a job that did not suit my personality. Now I am a family of four, while before I was a single man. It has definitely been a lasting change.

I have told a number of friends about the seminar. One couple who attended the seminar is now married and another is engaged. The seminar definitely played a big part in also helping those relationships succeed. Working with Qt is well worth it. Vesna is genuinely interested in helping people – it is an honourable thing that she does with her good intentions and making a big impact. The techniques are so simple and the way Vesna guides you through the techniques, lots of breakthroughs will stay with you.

P. B. – Salesperson

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know some of the positive changes that I have experienced since our session together. First of all, I feel like I have let go of a bunch of “dead weight” that I had been carrying around in my sub-conscious for years… what a relief! Also, my relationships with key people in my life – particularly my mother and my partner – have just taken wings. A lot of old stuff that I was having trouble with just went away. As if that is not enough, I have been able to really easily focus down on one major project and give it my full attention without sabotaging myself and things are starting to really take off. What can I say other than, “WOW! Thank you so much!”

J. S. – Entrepreneur

Congratulations on the effectiveness of your techniques. We worked together one on one nearly twelve months ago. Initially I noticed many improvements in my life both socially and at work. My confidence and assertiveness increased significantly over the last six months. I have used it more and more and as a result have met my soul mate and landed my dream job. Thank you! I know I did the work and you helped me learn the techniques to make this happen. You have always been positive, supportive, helpful and sensitive in your approach, not to mention very upbeat. I would not hesitate to recommend sessions with yourself at anytime. Keep up the good work.

K. L. – Interior Decorator/Designer

I went to see Vesna to discuss ways in which I could develop my wealth building goals, only to find that there were some major personal issues that I needed to deal with first. With Vesna’s guidance I was able to acknowledge these issues and bring them out into the open. Vesna then gave me several practical mind activities that I was able to use in my life to deal with these issues, learn from them and then move on. I really didn’t realise how much my personal problems were weighing me down until my session with Vesna. I am now able to look into the future with a more positive attitude and use her practical methods whenever I need to. I was also impressed with Vesna’s preparation for my session and then her follow up afterward. She was a great support at a time when I really needed it.

W. K. – Health Care Practitioner

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