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nlp self development motivationHow to Permanently Address Your Fears and Self Doubts, Clarify Your Direction/Purpose, and Achieve Lasting Confidence and Personal and Professional Success… with NLP self development

Below is a snapshot of some of the results and successes that we have helped our clients to achieve in their self development. At Qt, especially given the nature of our work, our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is paramount. While our clients have been thrilled to offer these testimonials, we would like to respect and protect their privacy and confidentiality and have, therefore, withheld specific details about them.

The training program and the Qt respect i® techniques it employed were instrumental in my personal and professional growth journey. They provided me with the insights and tools necessary to recognise recurring disempowering relationship dynamics that had long been impeding my progress. By addressing and letting go of these patterns, I underwent a profound self-discovery process, which not only boosted my motivation but also miraculously alleviated my chronic neck and back pain.

This transformation allowed me to reconnect with my authentic true self, shedding the layers of self-doubt and constraint that had held me back for years. It also guided me in discovering my life’s purpose through a powerful and insightful process. Now, I feel liberated and genuinely free, empowered to embrace the person I’ve always aspired to be. This journey has also significantly contributed to achieving my business goals and effortlessly attracting clients. Thank you Dr Vesna and Qt!

M. M. – Qt respect i® Practitioner & Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

I don’t have enough words to thank Dr. Vesna Grubacevic for her life transforming therapy. It is not an exaggeration to say these words – “life transforming”.

I was almost unfunctional in my life after several years of emotional abuse, career burn out and exhaustion. Moving myself to seclusion to recover, I struggled to be free of intense feeling of fear, sadness, and loneliness. With no job, no motivation, energy, or enthusiasm I was totally lost in the void.

Dr Vesna transformed my life in two ways.

Firstly, the therapy I had with her, literally changed my life. In a couple of sessions, I am free of seemingly deep-rooted feelings of sadness, fear, loneliness, and many limiting beliefs. Since my therapy, I feel lighter, relaxed and fresh, day after day. I feel as though I am a new person. I continue to be this fresh, light, and happy person now. I am able to meet my daily goals with this newfound freedom, enthusiasm, energy and motivation and I look forward to unfolding of each day.

Secondly, taking Hypnotherapy training from her gave me my confidence back and I am ready to launch my Life Coach business now. Her training was comprehensive and practical. In a small group, she gently guided each of us to learn, practice and master the techniques of foundational hypnotherapy. Her patience, attention to details, and meticulous planning and execution of the training are commendable.

Thanks, Vesna for changing my life. I am grateful forever.

S. S. – Consultant

I have had a very sad, traumatic, yet happy and successful life. I needed help which needed attention for a long while but thought I could do it on my own. I had PTSD, and have seen things I wish and hope nobody sees or goes through. However, I transformed into a happy positive busy human being. I have accepted so many things, and with NLP have been shown tools to cope.

Accepting my husband’s passing, and putting James our son to rest as I have suffered greatly with PTSD. Nothing has helped before, and this has. I sleep, eat and enjoy everything in life, even chores I could not do before. Grieving affects you all over, but it should not take over one’s life. Yes, you will not forget. There is nothing wrong in grieving, but if it consumes your life, get help. I now do feel whole. I also accept if someone comments on something negative, I do not crumble and go down for days. It’s their view, and as I feel positive it’s water off a duck’s back.

It’s all about being positive. I was negative, and used words that made me negative: can’t, won’t work, rotten day… just negativity. I have been with Eddie for 54 years, and he passed away 1 year ago. Then my brother passed 2 months ago. While this was sad, I was having treatment to manage my grieving. I’m back to living, accepting death, laughing again and enjoying life. I am being positive and thinking differently on negative situations. Well as everyone who has lost a loved one knows how hard it can be. I didn’t want to get out of bed, and wanted to do nothing. Now I love awakening, say it’s a beautiful day and I am going to enjoy it.

I didn’t think I could live again and start anew at 70. It was not easy as grieving is hard no matter what. I also feel the older one is the harder it gets. It doesn’t need to be with NLP. As explained, the tools I’ve been taught help immensely.  I was able to successfully do the programme in Queensland from Melbourne. Lastly, as I have had so many ups and downs, I would never ever suggest a programme that doesn’t work. I have spoken to folk that have done the programme and are better for it. If you follow the programme, you will succeed.

I thought my transformation was very interesting, and it definitely worked for me. The best out of this is that if I have any problems I can ring at anytime if need be. That is so re-assuring to say the least. Finally, I am grateful for Vesna, for her patience and the caring nature that comes naturally.

R. F. – Retired

Prior to working with Dr Vesna, I was feeling stuck in indecision. I knew I needed to shut down my business and start creating new opportunities, but I couldn’t bring myself to act. Since my sessions with Dr.Vesna, I’ve experienced a profound transformation both in my professional life and, unexpectedly, in my personal life as well. I’ve always felt rather disorganised with household chores and finances – my house is now spotless and I’m on top of finances. I also had a nagging feeling that I was wasting time and talents. I now feel more in control of my life and not rushed.

I needed to let go of the limiting beliefs that I’ve buried for so long, this was very challenging initially. Consistent visualisation has really helped me to become clear on goals and comfortable with the process.  Qt has helped me tenfold to transform my behaviours and professional successes. Although I’m still in the epicentre of major life changes (we are moving to Nashville in 2 months), I feel as though the tools and insight provided by Dr.Vesna will catapult me forward into this next phase and give me the courage to execute.

The biggest thing that has changed for me was switching directions. I had been pushing so hard to make a business work that I wasn’t passionate about. Dr. Vesna’s techniques helped provide clarity and courage to create space for new opportunities. This space allowed for reflection and clarity to take the next step to a larger and more impactful vision.

Surprisingly, the most immediate and apparent change for me has been the ability to keep my house clean. This was a very welcome outcome to gaining more clarity in my life overall. Since seeing Dr.Vesna before Christmas, I have woken up to a clean house every morning. It still surprises me sometimes.

I LOVE that I feel in control. I LOVE that my house isn’t a disaster and that I’ve gained the courage to admit that my business didn’t work out.  I would sum up my transformation as a massive first step to accomplishing goals and clarity. During our sessions, Dr.Vesna helped me uncover my value system which has been life changing. I feel like I’m on the right path.

L. B. – Social Entrepreneur

Since completing the hypnosis training through Dr Vesna I have had the opportunity to hypnotise a few people with successful results.  However, the greatest result was where my interest lies was in “self hypnosis”.

Just imagine an old rose bush (plant) covered in weeds, not watered and not fertilised and no flowers to be seen. Now imagine the same rose bush/plant pruned, weeded, fertilised and watered daily and than in a few months bright red roses appeared. The rose flowers were the bonus/ end result of nurturing the rose bush.

Well I was like that rose bush/plant and after completing the hypnosis course and understanding the mind and body concept I am now as a 70 year old beginning to flourish again.  My mind and body work together and I do yoga and tai-chi exercises either daily or every second day, eat in moderation and I think positive and even before going to bed I think of all the positive things I want tomorrow.

My body is healing and it’s like a domino effect: Blood Pressure normal, Blood sugar normal, no joint pains and above all my wife is happier because I make her laugh again.  So my friends “Self Hypnosis” works. It may not work instantly but give it time and the improvements will happen if that is what you want.  For me, my mind and my body is my happiness at this time of my life.

Thank you Dr Vesna for all your help.

V. K. – Semi-retired

I was bit skeptical about the Hypnosis course simply because I was not convinced that three days was sufficient for someone to learn hypnosis. This changed on day one when Dr Vesna through her support and guidance made it possible for me to learn it on day one. The experience was exhilarating and sureal for me not only because of the thought that I could essentially implement positive changes in me but also on how I could empower others to achieve their goals. Dr Vesna was very approachable and kept us engaged. The lively atmosphere made learning fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it to anyone who is curious about hypnosis. They will not be disappointed.

T. C. – Manager, Finance Industry

In just the short time that I had been seeing Vesna, major transformations had begun to occur in my life. I found myself come face to face with one of my biggest fears, public speaking. After just a few NLP self development sessions, public speaking transformed from something that I dreaded to becoming a pleasure which I actually looked forward to. As all the old blocks started to fall away, I also began to achieve great things in my fitness in preparation for my first Triathlon at 40 years of age! The result of the work we did together proved to me that our biggest obstacle in life is our mind. Once we deal with our old emotional patterns and let go of what we no longer need we become free to live our lives to the fullest!

E. G. – Manager, Retail

Upon completing my NLP, TLT & Hypnosis Practitioner training, I have learnt so much as a student and in my own personal development. Dr. Vesna has been a remarkable teacher and trainer. She delivered the training easily and effortlessly, keeping me engaged throughout and accommodating to all learning styles.  I am looking forward to the Master Practitioner training.

C. M. – Health Practitioner

I have recently attended the hypnotherapy training at Qt with Vesna.   I have to say that this was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life.  This hypnotherapy training with Vesna has given me more than I could have ever expected.  First of all, I finally got the tools to hack into my own subconscious mind.  Through the years I have been doing a lot of self-development courses and trainings but I have to admit the hypnotherapy training for me has been like a dot at the end of the sentence.  This hypnotherapy training helped me to overcome my struggles with depression and anxiety, and most importantly, I learnt how to heal myself.  I always knew our mind is very powerful but I could never imagine the real power that we carry in us.  I warmly recommend this training to every person who is working on self-development and every person who wants to break free from the chains of self-doubt, depression and anxiety.  All I can say is thank you.  Thank you so much for this Vesna.  I really appreciate all the knowledge you gave us and thank you for being so unselfish to share all this with us.  Thank you.

S. E. – NLP Self Development Enthusiast

My life prior to the transformation was rather frustrating, confusing and fearful. I was frustrated, as I didn’t see much progress in my career, relationships and financial issues, in spite of putting a lot of work into these areas. I read numerous books, attended one seminar after the other and somehow I still struggled with the same recurring problems in each life area. Somewhat I couldn’t achieve the success I thought, that I should have, after all that hard work.

My transformation really took wings during the Qt Transform Your Destiny® seminar where I learned to connect the conscious and the subconscious minds. The penny dropped, and I realised that success avoided me in the past, as I was trying to make changes in my life without involving the subconscious mind.

The biggest challenges I needed to overcome were impulsiveness, procrastination, spending more money than what I earned, getting angry too easily and voicing my opinion when I should have kept quiet for everyone’s benefit. Also, I lacked self-confidence and was very timid in my approach to life’s challenges.

After the Qt seminar, I applied what I learned from Dr Vesna when encountering challenging situations or people. I still revisit the manual once a month to refresh my memory. I loved the in-class exercises, as they encouraged me to dig deep and come up with workable solutions to life issues that I faced. By transforming my thinking, my relationships with my family, friends, colleagues, and generally everyone have improved greatly. I am a totally different person now. Much more balanced, even tempered, solution oriented, and more optimistic. People comment on how easy I am to get along with, and I attract more friends, and friendly encounters than before.

My biggest change has been the realisation that true attractiveness comes from within, which is much more rewarding than looks alone, which I used to rely on in the past. I am so happy that I have a more loving relationship with people. It’s like having an extended family. A family full of happy and kind people. What I enjoy most about life is; looking at life with a renewed attitude, with more confidence and a more balanced attitude. I’m now able to say YES, or NO, when it’s appropriate, without feeling guilty. I enjoy people’s company more, I am kinder and friendlier as I don’t feel threatened by challenges. I relinquished the victim attitude and replaced it by a deep trust in myself, knowing that I can do it.

I would recommend Dr Vesna’s Qt Transform Your Destiny® seminar whole heartedly, if anyone wants to improve their life. I am now experiencing such joy and confidence that I didn’t think was possible before. You never know what treasure lies in your subconscious until you make the decision to connect to and be friends with It.

I am a totally new person now. A person that I never thought I could be. I always dreamed about being this person, but I never thought I can be this confident, enthusiastic, calm, supportive, giving and loving. At the same time, I’m strong, empowered and full of life.

N. S. – Payroll Officer

I first found out about Dr. Vesna Grubacevic while attending the mind, body and soul convention. I was going through a challenging time and decided to attend the Qt Transform Your Destiny seminar. The breakthroughs I had in one weekend were amazing. Not to mention the techniques that Dr Vesna shared have helped me move forward and be a better person. It was definitely a weekend of good discoveries. I just wanted to say thank you very much!

P. L. – Banking Industry

Learning NLP, Timeline Therapy(tm) and Hypnotherapy with Qt has changed me for the better. I have a new direction personally and professionally. Before attending the NLP Practitioner training, I thought I knew who I was and want I wanted. The training helped me see who I was and listen to who I want to be. I now feel I can achieve anything.

I am excited about what the future holds and how I can also help people transform their own futures.

K.F. – Finance Industry

My 12 year old son was lacking self confidence and only had negative belief about himself. After seeing Dr Vesna and reading her book on stop sabotaging your self confidence, my son improved out of this world. I was amazed how quickly he was able to use techniques Dr Vesna showed him and how much it changed his outlook on life in general. We are very pleased with the quick results and her caring nature. We would recommend Qt for anyone at any age. Thank you Dr Vesna.

N.R + N.R. – Parents

Thank you so much for assisting me in not only creating SMART goals, but in giving me the tools and techniques that I need to make them happen. Our one-on-one accelerated transformation sessions have allowed me to very quickly change my old habits and implement new strategies immediately. I am now achieving a better work life balance and more importantly I’m doing more and being more productive each day. I’m taking care of the ‘Big Rocks’ in my life allowing space for more enjoyable things at the same time. It’s been a wonderful and enriching experience and I would recommend it for anyone! Thank you!

S.P. – Executive Director

It’s been only 4 months since I attended Qt’s Transform Your Destiny Seminar but I’ve noticed a dramatic improvement in my life. My self-esteem has returned. I no longer base my worth on my achievement; nor on other people’s treatment on me. I became more confident and relaxed. I have also learned to love, take good care, nurture and to reward myself for my little and big accomplishments. Vesna has been very helpful not only during my one hour free consultation and the 2 day seminar, but also even after the training. She has been giving me wonderful insights and techniques for self-empowerment. I’ve noticed how people and circumstances now help me to achieve my goals. Thank you so much Vesna. I am blessed because of you!

B. H. – Finance Industry

By participating in Dr Vesna’s Qt Transform your Destiny seminar I have become empowered in ways that I couldn’t have imagined before. I always believed that transformation is possible only for other people and not me. I always believed that I’m basically lacking the courage and determination to be successful even at the most mundane things in life. I used to have a “what’s the use anyway” and “no matter what I’m doing, I just can’t succeed” attitude. This has all dissolved during the weekend seminar. With Dr Vesna’s caring, profound, fun-loving and down-to-the-core transformational methods I’m happy to say that my past worries, pessimism and negativity are in the past.

I am especially happy that I learnt from Dr Vesna, how to connect my conscious and subconscious mind, so I can benefit from this union. I used to say affirmations in the past; however the affirmations bounced back from my subconscious like a tennis ball. They didn’t sink in. Now, I say something positive to my subconscious and it is absorbed, without resistance, like water absorbs in the sponge. That’s the difference that I’m so enthusiastic about! I am full of vigour now, and it is not a vigour that comes and goes like good and bad mood. It’s a vigour and enthusiasm that lights me up when I think of a brilliant future for myself. Now I believe, that I’m capable of doing great things for myself and share it with others.

Thank you Dr. Vesna.

M.S. – Communication Industry

Prior to the transformation, I had never loved myself and never considered myself worthy of anything or anyone. I found intimacy difficult sometimes, and never expected much from relationships, often sabotaging good relationships and keeping bad ones. I found it hard to finish things and often lost focus. I found alpha males hard to deal with and any kind of confrontation difficult, resulting in that I would often ‘settle’ rather than saying or doing what I think or wanted. Also people around me had started to realise how little I thought of myself, and when someone you hardly know turns around to you and says “You should love yourself more” you know you have to change.

I saw a difference in myself after my first session, but actually didn’t realise the difference had started then until probably my third session. I realised I was more positive, happier, motivated and at peace with myself. I had just gone through a series of bad events; what should have been a fatal car accident, a seizure and problems with a business partner. NLP helped me deal with these, and be more focused on my new art business and the future. I realised that if I put my mind to something I could do anything, as long as I stayed positive and listened to my instinct. I recently read a book called The Alchemist and there was a quote in there which I really resonated with “And when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

I can definitely say that I actually love who I am. I now realise that I am a beautiful person inside and out. I’m a talented artist and I have big ideas and the get up and go to carry them out and finish them. I have a great group of friends, spanning many countries across the world, and these people are a reflection of me, so I know if they are great then so am I. I keep a positive outlook on life and being so enthusiastic and passionate about my new business only good has happened. I am up to 6 orders in just 1.5 weeks, I have secured a market spot at Rose St Market and am certainly on my way to securing other markets as coincidently I have met the organisers – amazing what the universe conspires to do 🙂 I will be eternally grateful to Vesna for helping me, she really made me open my eyes and see the world and myself for how it really is. Life isn’t distorted anymore, it’s like the fog has lifted.

I think the number one challenge was to love myself and realise that I am worthy. Once that was corrected everything else kind of followed. Also realising that I am in control of everything I do and not other people. And that not being able to control everything such as other people is ok. I haven’t felt out of control since I had the NLP sessions.

My thinking pattern has changed a lot, gone are the negative thoughts and the worries. Previously I worried about almost everything but now that I realise that I only need control what I do, and if someone does something I don’t think is acceptable I can voice my opinion and stand up for myself. I’m just happier and more chilled out and care free. I’m no longer a victim of my past.

Go for it, Vesna is awesome, you have nothing to lose. I tried psychologists and reiki, but with neither can you pinpoint specific issues and address them. NLP self development techniques can. Best thing I ever did. A truly life changing experience and a discovery of who I really was.

L. F. – Artist, Business Owner

I was at a time in my life that I felt disconnected and I always held a deep felt sadness in my heart that I kept hidden from others. My life was stagnant and without purpose. Despite all my knowledge that I have gained over the years through my self development studies, I never experienced that elusive state of HAPPINESS for too long in any given time.

Hypnotherapy always fascinated me, yet I never tried it. Now I had this yearning to learn more about the power of the mind, so I seeked a practitioner that specialised in this modality, as well as many others. That’s how I came across Vesna, recommended to me because she was one of the most highly regarded within her profession. After a lengthy discussion over the phone, I gained instant rapport with Vesna and knew that she was the right practitioner for me.

After only two private nlp self development sessions incorporating NLP and Time Line Therapy, Vesna had managed to facilitate my re-connection with my unconscious mind and amplify my awareness of my higher self. I was able to go back to my early years & beyond and replace memories that had created my negative beliefs, with positive new thoughts and beliefs.

From this place anything is possible. As for that permanent sense of Happiness, with Vesna’s assistance, I have now found it!

I am infinitely grateful for being guided to such a professionally skilful practitioner & compassionate mentor.

Thank you Vesna for making that heartfelt difference in my life.

S.T. – Project Manager

Before the Qt Transform Your Destiny® weekend I was focused on the past and caught up (in my head) in a range of issues and noise. After the weekend I can focus on the future, and have let go of the past. I am more effective at work, and am more relaxed about it. I am happier at home which means my family is happier as a result 🙂 I have started to achieve the goals that I laid out before and during the weekend. Thank you for helping me feel much lighter, not weighed down by life!

A.W. – Director, Education Industry

My Master Practitioner training with Qt was a empowering and joyful experience, Vesna’s commitment and dedication in ensuring I achieved my outcome and the personal attention I received due to the limited amount of students in the training was refreshing. After having completed my practitioner training with a large organization and more than 40 student in the training, I can’t emphasize enough the huge advantage in having the level of personal access to your trainer that only an intimate training like Qt’s trainings can provide. Having completed the Master Practitioner training and learnt NLP self development techniques I am more confident and optimistic about my life, my ability to communicate and be in rapport with other both personally and professionally has been enormously beneficial, I can’t recommend Vesna or Qt enough.

M. G. – NLP Master Practitioner

Vesna’s obvious expertise and passion provided me with the guidance I needed to let go of the past fully and realise my present aspirations. Thank you Vesna I highly recommend the hypnotherapy.

S.S. – Executive Coach

I began my work with Vesna because I felt frustrated and stymied on both a personal and professional level. I was unhappy with the direction of my life, and was desperately seeking a change.

I was most attracted to Qt because of the transformational focus of Vesna’s work. I had a belief that I could transform my life, but had no idea about how to go about it. When I met with Vesna, I was impressed at how much of the issues she instinctively understood and I was instantly convinced that she had the skills and techniques I needed to help me.

Working with Vesna was a magical experience. We were able to resolve many issues that had been holding me back and weighing me down, quickly and almost effortlessly.

Before working with Vesna, I felt angry, resentful, frustrated and victimised a lot of the time. I was a constant worrier. I had an unproductive relationship with myself. After working with Vesna, I was surprised and delighted to feel all those negative emotions were gone and in their place was a new found confidence, optimism, happiness and sense of well being.

Six months on from working with Vesna, I am surprised at how easily I have achieved my goals, and the many unexpected successes I have had. I am now optimistic about my future, and look forward to the things I will do and the good things that will come into my life. All these things I had not considered possible before, because I had not considered them. Working with Vesna gave me the tools to take control of my life and give myself the opportunity to succeed and be happier.

Working with Vesna was an excellent investment. I have recommended Vesna to my family and friends and have enjoyed watching their transformation. I would not hesitate to recommend Vesna to anyone seeking to transform their life.

C. N. – Contracts Administrator

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Qt so very much for the amazing courses that I have attended. They are the hypnotherapy course as well as the NLP self development course! I strongly recommend every one and any one to take the opportunity to complete a course and watch how one’s life can so quickly improve as well as change! I can say from my own experience that I am a very changed for the better person as a result of Dr Vesna’s work! When you are empowered by Dr Vesna you too will so quickly see the results ! I look forward to using the skills and knowledge I have learnt every day. Thanks again Dr Vesna for empowering me.

N.S. – Trainer

Thank you for the encouragement and the support all the way to today. The small group at your nlp self development class let me feel like it was a private lesson. During the course you build a strong connection with the students and every student is able to focus on their personal issues (the reason why I came to the course). The fantastic and useful tools that you gave me helped me in my journey and helped me to achieve my goal. THANK YOU.

O. B. – Construction Industry Manager

Vesna is an amazing consultant who is extremely professional and a master in transformations. Since working with Vesna, I have discovered a whole new perspective on my life and taken a completely new approach to business, relationships, health and wealth. I used to hold myself back in various areas of my life and now I am taking massive action with a very calm and effective approach. I have learned how important it is to have a great relationship with myself therefore enhancing my relationships with others and increasing my wealth and success. Vesna has great strategies that are by far the most effective I have experienced in one-on-one consultations so far. I felt completely comfortable with her and she just seemed to get where I was coming from. I can’t thank you enough Vesna.

A. L. – Performance Consultant

I enjoyed finding myself during the nlp self development workshop! It was a really safe environment for learning and it provided me with so much focus and clarity – so so much more than I thought. I also got rid of a whole lot of baggage that has been weighing me down. I loved it – thank you Vesna.

A. M. – Business Development Manager

One of the most wonderful and intelligent decisions I have made in my life was to meet Dr Vesna and attend her workshops. I have learnt many new things from her which I could never figure out myself in my day to day work and life. She is very patient in her approach and very skillful in her guidance. The more I hear her, the more I understand myself better. After all, she helps us to discover ourselves better, so that we can achieve our full potential in life with nlp self development. I will love to work with her again in the near future.

R. D. – Finance Professional

Life has always been busy, but since taking over the pub there have been more challenges, such as managing my time, managing staff and planning for the future.

I’ve learnt a lot more about myself and recognised patterns that I didn’t know were there before. I’ve learnt practical ways to set goals and focus on what I want to achieve, while also managing my time better so as not to feel overwhelmed.

I had beliefs that were holding me back, that weren’t logical beliefs. It was difficult to know how to change these, but Vesna gives practical ways to change your thinking with nlp self development techniques. I had used affirmations before and they hadn’t worked for me.

I’ve learnt to not let other people affect me so much, as this is out of my control. So feeling more relaxed about certain things.

I’ve learnt to trust myself and my subconscious. It really does know what it’s talking about!

R. F. – Business Owner and IT Consultant

When Vesna advised that whatever had held me back for most of my life could be quickly and easily dissolved I wasn’t even sceptical. I always knew something held me back and I always knew when the time was right it would be cleared. I found the nlp self development techniques during the 2 day course were amazingly simple, but very effective.

The course itself was personal yet not personally revealing. There was no bearing of the soul for the world to see. It was about collecting ‘Ah-ha’ moments of realisation and releasing negative emotions to create positive thoughts and actions in their place.

In the few weeks since the course, I have been confronted with financial problems that would have normally crushed me, but instead I am able to step my way through, coming up with surprising solutions and finding resources I never knew were available.

I have become more confident, focused and happier. I am becoming a leader rather than just a follower and I’ve begun to see ways to achieve long held dreams.

If I were an Astrologist I would say that the planets came into alignment for me with that course and it was certainly the right time. Many thanks to Vesna and with help from Nevenka for making it a safe, enjoyable and rewarding time. It was certainly the best investment in myself I have ever made.

M. H. – IT Industry

Enrolling in the Transform Your Destiny seminar was one of the best investments I made for myself, and the timing was right. Moving to Melbourne from New Zealand was a big challenge for me, looking for work and proper accommodation, and I achieved these first two goals within the time period I set for myself. Now I am working on new goals, using the notes from the seminar as my template.

We all know that physical exercise is good for the body, but sometimes forget that the mind also needs attention. The exercises in the seminar showed me that I am able to change my thinking.

I enjoyed the Transform Your Destiny seminar. It was a friendly environment and both you and your assistant, Nevenka, were able to answer any questions I had.

D. S. – Designer

I’m very grateful to Vesna who has changed the way I see my life. The NLP self development method helps me on a daily basis to control my emotions, increase my confidence and feel more relaxed. It revealed that there was so much potential within me that I hadn’t exploited. Her self-empowerment technique on the other hand makes me see the good side of my personality, what I have achieved and brought back my self-esteem. I have made major changes in my life thanks to the self-confidence that I have recovered. Thank you Vesna.

A. G. – Event management

I first went to see Vesna because I felt I had lost my ‘mojo’; my zest for life, my reason for being and I felt like a lot of us I suspect, like the little mouse running on his wheel with no real purpose, uninspired, unable to figure out what to do next or even how to go about it. So one day I was searching around the internet and stumbled across Vesna’s details and her program and something just compelled me to explore it further.

I was a little skeptical I have to admit because in the past I had done quite a few personal development workshops, read loads of self help books, watched DVD’s that had been recommended but nothing really seemed to ignite my inner flame. Everything I had experienced in the past seemed confusing, unclear or even hard work and I just didn’t feel like any of it had really provided me with tools I needed to achieve what it was that I wanted.

I booked my initial consultation with Vesna and I went into the meeting with no real expectations. Vesna was lovely and provided me with lots of ‘food for thought’ and I came away thinking the whole experience was quite positive.

As it turned out she was running a workshop that up and coming weekend and although I knew I wanted to participate in the workshop at some point, I wasn’t really prepared for the experience happening so soon. Anyway, again I felt a sort of pull towards it so I clear my schedule and committed myself to the 2 day workshop.

As with the private session I really didn’t know what to expect and to be honest, it took me a little to get the flow of it all. During the 2 days I had some revelations but nothing cathartic or world changing as such, but I did get a sense that everything was going to work out. Now it’s 3 months later and I have to say everything is working out just as I’m planning it. It’s no magic pill and you do have to work at it, but Vesna and her team show you how with minimal effort and it’s actually an enjoyable experience. Life still has its challenges, but it’s how you work through those challenges that makes the difference.

I’m feeling much more connected to myself, in charge of my own destiny and empowered to achieve anything I set my mind to. More importantly the tools I learned in the 2 day nlp self development workshop have become invaluable to me and for this I am truly grateful.

I thank Vesna and her process and highly recommend her teachings to anyone that is feeling the rut that life can sometimes deal you.

F.C. – Advertising Executive

Thank you so, so much for your time, skill and knowledge! After our 1 hour nlp self development consultation I left feeling lighter, happier and much more action orientated than I had for months! Having had several coaches over the past few years, the power of your skill has been in the weeks following our session together. Frequently when I have had coaching in the past, I have felt fabulous immediately after the session, however have returned to “bad” habits soon thereafter. My experience with you has been vastly different. Whilst I left our session feeling great, I was a little cautious as to what was in store. Now several weeks, and many actions later, I am feeling fabulous on a daily basis, am enjoying what I am doing and ensuring that I do at least one thing per day from my “things I value” list. Furthermore, my communication skills and relationships with those closest to me continue to improve dramatically. For the first time in a long time I know that the power of these changes is coming from within me.

Thank you so much for helping me to empower myself. I have no hesitation in recommending you to others who need to change themselves in order to live their dreams.

R. G. – Business Owner

A year ago, I commenced my transformative journey with Vesna. I completed a number of personal one-on-one sessions with Vesna which have assisted me in taking control of my life again. I had lost my way and I was an emotional wreck this time last year, crying at least once a day. I don’t know how I got through each day. There was no outward reason for me to feel the way I did but my subconscious was desperately trying to tell me something. There was unresolved angst which was quickly dealt with.

The transformation has been remarkable and although challenges appear in life, I feel equipped to handle them.

The relationship with myself (most importantly) has definitely improved as has my relationship with others. I am happy and positive and see the bright side of life much more often than before.

With Vesna’s assistance I have been able to develop a new awareness, find myself and regain my strength. Vesna is compassionate, understanding and empathetic. She goes the extra one thousand miles to assist you on your personal journey.

M. S. – IT Consultant

Thank you for running such an interesting and information packed 7 day training program.

I was amazed at how the days went so quickly and I would like to commend you on the way you kept the program timetabled. As the owner of a registered training organisation I understand the importance of maintaining the trainee’s attention over that length of time – you did it professionally, passionately and with amazing ease.

I wanted to do NLP for my own personal development for some time. There was quite a lot to learn but it was taught in an encouraging and nurturing way – this made grasping the concepts a lot easier.

I was also interested in using NLP to develop better communication and be able to better negotiate. Improving my motivation and developing a better mindset were also on the agenda.

All of this was addressed and you personally ensured that you dedicated your attention to my desired outcomes of the nlp self development course.

I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend this course.

G. D.G. – Director, Registered Training Organisation

I didn’t even realise when and how I had lost myself, lost my values and what I stood for, lost the connection between my conscious and sub-conscious mind. Basically I was going down hill and it was a very turbulent roller coaster ride. I was having suicidal thougths, I didn’t know what was going on with me. To make things worse I didn’t even know that I needed help. This went on for more than a year. Then a friend recommended that I do NLP self development. That was the first but the most difficult step to admit and accept that I needed help and stop living in denial. Without a second thought I went for it. After all I had nothing to loose.

After two days of NLP I felt like I was born again. I was alive again with a will to achieve the goals I always aspired to. My sub-conscious formed a connection with my conscious mind. How did I know that? For four days following NLP I had electrical activity in my body. From head to toe, then up again. Then bang! I actually physically felt the negative energy leaving my body. I regained my focus. My head was clear and so was my heart. Only after NLP I understood what I was about. An intelligent and creative being, who has every right to deserve better than the best. It is clear to me now that I can have whatever I want for my life. I can create my own reality exactly the way I want it. NLP has been one of the best investments I made in my life. I wil always reap the benefits of this investment. NLP made me realise that I can bake my chocolate cake and eat it too! Thank you Vesna for taking me on this life transforming journey.

Y. A. – Business Owner, Health and Fashion Industry

When I came to see Vesna I was miserable. I had difficulty communicating with other people and I was misunderstanding them. I went through periods of depression, loneliness and self pity and I lacked knowledge of the possibilities. My transformation began when I was recommended to see Vesna. I was able to express myself and I learnt that I was able to put myself in control and that I could choose to be in control. I began working with Vesna one on one with nlp self development and then completed my NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification training, where I learnt the techniques of communication, being more self aware and valuing myself more.

The biggest challenge I needed to overcome was myself – not having the knowledge of myself and the capacity that was within me and not being trusting of that knowledge. Doing the Master NLP Practitioner training was very much a turning point. I allowed myself to totally surrender to the process and actually came through the other side when I did. I chose to move on.

Working with Qt has been the transformation. It provided me with the insight into how to move on and how to progress the understanding. The ongoing support, the understanding, the possibility to get positive feedback and then move on and the love I received have been wonderful. Transforming my thinking has made the difference – I’m a different person, more confident, more self aware, a contributor. And it covers all areas of life – my relationships, business and personal life.

Th biggest change for me is now being happy, being confident – taking on challenges and seeing them as challenges, rather than obstacles or hindrances, and knowing it is all good, it is what is meant to be. There was a lot of hurt in my family around favouratism and others being left out. In hindsight it served a purpose – the unity now with myself and my sisters is just delightful. I am more accepting of things, knowing that it will work out. I’m enjoying life very much. Having a good time, taking time out for myself and being open to further possibilities of what’s out there.

If anyone gives you the offer to come to Qt, take it up. There are ways to overcome it and by loving yourself and being confident in yourself, you can portray that confidence to others. By loving myself I can love other people more effectively. Vesna’s Self Empowerment technique has also been wonderful in assisting me with this.

My transformation is absolutely wonderful – challenging, inspiring as to what is possible and what you can achieve. Thank you so much for your love and support and the opportunity to just talk and express myself without judgement.

D. A. – Bowen Therapist, Nurse and Business Owner

Transform your Destiny was the weekend that became a turning point for me because it was that weekend I realised that I was not happy with where my life was heading. I was frustrated with my job and felt there was so much out there that I could do but sadly I couldn’t see through the thick invisible haze that was in front of me. The weekend workshop seemed to cut through that haze and helped me see very clearly that I was the only one that could make the changes that I needed in my life. I understood in no uncertain terms that I was not a victim of circumstance or Karma or at the mercy of anyone or anything. Where I was in my life was a product of decisions I had made along the way. What the future would look like was all up to me! At one point I remember making a clear decision to change things and that is where it all began. I achieved 2 of the three goals I had set during that weekend and have never looked back.

Several months later I completed the NLP Practitioner training where even more was uncovered about the way I processed everything. Along with this came the very humbling realisation that up to this point I had put everybody else’s needs ahead of mine without a consideration or thought about me. Almost like I didn’t exist – most disturbing I might add! After a week in your class doing the NLP Practitioner training an even deeper level of understanding came to light. The unconscious mind became a very powerful and influential long lost friend whom I have come to trust and respect. I have learned to listen and trust myself more and have complete faith in the decisions I make for myself now. The NLP self development techniques are an incredible way to understand yourself and those around you – truly empowering. The signals we give out are so subtle but become glaringly obvious once you learn what to look for! and once you become aware of what is really going on you really can’t go back. My experience with NLP Training has been utterly empowering for me and I would certainly recommend it to my friends and colleagues.

Thank you again Vesna, for your kindness patience and enthusiasm in wanting to bring out the best in people. You really have been a wonderful teacher and a great role model.

M. S. – Business Owner, Writing Industry

My life was smooth until 12 months ago. Then there was total upheaval – one of my son’s partner left him and took their daughter and my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumour and died 3 weeks later. I was pushing myself to the limit to cope mentally, dealing with 3 lawyers on 3 different issues. I was also dealing with my mother-in-law and making sure she was OK and supporting my sons. I was on the backburner.

One of my sons recommended me to go to Qt for nlp self development. He didn’t think I would have an open mind because I am 53 years of age. I made a pact with my family and friends that I would do whatever it takes to be a better person. I had no qualms about going to Vesna – I heard lots of lovely things and good results. I now allow myself to come first without feeling guilty about doing it. I go away for 2 days every fortnight. I am calmer within myself and I think more clearly. I rarely swear now because I don’t feel frustrated. I am so much more comfortable and patient in dealing with other people. I have an inner strength. I still feel sad at times which is normal in this situation. I had put off my grieving because I was so concerned with everything and everyone else. I realise and appreciate how lucky I have been and am with all these wonderful people in my life.

When I came back to South Australia from my first couple of sessions with Qt people said “What have you been doing with yourself? Whatever you are doing, keep doing it. You look great.” They have told me that I am inspirational to other people and not wallowing in self pity. In a small country town it has a ripple effect – people notice.

It is a very hard journey losing a loved one. Anyone going through the same journey should definitely seek some help and go to Vesna. Getting help is not about making you forget your loved one – it is about helping you so you can go forward with different feelings. My transformation is absolutely wonderful! Thank you so much.

F. A. – Farmer and Grazier

As you know, when I came to see you I had been through an incredibly stressful 12 months in my relationship and career and needed to make some serious decisions about my future. However I had reached a point where I was emotionally overwhelmed, questioning my own self worth and decision making abilities and needed help to overcome what was fast becoming a very self destructive pattern.

Right from the start you made me feel very comfortable about the process, provided some fantastic NLP skills and tools, and more importantly the reassurance that the results I was looking for were easily achievable in a very short timeframe.

I had always thought I could achieve whatever I put my mind to, but felt overshadowed by a truckload of baggage that just made every step seem more difficult than it needed to be. Now after working with you that baggage has gone and the effect of this alone has been amazing. The NLP processes and techniques you shared with me have allowed me to regain the lost confidence in myself and in the process I was able to get rid of so many negative and limiting beliefs that I realise were holding me back from achieving my potential.

Since our sessions I have confidently and easily made some significant life changing decisions regarding my career, relationship, study, where I live, how I choose to live my life, interact with my family, friends and colleagues and more importantly my belief in myself. I can only attribute the ease of this life transformation to the profound effect that the NLP self development work has had on my thought processes and belief patterns which has made this a very exciting and enjoyable process.

Your support, emails and ongoing encouragement throughout have always been appreciated and have only added to one of the most positive turning points of my life.

L. M. – IT Consultant and Student

I came to NLP after going through what I called “the year from hell” where my father, uncle and an aunt died, then an ex work colleague committed suicide. In addition, I took a package from Telstra (after 17 years), lost the business I was setting up and was unable to find work. When I did find a job the manager turned out to have a very destructive personality (destructive to others).

Needless to say I was emotionally devastated and took a “doona dive” withdrawing from the world. I was very, very angry at everything and especially disappointed that after all the self-development work I had done that I end up in such a big hole. I was also extremely unhappy just living in survival mode.

After an initial interview, I decided to go to Vesna Grubacevic of Qt for individual coaching. From the first week I noticed immediate changes and over the next two months my self esteem, confidence and level of happiness increased dramatically. I felt totally different – I was back! And more importantly, over the last 6 months I have continued to hold this new positive attitude and am enjoying my life again. I can highly recommend Vesna as a practitioner and the NLP self development techniques she uses. They are fast effective and lasting.

J. T. – Business Owner, Professional Services Industry

It took me three years to complete my NLP Practitioner level training from when I first applied for the CDs from Vesna. When other people would have given up on me there was always a sincere message or call and support from Vesna. I am more than delighted with achieving my NLP Practitioner level. I have learnt so much about myself. I look forward to each day in child like manner, curious and excited about the new day’s adventures and what I can achieve. Before my NLP self development my life had no purpose, I was a chronic asthmatic and didn’t have much energy – I existed. Now I have so many dreams to fulfil, I can hardly wait. I recommend anyone to Vesna’s professional approach, sincerity and the ongoing support, interest and friendliness to anyone who wants to improve any part of their life because you will get the results and 100% support from her.

E. B. – Spiritual Healer

Vesna Grubacevic, is one of the best NLP practitioners I have ever met. I went to see Vesna to assist me in letting go of some personal barriers that were holding me back from greater success. At the time I was blissfully unaware that I would have such a significant change in mindset just after one nlp self development session. Not only can I not remember what my barriers were, I have become so much more focused in my work and life and what’s better yet, is that it is 3 months later and the results are now imbedded into the way I live my life. Vesna you are an absolute legend in my mind, I commend you for your absolute dedication to assisting me move forward and I cannot recommend you highly enough. Thank you.

B. A. – Business Owner, Networking/Business Development Industry

It is great how Vesna can very quickly hone in on the key issue and address it! I also like having the opportunity to do one on one sessions from time to time on specific issues. Really appreciate the one on one assistance Vesna provides during the nlp self development seminars, as well as the tools to work through issues quickly and effectively.

S. W. – Manager, Government Organisation

I visited Vesna Grubacevic earlier this year for some problems I was experiencing with my ageing parents with dementia. It comes as quite a shock when parents that have been fit and healthy with the ability to make lots of decisions, all of a sudden rely on you so heavily. Well the good news is that Vesna has taught me how to cope. Her processes are fabulous and I am so very thankful that I have experienced Vesna’s NLP self development training.

Vesna has also assisted me to focus on profitability and marketing for my business, which will make a large difference to the bottom line.

I thank you Vesna for all your help and I will continue to recommend your NLP training to friends, clients and colleagues.

R. P. – Business Coach

I would like to thank you very much for your generosity of time and incredibly valuable personal sessions. I am writing to express my gratitude to you for sharing your knowledge and expertise in demonstrating the practical everyday applications of Qt.

I have found your NLP self development courses absolutely wonderful: packed with information which is so clearly demonstrated in the practical exercises. The benefits and insights I have gained since (and including) attending your first introductory evening have been quite amazing.

It is quite some time since I completed my last Qt™ weekend, and I can verify that for me the effect is permanent and ongoing. The tools taught are invaluable and the process of becoming aware continues.

Thank you Vesna for your professional expertise and compassionate guidance. I am most happy to recommend your excellent courses to anyone who shows interest in furthering their knowledge and understanding of themselves to promote clarity, direction and fulfilment of their lives. Thank you Vesna for your support and encouragement.

E. L. – Semi-retired

Working with Vesna has been fantastic – she is very tuned in to my specific needs and was able to really understand what I needed to change to improve my results with NLP self development. Vesna cares and takes a genuine interest in me and my results and follow me up to offer additional support. It is fabulous to have that follow up support any time I need it.

L. C. Mortgage Broker

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