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What are Time Line Therapy™ techniques?

Time Line Therapy techniques are a set of techniques that assist individuals and business people to release unresolved emotions and limiting decisions from the past, as well as all types of phobias, anxieties and depression, so that they can then easily create the success and results they desire both personally and professionally.

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More specifically, NLP Time Line Therapy™ techniques are an effective means of guiding you to:

  • comfortably and effectively release any unresolved emotions (such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, resentment, depression, rejection, jealousy, grief, etc.) from the past without having to experience them again;
  • comfortably overcome any types of phobias;
  • easily identify and remove any limiting decisions and beliefs about yourself (eg. I am not good enough, I am not worthy, fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, I don’t deserve a great relationship, I can’t make enough money, etc.) without having to relive the events of the past;
  • quickly eliminate any anxiety or worry about the future;
  • access positive resources from the past via regression processes;
  • go beyond traditional goal setting to assist you to create a compelling future!

While all emotions are good, holding onto unresolved emotions can hold us back from enjoying personal and business success and living the life we desire. For example, holding onto unresolved hurt can hold us back from starting a new relationship or from being fully committed to an existing relationship. Anytime you experience an emotion which is out of proportion to the situation you are in, it is a sign that it may be unresolved. For example, road rage is an example of unresolved past anger and crying for no reason may be a sign of unresolved past sadness.

Likewise, any time you have recurring unwanted patterns in your life, whether in business, career, health, finances, relationships or family, it is a sign that there may be limiting beliefs that are driving these patterns and that need to be addressed. For example, sales people that find it difficult to ask for the sale are usually held back by a fear of rejection.

Time Line Therapy™ techniques were created by Dr Tad James. They address the root cause of the emotions or limiting decisions and, therefore, help to put a stop to unwanted patterns of behaviour. These techniques also assist the individual to comfortably let go of past emotions (including any type of phobias) and limiting decisions without having to relive the emotions or the events again. By working directly with the unconscious mind (where all our memories, beliefs, emotions and language are stored), letting go of unresolved emotions and limiting decisions is fast and effective with these techniques.

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