Your lasting and quick personalised life and business transformation and results, guaranteed.

nlp training course

Transformational seminars, including our NLP courses, to empower you to achieve exceptional business and personal results… and fast!

At Qt, we offer exclusive public seminars, including our NLP courses, and are also delighted to design a program to suit your specific business needs.  Whether you wish to:

  • overcome a fear of public speaking, fear of rejection, past hurts, other fears, self doubts;
  • be healthy, stop depression and low self esteem, and create a healthy lifestyle;
  • acquire transformational skills to boost your confidence, sales, presentation skills, communication skills;
  • attract more customers, and influence and lead others more effectively;
  • develop more fulfilling personal and professional relationships;
  • be certified in NLP, Hypnotherapy and other life transformational skills;
  • or create greater personal and professional success;

we have a transformational seminar and NLP course to suit your needs.

nlp training course

Qt Transform your Destiny®

free yourself from past fears, hurts and self doubts and low self esteem, and create a great relationship, a fulfilling career, an abundance of confidence, success and happiness in all areas of your life!

nlp training course

Art of Self Promotion©

attract an abundance of customers, promote yourself with confidence, dramatically improve your sales, profitability and career/business success … and fast!

nlp training course

Presenting Charismatically©

overcome your fears, anxieties, nerves and low self esteem around presenting, charismatically and confidently engage any audience with ease and present with maximum impact!

nlp training course

Personalised transformational seminars for your business

personalised transformational seminars designed exclusively for your specific business needs.

Discover how to use NLP and hypnotherapy to develop your confidence, empower yourself, transform yourself and empower others, plus much more!

Contact us if you have a question or to discuss your journey of transformation and empowerment.

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