Your lasting and quick personalised life and business transformation and results, guaranteed.

How to FREE yourself from stress, slow down your ageing, create an abundance of health, a powerhouse of energy and extend your longevity!

·  Are you interested in proven strategies to balance your immune system and to keep it working at an optimal level?

·  Do you want to extend your longevity and prevent ill health? 

·  How would you like to learn which foods are healthy and nutritious and that support your long-term health? 

·  Do you know how negative emotions can affect your health, your immune system and create cellular damage and health problems?

Join us for a fun educational half day Health and Longevity© workshop with Nevenka and Dr. Vesna.  Nevenka is a Clinical Nutrition, Health and Longevity Consultant©, has over 40 years experience in the hospitality industry, has successfully run her own restaurant for 16 years and has a diploma in Food & Environmental Allergies & Clinical Nutrition.  As a cancer survivor, Nevenka can also assist you with nutritional advice and support to assist you with prevention and recovery.  Dr. Vesna is a certified NLP & Hypnotherapy Trainer and Performance Transformation Expert™ with Qt.  She has over 13 years’ experience in empowering individuals and professionals to create an abundance of health, success and happiness in their lives.

What you will learn during this value packed half day:

  • Which foods are nutritious whole foods that balance your immune system to prevent nasties and illnesses;
  • Which food can slow down the aging process and extend your longevity;
  • How to combine food for a healthy digestive system;
  • How to shop for healthy food and how to understand food labels so that you can easily make safer and healthier choices for you and your family.
  • How to prepare quick, healthy and nutritious meals that cleanse, balance and nourish your body and mind;
  • How to enjoy tasty meals ideal for those with allergies, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart problems, and digestive problems, special needs (eg. gluten free, vegan and vegetarian).
  • How to eliminate negative emotions, stop sabotaging your health, and live a life of happiness and fulfillment!

And everyone will receive lots of healthy tips and expertise from Nevenka.  You will also benefit from Dr. Vesna’s experience and tips on creating greater consistency in your health.  In addition, you will also receive a personalised folder containing useful health and nutrition tips and strategies to stay on track PLUS FREE Bonuses!

Imagine making healthy changes that can make a difference for the rest of your life!

Book your personalised workshop for 8 of your family, friends and colleagues and receive your place in the workshop for FREE.

For additional details on how to organise this exciting workshop for you and your family, friends and colleagues, and for your special offers, email Dr. Vesna or call her today on (03) 9653-9288.

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