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Free body and water pH testing with your first consultation!

Do You or Someone You Know:

– Experience skin problems/signs of premature aging

– Have emotional issues/feel irritated or stressed

– Have sleeping problems/difficulty getting out of bed

– Have poor concentration/foggy brain

– Experience fatigue or low energy levels

– Have constipation or a loose bowel

– Have sluggish digestion or bloating

– Have a weight problem

– Experience joint pain or inflammation?

If you are experiencing any of the above, then it is time to start to address the root cause of the problems, by cleansing, balancing and rejuvenating your body and mind at a cellular level.

Nevenka offers body and water pH testing, personalised consultations and advice to assist you with choosing the best alkalising nutritional products and alkaline water units, including:

  • alkalising filtration water jug (2 litre)
  • alkalising portable water sticks (for use in water bottles)
  • pH alkalising drops
  • pH water testers
  • alkalising super foods and antioxidants.

All products are available directly from Nevenka – simply call her on 0423 337 597 or email her today for orders.


It will determine if your body is acidic or alkaline and will assist in designing an appropriate treatment specifically for you. An over acidic body is the beginning of almost every health problem. The correct water pH will help to buffer out acid safely and effectively.

Clean water is essential to your health – it affects all your cells and enzymatic processes, and your body’s ability to detox and eliminate waste out of your body. Water is essential for the effective functioning of your whole body and every organ as our body is made up of 75%-80% of water. Hence, clean water is important for your optimal health.

Here is how one client has benefited from reducing the acidity in her body:

“I was in pain all over the body. The worst parts were my hands and shoulders. Nevenka suggested I complete a body and water pH test. Both tests showed that I was very acidic. Nevenka took the time to work with me to make nutritional changes and suggested that I start her unique detox program. I was amazed by the results! Two weeks into her detox program I started feeling less pain and my health continued to improve. The arthritic pain in my hands and shoulders has completely gone in just 4 weeks. At first, I was thinking I was imagining things and now I am convinced that my results are real as this is the best result I was ever able to achieve from the many techniques I used in the past. Since then, I recommended that my daughter also see Nevenka and Nevenka then designed a different detox program to assist her with her specific health issues. After six weeks on Nevenka’s program, my daughter also experienced great results. Thank you Nevenka for your wonderful help!”

C. P. – Retired

Call Nevenka now on 0423 337 597 or email her to book your consultation at her consulting suite at East St Kilda andreceive your FREE body and water pH test (valued at $65)! Act now and take advantage of this exclusive offer.

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