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seasons greetings

Seasons’ Greetings

2020 has been a challenging year for many people, and many have risen to the challenge.  The end of the year is an opportunity to feel gratitude for the people and things in your life, to learn from...

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qt 20 years of transformation

This week we celebrate our 20th birthday and 20 incredible years of transformation and making a difference. A big heartfelt thank you to all our clients, community, colleagues, team and networks – what...

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are you a doormat

Stop Being a Doormat

Do you let your partner, family, friends and work colleagues walk all over you?  Are other people taking advantage of your kind giving nature?  Is it time you stopped bending over backwards to...

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Is the current health situation in Australia and the world causing you stress and worry? Do you feel out of control?  Are you struggling with adjusting to a new way of life? I am honoured to have recently...

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thrive in business

Are you struggling to start or grow your business?  Would you like to avoid some common mistakes in business?  Do you want to know what you need to do to thrive in business? I am often asked “what...

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lack of empathy

Does other people’s lack of empathy upset or annoy you?  Is your manager, colleague, family member or friend coming across as uncaring or cold?  Are you feeling unsupported as a result of others’...

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Is the thought of going to work causing you to feel dread, anxiety or stress?  Do your colleagues or manager have toxic behaviours towards you?  Are your confidence and self belief negatively affected...

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