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the 3 c's to transform uncertainty into certainty

The 3 C’s to Transforming Uncertainty into Certainty

Would you like to know how to create certainty during uncertain times?  Whether you are experiencing uncertainty in your career, relationships or life, here are the keys to transforming uncertainty into certainty.

I know a lady who lived in a Communist country and regardless of how hard she worked, she could never get ahead.  She lived each day in fear, anxiety and uncertainty.  Many years ago now, she decided to leave that country to start a new life in Australia.  She boarded the plane with only her daughter and a suitcase with a few of her possessions in tow.  As she sat on the plane on her way to Melbourne, she dreamt of her new life in Australia.  While on the plane she set herself two goals – to own her own restaurant and to own her own home.  Goals she could have never achieved in her country.

Arriving in Australia, everything was totally uncertain to her.  She only knew one person in this new country, she spoke no English, she had no job, she has no knowledge of Australia and its culture, etc.   Yet, within 8 years she achieved both of her goals: she owned her own restaurant for over 10 years, she bought her own dream home and much more!  

The 3 C’s

Unconsciously, she had applied the 3 C’s to transforming uncertainty into certainty… and she achieved her dreams and goals!

1. Clarity

Dream big, have clear dreams and goals.  The more clarity you have about what you want, the easier it is to achieve.  It is also easier to have clarity and to achieve your goals and dreams once you deal with any fears, self doubts and insecurities. Quantum science has proven that we create our reality.  Which reality do you want to create?  More fear, anxiety and uncertainty?  Or the career, relationships and life you want?

2. Conviction

Believe in yourself and that you can achieve your goals and dreams. Identity and let go of all past conditioning by family, friends and society e.g. fear of failure, not good enough, not deserving of success, rejection, perfectionism, etc.  For as long as you have those past patterns, you will continue to sabotage yourself, your dreams and goals.

3. Consistency

Take consistent action to achieve your goals and dreams.  This requires the above clarity and conviction.  With clarity and conviction you will also have a natural inner motivation to take consistent action.  Instead of relying on will power, forcing yourself to do things, procrastinating, making excusing or relying on others to motivate you, you will have high motivation within you to follow through and achieve your goals and dreams.

The number one thing that gets in the way of the 3 C’s above is fear/self-doubt/insecurity.  These sabotage your clarity, conviction and consistency.  This is why it is critical to identify and address these in a safe, effective and permanent way.

Thriving During Uncertainty

For the past 21 years we have helped thousands of clients to achieve their dreams and goals, amongst uncertain relationship/family/career/life situations.  Begin your journey of creating certainty today with:

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