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what is nlpWhat is NLP?

“What is NLP?” or “What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?” is a common question.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) provides us with advanced communication and behavioural change techniques and empowers us to achieve our personal and business results more easily and effectively.  It is the study of the mind which allows us to re-create excellence.

By applying a set of advanced behavioural change techniques and fast-tracked therapy interventions and NLP self help strategies enables us to reach increasing levels of performance and fulfillment within ourselves. Qt, NLP Melbourne delivers courses and therapy to empower you and help you achieve the life you want.

Learn About NLP

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NLP allows us to understand how we think and communicate (both with ourselves and others) and how we produce behaviours and results.  Research has proven that 80% of our results depend on our mindset and only 20% of our results depend on our skills.  NLP allows us to tap into the 80% – the mindset for success – so that by changing our thoughts and communication we can produce outstanding results. 

How we empower you in business

In business, NLP techniques are ideal for assisting individuals and teams to achieve exceptional performance.  Once we assist individuals and teams to identify and address the blocks to their desired performance and results, they develop unstoppable confidence, motivation and focus.  NLP can also help us get the best from ourselves and others because it helps people relate better by understanding themselves and each other.  This, in turn, assists in producing significantly better business performance and bottom line results.

How we empower individuals

Personally, NLP therapy enables us to create a better relationship with ourselves and others so that we can more effectively achieve the results we desire in our relationships, career, business, health, finances and be more fulfilled.  The most powerful way to change our outer world (our results) is to work in our inner world (our thoughts, beliefs, values, emotions, etc.).     

NLP provides us with skills to tap into our mental, emotional and physical states at will.  By learning how to improve our communication skills, both internally and externally, we are then able to transform our personal and professional relationships and outcomes.

One of the main beliefs in NLP is that everyone has infinite resources inside themselves and all the resources they need to achieve whatever they desire.  Therefore, what differentiates really successful people from those less successful are the strategies and the behaviours they use to tap into those resources.

NLP is about the difference that makes the difference and how to create fast and long lasting change in behaviour so that we can have the results we desire, live a fulfilled life, pursue our heart’s desires and have phenomenal personal and business success! 

Many have used NLP in business, sport, education, health care, therapy, the performing arts and personally to create increasing levels of excellence and success… you can too!

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History of NLP? 

NLP techniques were developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the early 1970s.  Richard and John were curious to understand how excellent behaviour was produced and how they could recreate that behaviour to produce desired results.   

With a background in computer modelling and linguistics and a curiosity in modelling excellence, Richard and John modelled three people that were excellent in their field:

  • Milton Erickson, a famous hypnotherapist and who was a master of using artfully vague and ambiguous language to create behavioural change with his clients.  John and Richard modelled Milton Erickson and created the Milton Model language patterns that we now use in NLP;
  • Virginia Satir, who was well know for her excellent results in family therapy and for using specific languaging to create change with her clients.  John and Richard created the Meta Model that is studied in NLP today, after modelling one the techniques used by Virginia Satir;
  • Fritz Perls, the creator of Gestalt Therapy.  Richard Bandler edited some of Fritz Perls books and also began to study some of his techniques.

John and Richard’s early books, The Structure of Magic I and II and The Patterns of Milton Erickson I and II, discuss in detail the language patterns that they modelled.  Their later book, Frogs into Princes, focused on how to change personal history and the use of eye patterns.  In the late 1980s, Richard Bandler wrote several books, including Magic in Action and Using Your Brain for a Change. 

NLP is based on many other well respected disciplines including: behavioural psychology, hypnosis, linguistics, quantum science and computer modelling.

It became more popular with the inclusion of Ivan Pavlov’s work on stimulus response and anchoring.  Pavlov published his first book, Conditioned Reflexes, in the 1930s.

Several linguists also made a major contribution to NLP.  Alfred Korzybski (a Polish count and mathematician) wrote Science and Sanity in 1933, which is the basis of most linguistic study today.  Work by another famous linguist, Asay Hayakowa, together with Korzybski and Paul Watzlawick, led to the formal study of linguistics.  A combination of Paul Watzlawick’s and Milton Erickson’s work contributed to the reframing techniques.

In 1960, Miller, Galanter and Pribrum wrote a book, Plans in the Structure of Behaviour, the works of which (particularly the TOTE model) Richard Bandler and John Grinder included in their work on strategies in NLP.

More recent contributions to the field of NLP include Time Line Therapy™ techniques (created by Dr Tad James in the 1980s), quantum science and Qt’s behavioural change techniques, Qt respect i® (created by Dr Vesna Grubacevic in 2008).

Today, NLP is widely used by business people, salespeople, health professionals, sports athletes, coaches, trainers, presenters, therapists, many other professionals and individuals. Qt, NLP Melbourne is pleased to offer the immense benefits of this technique to individuals and businesses.

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Remember you can empower yourself right away with your FREE NLP resources and you are also welcome to contact us with any questions and enquiries.

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