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Work with Qt Because Your Success Starts with Qt!

Our clients say our NLP Melbourne and other hypnotherapy or life skills programs are the most personalised, transformational and results-producing ones they have experienced!

Work with us. Qt and Dr Vesna Grubacevic are the most awarded company, Trainer and Practitioner in this industry, having being recognized many times for our innovation and leadership in transforming this industry since 2000This includes our Qt respect i® techniques and certification training, which has transformed the depth and speed of lasting change.

We believe in creating exceptional value for all our clients. Whether you wish to learn hypnotherapy or other business or life skills, we offer exceptional people, combined with exceptional skills and our unique success formula to guarantee your success.

7 Reasons to work with QtQt’s Unique Guarantee

  1. Transformation – Whichever Qt program you choose, whether you wish to learn NLP, hypnotherapy or other business and life skills, or experience your lasting and quick personalised life and business transformation, you will experience Qt’s unique success formula and have a truly transformational experience. We know what drives success and are delighted to be able to share our expertise with our clients and assist them to grow and excel both personally and professionally.
  2. Empowerment – However you begin your journey, you will be empowered before, during and after with Qt’s unique transformational support program. You will even find lots of FREE NLP gifts and tips on our website to empower you right way! We are also committed to empowering our communities and supporting sustainability, so when you attend any Qt program, you are also contributing to the well being of our communities while empowering yourself and others.
  3. Highly Personalised – Whether you join us at our seminars, trainings, presentations or consultations, you will receive the highest level of personalised attention directly from Dr. Vesna Grubacevic, who will personally ensure that your specific needs are addressed. We offer the most personalised approach to transformation to ensure that your underlying anxiety, phobias, fears and self doubts are addressed in a permanent way. Everything we do is highly personalised because we respect your individuality, uniqueness and value your results.
  4. Results – You will be working directly with Dr. Vesna Grubacevic, a highly experienced and congruent trainer and consultant who has a proven track record of assisting clients to achieve exceptional results and fast since 2000. She has also studied and researched recent advances in hypnosis and has created new ground-breaking award-winning techniques, only available at Qt, to fast track your results. At Qt, we offer you a team of specialists who are totally committed to your results!
  5. Value – Whichever journey of empowerment and transformation you choose, you will receive exceptional value. In addition, all our certification trainings exceed the minimum certification standards set by the certifying bodies. We believe in creating exceptional value for our clients and we are totally committed to your excellence and you being the very best!
  6. Confidentiality – At Qt, especially given the nature of our work, our clients’ privacy and confidentiality is paramount. Your confidentiality and privacy are always respected and all your information and details are always safe and protected. We have systems and processes in place to protect your privacy and confidentiality, and operate from the highest level of ethics and integrity, and value your privacy.
  7. Guarantee – We guarantee your results when you follow Qt’s success program so that you have complete peace of mind and confidence in achieving your results. You are welcome to contact us for details of how we work with you to guarantee your results.

Plus our Transformational Trainings are recognised by major Australian and international associations.

work with qt

Do something truly transformational for yourself, your loved ones, your team and your business – work with Qt and experience Qt’s uniqueness today!

Start your journey of transformation and empowerment now and experience our unique, highly personalised and result-producing transformational programs!

Remember you can empower yourself right away with your FREE NLP gifts and you are also welcome to contact us with any questions and enquiries.