Your lasting and quick personalised life and business quantum transformation and results.

Become a confident,
successful and effective
communicator and influencer!

Learn how you too can stop costly disagreements and misunderstandings, communicate with impact, secure more clients and career opportunities, create harmonious personal & professional relationships, and immediately improve your success!

Full day training in Melbourne

Book your place in this training by the early bird date, save and receive over $923 worth of value!

Would you like to:

  • once and for all stop disagreements and misunderstandings with your manager, colleagues, customers, family and friends?
  • eliminate stress, frustration, anxiety and confusion when communicating with others?
  • communicate and influence others with impact so that you can secure more customers, professional opportunities and greater personal and professional success?
  • create a great first and lasting impression and develop deeper and more harmonious personal and professional relationships?
  • avoid making costly assumptions about other people that can sabotage your success?
  • see immediate success by changing how you communicate?
  • be a confident, effective and successful communicator and influencer and achieve win-win outcomes with others?

The biggest impact on professional success increasingly depends upon your interpersonal skills and how well you manage yourself and your relationships with others. Effective communication allows us to build harmonious relationships with others, avoids disagreements, misunderstandings, miscommunication and stress. By learning how to be even more effective in your communication, you can more clearly and easily get your message through to others.

All successful people are great communicators and have mastered the art of influencing, inspiring and leading others through their communication. When you communicate effectively, you can save much time, expense, stress and anxiety and improve team motivation, productivity and client satisfaction and retention. How much is your communication costing you and your personal and professional success?

During this powerful 1 day NLP Communication Training you will learn many proven, practical and results-producing techniques, including:

  • the mindset of highly effective communicators and how you too can develop the right mindset for personal and professional success
  • how to communicate with clarity to avoid disagreements and misunderstandings and ensure that your message is heard and understood each and every time
  • how to develop instant rapport within moments of meeting new people, including strangers, so that you feel comfortable speaking with them and they are receptive to your message
  • how to get in touch with your own and others’ unique communication styles and how to utilize these to achieve outcomes easily and successfully
  • how to achieve immediate results by changing your communication
  • how to create a great first and lasting impression to help you to secure a promotion, a pay increase, a new customer or business deal
  • how to quickly influence others with your ideas so that your ideas are heard and how to help others to give your ideas and suggestions a warm reception rather than being cut off or ignored
  • how to read other people more effectively so that you can tailor your communication to best appeal to them
  • how to master the art of using language to enroll and win others’ support – to influence others, in person, on the phone and in written materials
  • how to effectively stop other peoples’ negative behaviours getting in the way of successful outcomes
  • Plus more!

And the most exciting part is that just like our past attendees you will learn all this and more and find yourself easily understanding and using these tools before you leave the training! Our accelerated teaching techniques will ensure that you will be able to easily learn and use all this to help yourself, your family, your friends and your colleagues!

What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) provides us with advanced communication and behavioural change techniques and empowers us to achieve our personal and business results more easily and effectively. It is the study of the mind which allows us to re-create excellence. NLP allows us to understand how we think and communicate (both with ourselves and others) and how we produce behaviours and results.

In business, NLP techniques are ideal for assisting individuals and teams to achieve exceptional performance. Once we assist individuals and teams to identify and address the blocks to their desired performance and results, they develop unstoppable confidence, motivation and focus. NLP can also help us get the best from ourselves and others because it helps people relate better by understanding themselves and each other. This, in turn, assists in producing significantly better business performance and bottom line results.

Personally, NLP enables us to create a better relationship with ourselves and others so that we can more effectively achieve the results we desire in our relationships, career, business and health and be more fulfilled. The most powerful way to change our outer world (our results) is to work in our inner world (our thoughts, beliefs, values, emotions, etc.).

NLP provides us with skills to tap into our mental, emotional and physical states at will. By learning how to improve our communication skills, both internally and externally, we are then able to transform our personal and professional relationships and outcomes.

You too can achieve fast results and can only gain by attending this training! This training is ideal for you if you…

  • interact with people in any capacity, personally and/or professionally;
  • are interested in becoming an even more effective communicator, influencer and leader;
  • want to stop workplace disagreements and misunderstandings, create harmonious workplace relationships, and improve your chances of promotion and career progression;
  • want to stop personal disagreements and misunderstandings and create a harmonious relationship with your partner, children, family and friends;
  • are a business owner and desire to secure and retain more customers and employees;
  • are transitioning from working for an employer to running your own business and would like to fast track your transition and success;
  • are interested in improving your personal and professional performance and success quickly;
  • are interested in personal/professional development;
  • are curious about NLP and wish to experience some effective techniques;
  • wish to get an edge on your colleagues or your competition!

Forget boring lectures, theory and endless hours of taking notes!

Instead, gain hands on experience in this full day training.

In this practical hands on training, you will learn by doing. This training is packed with practical application where YOU practice the NLP techniques, develop your confidence to effectively use these skills and see immediate success. So by the time you complete your training you will have the skills and the confidence to communicate more effectively, create greater harmony with others and more… using simple and highly effective NLP techniques. This training is designed so that the techniques are so easy for you to learn and practice immediately so that your learning will also be a fun and enjoyable experience!

During this transformational day training you will discover simple and highly effective techniques that have helped our clients to transform relationship conflicts into harmony and that have saved businesses thousands in firing and hiring of staff; tools that have saved friendships and personal relationships, helped employees secure promotions, helped business owners to attract more customers and kept employees from being fired!


The most personalised training you will experience… with only 8 attendees receiving direct feedback and attention from your NLP Trainer!

This training is:

  • hands on, packed with practical application where YOU will practice the NLP techniques and develop your confidence to apply these with ease
  • taught and supervised by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic, (founder of Qt and your Trainer). She is a certified Trainer of NLP, who holds a PhD, has over 16 years’ experience as a Master NLP Practitioner and Trainer, has run well over 55 NLP certification trainings, has trained many successful NLP practitioners, professionals and business owners, and has a proven track record of success. Dr Vesna has a 100% success rate in all her trainings so that you can rest assured to succeed too.
  • designed so that the techniques are so easy for you to learn, practice immediately, and see immediate success
  • empowering of you during and after your training
  • all inclusive with your personal handouts containing all the techniques taught (yours to keep and use as a reference after this training), plus bonuses, certificate of completion and after training support.

Book your place in this training by the early bird date, save and receive over $923 worth of value!

Client Testimonials

Here is a small snapshot of some of our client success stories and testimonials.

“Vesna is an excellent teacher and the techniques I learnt helped me to deal with challenging situations (particularly difficult people) with greater confidence. I learnt to be more flexible in my communication, now I am more comfortable to deal with anyone, and feel really good about it. It is the best communication course I have attended.”

Mary – Business Development Manager, IT industry

“After attending a group workshop with Vesna, I have achieved great results in communicating more effectively to my prospective clients. I have plenty of useful tools to successfully sell my products and services. Not only do I now communicate more effectively but I have also extended my contact sphere and increased the greater potential of my referral network. Thank you Vesna for making this process clear and easily achievable!”

Eileen – Graphic Designer

“I attended Vesna’s workshop and found it to be so valuable, informative, and inspiring. Since implementing Vesna’s strategies in my life, I have realized that my customers just flow to me without resistance. I have attracted more customers and my sales have improved dramatically. Also, I find that my spiritual and emotional growth, far surpass the financial growth. Thank you, Vesna, for giving me this, the greatest gift of all.”

Lucy – Business Owner, Pharmacy

“Thank you for the results I have achieved after completing your training. Two days after I completed the training, I did a pitch to a large company with a view to obtain some contracting work. They offered me several hundred dollars worth of training for free as well as offering me work!

The same night I went to a party and managed to find another client! I was very impressed by this on two counts, first because I think it is a perfect client for my business and second because I’d met the client several times previously in social situations and managed to get exactly zero rapport with him on each occasion. Our first conversation lasted about 30 seconds and I got the impression that was 29 seconds more than he wanted to spend talking to me! To turn that around to the point where he’s talking about how the two of us are going to build up his business to infinity and beyond is a spectacular result. Thank you for sharing the secrets that made all this possible!”

Amanda – Director, Technical Writing Industry

“I found the training to be excellent in improving the effectiveness of my communication with people on both a business and personal level. Having spent all my life working in professional sales roles (8 years) where building rapport quickly and being an effective communicator determines your success, I found the course not only very interesting and educational, but also very practical. Now after the course, I “connect” with people more easily than I ever have before.

My new positive and confident mindset has had a very significant impact on all aspects of my life. Vesna I wish you continued success. Thank you for unlocking the wisdom you have helped me find within myself.”

Paul – Business owner, Education/entertainment industry

“I am so glad that I attended the training. I had no idea the effect my previous communication had on my career. My employer was constantly frustrated with my communication, found me difficult to understand and had put me on notice at my last performance review. She gave me this one last chance to prove myself. I attended the seminar and learnt how to communicate more effectively, especially with my manager. A month after attending the seminar, my manager actually now understands me and the contribution that I am making in the workplace. We have a much better relationship at work, so much so that she has put my name forward for a promotion in the company. I am so excited! Thank you.”

Sally – Administrative Officer

“The tools I learnt through Qt have been amazing. I had an incident where a client was very difficult to work with and exceedingly demanding and misunderstood. Using many of the tools I learnt, I was able to gain a better understanding of this client and have subsequently developed a compatible working relationship.

I now put my energies into taking the time to actually listen and hear what my work colleagues are saying through the language that they use. This has resulted in less time wasting due to misunderstandings, better outcomes for problem solving and more interactive discussions. Overall my working relationships are more solid and therefore increasing my self confidence.”

Pamela – Project Manager, Finance Industry

“What I enjoyed most about the training was the relevance to my business and personal life. I felt that is has developed a new awareness and understanding, which will bring positive outcomes. An absolute must for those who wish to develop effective communication in all aspects of their life.”

Chris – Business Owner

Your training includes:

  • 1 full day of hands-on practical learning of NLP communication techniques that you can implement immediately to significantly improve your personal and professional success (valued at $695)
  • your training handouts containing all the techniques you learn, which are yours to keep and review as a valuable reference after your training (valued at $79)
  • personalised live group training (with a maximum of 8 students in training) in NLP communication techniques and personalised attention from your Melbourne based local NLP Trainer and our fully trained and qualified assistants in a fun and supportive environment
  • practical sessions so you can apply your newly learnt skills immediately and also personally benefit
  • after training support: a personalised half an hour phone follow up session with your NLP Trainer after your training to offer you additional support with implementing your new techniques (valued at $150)
  • certificate of completion and recognition of prior learning
  • morning and afternoon tea
  • free all day parking near the venue

All of this training and support (valued at over $923) is yours for only $499 per person when you book your place in this powerful one day NLP training by the early bird date.You can save even more when you book into this training with friends.


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If you have any questions, please call Dr. Vesna on 0411 479 256 or email her as she is delighted to arrange this for you and answer all your questions.

We look forward to empowering you to be a confident, successful and effective communicator and influencer, and to achieve immediate success with these techniques!

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