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Body Mind Rejuvenation

body-mind rejuvenation


Whether you are:

  • curious to learn about the mind-body connection, and how it affects your health
  • wanting to learn how to prevent ill health, and naturally restore your health
  • desiring to take control of your health recovery journey
  • wanting to harness the power of your body’s natural healing process
  • seeking to understand the healing power of food
  • wishing to learn how to make quick, easy, healthy and nutritious meals

in this innovative book of over 115 pages, mother and daughter collaborate with their combined wealth of many decades of experience and qualifications to inspire and empower you for body-mind rejuvenation.

In Chapter 1 of this book, Dr Vesna educates you about the mind-body connection, and how mastering your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and your environment can master your health and wellbeing.

In the subsequent chapters of this book, Nevenka shares her journey of overcoming stress, abuse, trauma, and numerous personal, professional and health obstacles in her life.  In addition to inspiring you with her journey, Nevenka also draws on her wealth of experience, knowledge and qualifications to empower you to naturally prevent, recover and rejuvenate your body-mind for optimal health and wellbeing.

Drawing on her qualifications and experience as a Chef, Clinical Nutritionist and health practitioner, Nevenka also shares some of her favourite healthy and nutritious recipes.  She created these specifically for her healing journey.  This truly is an integrated step by step journey to body-mind rejuvenation.

About the Authors

body-mind rejuvenation

Nevenka Malic’s life has revolved around people, food, health and business. She holds a Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, Diploma in Food and Environmental Allergies, Bachelor of Hotel Management, and is a qualified Chef. Nevenka believes that food is our medicine, and that nutrition plays an important component in the recovery of any health issue.  A firm supporter of prevention, Nevenka focuses on keeping the body healthy before it breaks down.

With a unique background, experience and qualifications in nutrition and gastronomy, Nevenka helps people to know exactly what they need to eat for their own nutrition and health recovery, as well as teaches them how to prepare healthy nutritious meals in less than 20 minutes.  A history of stress, trauma, serious illness and injuries gave Nevenka a determination to heal herself. As a cancer survivor, Nevenka is also passionate about assisting others with their recovery process after major health challenges.

body-mind rejuvenation

Dr Vesna Grubacevic, is the founder of multi award-winning company Qt, author of Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence book, a Certified Hypnotherapy, Qt respect i® & NLP Trainer, and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist. She also holds a PhD, is ,the creator of multi award-winning Qt respect i® techniques, and leader and innovator in her field. With a vision of creating an empowered society, Dr Vesna is driven by making a profound difference to others’ lives.

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