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Empower Yourself with Confidence and Success Online Course

empower yourself with confidence and success

Would you like to:

  • have greater confidence, motivation, direction in life and success
  • stop sabotaging your career/business, relationships, health or life
  • overcome procrastination and be an action taker
  • end stress and experience instant calm
  • banish anxiety and create greater certainty in all areas of your life
  • master your mind and free yourself from self doubts
  • easily improve your learning and memory with a quick and effective technique
  • have instant confidence, motivation, energy, joy and more any time you choose
  • discover the key to success in life
  • transform self sabotage into lasting confidence and success

then our Empower Yourself with Confidence and Success online course is ideal for you!

Due to popular demand, Dr Vesna Grubacevic has personally created a unique online course that will empower you for greater confidence and success.  You can work through this self paced course in the comfort of your own home/office, anytime that suits you.  This means that you can give yourself as little or as much time as you need to reflect, review and apply the principles and techniques.

Welcome to our Empower Yourself with Confidence and Success online course!

In this unique online course, you will:

  • Easily learn NLP principles and techniques, and jargon-free
  • Determine how aligned you are for success
  • Identify how specifically you are sabotaging your confidence and success
  • Stop people and situations pushing your “buttons”
  • Uncover the real difference between short term and long term change
  • Learn a simple and effective technique for improving your learning and memory
  • Discover how to change unwanted behaviours and have the success you seek
  • Uncover what makes you and other people “tick”
  • Harness your emotions and beliefs for success
  • Discover the key to ongoing success in life
  • Feel instant calm, confidence, motivation, energy, joy and more any time you choose
  • Stop beating up on yourself and putting yourself down
  • Banish worry, anxiety, procrastination and confusion
  • Transform self sabotage into lasting confidence and success
  • Set yourself up for success each and every time
  • Clarify exactly what you want and learn the steps to achieve it
  • Transform uncertainty into certainty and create a certain future for yourself!

We believe in creating exceptional value for our clients and students, and in making NLP techniques accessible to everyone.

Your Empower Yourself with Confidence and Success online course offers you plenty of value, including:

  • Over 40 hours of enjoyable and practical hands on learning, with a combination of:
    • video learning and fun quizzes
    • our best-selling Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence e-book filled with dozens and dozens of exercises and NLP techniques you can use to empower yourself right away for greater confidence and success
    • access to our highly popular Qt Self Empowerment Technique© audio (unique to us) to empower you to maintain your success.
  • Certificate of completion and recognition of prior learning towards our full Transformational NLP Practitioner certification training.  This means that when you choose to continue your learning with us, you will receive recognition of completion of this course towards further learning with us
  • Lifetime access to review and enjoy this course and keep applying the techniques for your ongoing confidence and success
  • Personalised email support from Dr Vesna to assist you with your questions.

That is a total value over $1,190 for only $595!

Once you enrol in this online course you will receive your personal log in details via email which will give you lifetime access to this course.

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Once you fully complete this course and receive your certificate of completion, you will receive a discount for the amount you paid for this online course, off the full price when you enrol in our full Transformational NLP Practitioner certification training.  That makes this course free for you!

What Makes This Course Unique?

Here are just some ways you can benefit from our uniqueness:

  • An easy to follow and understand, jargon free introduction to NLP principles and techniques. In the field of NLP there is some jargon which can be confusing to people new to the field.  Our Head Trainer, Dr Vesna Grubacevic, is renowned for teaching easy to learn and use NLP techniques, free from jargon.  The consistent feedback our students give us is how easy Dr Vesna makes the techniques to learn and apply.  This means that anyone can easily grasp the concepts and techniques, and use them with confidence and success.
  • Instead of only learning theory, experience and enjoy dozens and dozens of simple, easy to understand and apply exercises and techniques, which you can instantly use to transform your confidence and success. 
  • Forget boring lectures and negative learning environments.  This course is designed so that the principles and techniques are easy for you to learn, and apply immediately so that your learning will also be a fun and enjoyable experience!
  • Once you complete this course, you will automatically receive Recognition of Prior Learning which you can use towards further NLP training with us to really excel as a practitioner
  • Experience and longevity in this industry.  Dr Vesna holds a PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy, is a Certified Trainer of NLP and Hypnotherapy, author of Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence, and has over 39 years’ experience in business.  Dr Vesna has personally run well over 82 NLP and Hypnotherapy trainings over the past 21 years, has a 100% success rate in certifying our graduates and a proven track record of certifying highly successful graduates.
  • Multi Award-winning Excellence. Qt and Dr Vesna are the most awarded company, practitioner and Trainer in this industry! We are honored to have won awards for NLP, Hypnotherapy, Qt respecti ®, transformation, leadership, innovation, training, coaching, and much more. 

We know what drives success and are delighted to be able to share our expertise with you, and assist you to grow and excel both personally and professionally.

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This is what some of our delighted clients are saying about our NLP courses.

“The Empower Yourself with Confidence and Success online course is such an easy step by step course to do.  I am not a technology fan, yet I found it very easy to follow this course.  The course gave me time to reflect on myself and my responses, and the tools to help me change them.  The e-book helped me to reflect even deeper with easy to read and follow exercises.  I love this course and will come back and review it again in the future.”


“I noticed a change in my consciousness from the very first chapter as I went through this book (Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence). It is written in a way that is easy for everyone to read and understand. At the end of each chapter there are practice plans and time for introspection which builds momentum for positive change. I found the techniques that Dr. Grubacevic teaches throughout the book easy to remember and implement in my everyday life – and they really work! Highly recommended for everyone.”


“Upon completing my NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner training, I have learnt so much as a student and in my own personal development. Dr. Vesna has been a remarkable teacher and trainer. She delivered the training easily and effortlessly, keeping me engaged throughout and accommodating to all learning styles.  I am looking forward to the Master Practitioner training.”


“Dr Vesna Grubacevic is truly an inspiring NLP and Hypnotherapy trainer. Her easy going and professional demeanour made us all feel very welcomed and very much cared for. The training I received was practical and applicable straight away, and Vesna’s ability to explain sometimes complex subjects with ease was a true bonus. The training was experiential and we were provided with ample time to integrate the work, as well as received one-on-one attention from Vesna. I would highly recommend this training to anyone wanting to experience personal growth or wishing to help other individuals on their journey.”


“Thank you so much Dr Vesna!! I absolutely love attending your programs. Your system and teaching are so easy to follow and makes so much sense. Through this training I’ve gained the clarity, confidence, strategies and tools to empower myself and others. Words can’t do the justice, I strongly recommend that people should join Qt trainings and then see for themselves and how their life and relationships improve.”


Remember to enrol in your Empower Yourself with Confidence and Success online course for only $595, and receive over $1,190 worth of value. Simply download the booking from in the link below to begin this exciting journey today.

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We guarantee that you will be more confident and empowered after fully completing your Empower Yourself with Confidence and Success online course!

Terms and Conditions:

You will receive your certificate of completion and recognition of prior learning once you complete all the assessments in full.

Your investment in the course is not refundable if you change your mind, no longer have a need for the course, decide to not complete the course in full or do not implement your practice plan.

You understand that any guarantee provided will become void if you do not complete the online course in full, and do not implement your practice plan.

You acknowledge that participation in the course is of your own free will and you accept complete personal responsibility for applying the techniques learnt, your wellbeing and success at all times.  You confirm that you are a healthy individual and are physically and psychologically fit to participate in the course and know of no reason why participation in the course should not be undertaken.

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