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In your complimentary session with Dr Vesna, you will:

• Discover how to permanently, quickly and easily address your past hurts, betrayals, traumas, rejection, fears (fear of public speaking/failure/success, fear of being alone…), self-doubts, insecurities and stop self sabotage, without having to relive the past or experience those emotions again

Begin your personal transformation journey for lasting confidence, and personal and professional success

Experience a quick technique to empower yourself right away for greater success!

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Dr. Vesna Grubacevic is a best selling author, speaker, founder and Performance Transformation Expert® with multi award-winning company, Qt.  She is an internationally recognised and Certified NLP Trainer, Certified Hypnotherapy Trainer, Qt respect i® Creator and Certified Trainer, holds a PhD, a BEc and has over 40 years’ business experience, including working directly with CEOs, senior executives and their teams, as well as professionals and individuals to assist them to create lasting confidence and personal and professional results.

One 30 minute phone Empowerment session is offered to each brand new enquiry.
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