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How to Create Space for New Relationships

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Whether you are in a relationship and you wish to make space for a new more empowering relationship with your current partner or whether you are wanting to attract a new relationship altogether, it is important to create space for the new.  Likewise, if you are seeking closer bonds with your family and friends or wish to change those relationships.

Creating that space includes:

Temporal Space 
This means making time to nurture your existing relationships and making the effort to keep the connection and love alive.  That may include date nights, weekends away, surprises, common projects or goals, etc.  If you are seeking new relationships, it means freeing up your time to go out socialising, on dates, and spending time with your new partner and friends.  Is there anything preventing you from making the time to take this action?

Environmental Space 
Have you made space in your life for other people?  For example, do your pets sleep with you leaving no room for a partner?  Do you clutter up your environment with “stuff” to fill the needs that are not being met in your current relationships?  If so, declutter your environment and fill that space with the love, connection, etc that you really seek.


Are you still holding onto your ex’s engagement ring and energetically sending out vibes that you are “engaged”?  Do you still see your ex’s friends in hope of keeping that door open with your ex even though you want to move on?  Are your ex partners or friends still on your mind?  Are you still upset with your current partner, family or friends for what they did years ago or what they have not done that you want them to do?  Have you let go of these attachments and sent the vibe that you are available to either deepen your current relationships or attract brand new ones?

Head Space 
Have you let go of past limiting beliefs about relationships eg. fear of getting hurt, fear of failure, I can’t trust people, fear of being alone, not worthy, etc?  Do you have clarity as to exactly what you do want in your relationships with other people rather than what you don’t want?  Have you set a specific goal with your current partner, family and friends to strengthen your relationships or a goal to attract a new partner or friends (depending on your situation)?

Heart Space 
Have you let go of past anger, hurt, resentment, betrayal, rejection, disappointment, fear, loneliness, sadness, etc?  Is your heart healed and ready for a relationships either with your current or new partner/friends?  Have you fully forgiven your ex’s and current partner so you can put the past behind you and move forward with unconditional love?

Habitual Space 

Are you too much in your comfort zone and unwilling to change your life to include other people?  Too set in your ways and think that your way is the right way and that your partner/family/friends need to change for you?  Is your current lifestyle (eg. partying all night) out of alignment with the relationship you really want (eg. to settle down and start a family)?  Are there any habits (eg. smoking, drinking, overeating, being messy, hoarding, etc) that you need to shed to keep your existing relationships empowering or to attract the partner/friends you really want?

Make a note of which of the above apply to you, and which changes you are now committed to making and by when. Then set goals around these and take action to let go of the “old” so that you are free to create the “new” you desire in your relationships with other people.

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