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How to Transform Past Traumas Safely, Effectively and Permanently

Never Fake It

More and more people are seeking help with addressing past trauma.

Are you, your family, friends or colleagues experiencing any of these symptoms of trauma:

  • difficulty sleeping, falling asleep or waking during the night?
  • emotional eating, loss of appetite or have other unwanted habits?
  • difficulty concentrating and focusing on tasks at hand?
  • lack of trust in people?
  • withdrawn from people and life or have difficulty forming or deepening relationships?
  • feeling anxious, afraid, unsafe, betrayed, resentful, angry or hurt?
  • walking on egg shells or are always on high alert around people and in situations?
  • lacking or lost motivation and confidence?
  • being re-traumatised by current life events?

The Significance of Trauma

We experience a range of events in life. How we respond to these events will determine how they affect us today and into the future.  While we are unable to change those past events, we can change how we think and feel about them as we reflect on them.

Some past events we responded to with positive emotions (e.g. joy, excitement) and others with negative emotions (e.g. fear, hurt).  Some past events were emotionally insignificant e.g. feeling a bit annoyed in traffic.  Other past events were significant emotionally e.g. feeling traumatised by abusive people, loss of a job, separation, divorce, major illness, loss of a loved one, loss of freedom, etc.  Significant emotional events can occur in relationships, families, at work, in our health, finances, and in society.

Significant emotional events can have us feel traumatised, and can also affect our health, concentration, sleep and our relationships with other people. If past traumatic events are left unaddressed, people can be re-traumatised by current and future events.  Their prior trauma can often be exacerbated by current events.  This is why people with past traumas are generally finding the current health situation in Australia and the world more challenging than other people.

Traditional Approach

With more traditional trauma therapy techniques it can take years to help people recover and move on from trauma.  It often involves them re-experiencing the trauma and being re-triggered as they talk about the traumatic events. Any time you discuss, work with or recall memories or events of trauma, there is an inherent risk of re-traumatising the person and/or re-associating them into the traumatic emotions.  For some people, the mere mention of past traumatic events can re-traumatise them.

Back in 1932, psychoanalyst Sándor Ferenczi, admitted to his colleagues at the 12th International Psychoanalytical Congress in Wiesbaden “that psychoanalysis could be retraumatising”.  In 1997, Onno van der Hart and Kathy Steele in their paper “Relieving or Reliving Childhood Trauma?” state that “directly addressing traumatic memories is not always helpful and can sometimes be damaging to our clients”.   In addition, the more detail the client goes into regarding traumatic events, the greater the risk of hyperarousal of their nervous system and them being retraumatised.

A Faster, Safer Quantum Approach

For the past 20 years, we have helped thousands of people to deal with their past traumas safely, effectively and permanently.  With the research and development of Qt respect i ® techniques as part of my PhD, we have used a faster, safer quantum approach to transform traumas. 

Qt stands for Quantum Transformations and that is what we do – we create fast and permanent transformation from the past, including traumas.  We use our proven multi award-winning quantum approach that works on the deepest core of who you are – on a mind-body-soul level simultaneously.  Importantly, the client never needs to talk about or work with past memories in order to address the trauma.

Our quantum techniques are unique to us and treat the traumatised mind-body-soul simultaneously.  Most traditional therapies only treat the traumatised mind.  Some therapies only treat the traumatised body, others only the traumatised soul. In contrast, Qt respect i ® techniques treat the whole person simultaneously. 

Rather than taking years or months to address past traumas, we assist clients to transform past traumas in a number of hours. This helps clients to save money and time, while eliminating the stress of reliving the past.

You can learn more about Qt respect i ® techniques and what makes these techniques so unique. As more and more people seek more effective ways to treat trauma, there is also a need for more practitioners to learn these life transformational techniques.

Here to Help

If you or your family/friends/colleagues are needing some help with transforming past traumas, please:

Dr Vesna

Dr. Vesna Grubacevic is the founder of multi award-winning company Qt, is a Performance Transformation Expert®, an internationally recognised and Certified NLP Trainer, Certified Hypnotherapy Trainer, Qt respecti ® Certified Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and creator of breakthrough behavioural change techniques. She is the author of Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence, co-author of Game Changers: Innovators in Business, a sought-after speaker, multi award winner, innovator and media commentator. Above all, Dr. Vesna is very personable and approachable and has a real desire and passion to genuinely help people succeed.

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