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How to train your internal coach for consistent success in 2024!

  • Do you realise that every time you speak to yourself you are actually coaching yourself? 
  • how to smoothly transition to running your own successful businessAre you empowering yourself through your own internal dialogue or beating yourself up? 
  • Is that little voice inside of you your best friend or a saboteur? 
  • Would you like to train your internal coach so that it keeps you focused and motivated, especially during challenges?

Master your thoughts, master your results

Because much of our results depend on our mindset, the key to mastering our results is to master our thoughts. Our thoughts comprise things we imagine, hear, feel, smell, taste and our internal communication with ourselves.  Every thought we think and/or speak acts as a suggestion.  So if we tell ourselves “I can’t do it” often enough, after a while we will condition ourselves to believe this.  In turn, this will affect our behaviour and our success.

If you are getting results other than what you want, ask yourself “How do I change my internal communication so I achieve the results I desire?”  Having the flexibility to adapt our communication is the key to producing our desired results.

Training your internal coach 

There are many techniques available to help you to train your internal coach for greater success.  Here are a couple of very simple and effective techniques that you can begin applying immediately.

1.  Any time you are faced with a challenge ask yourself the question “How?”.  “How?” is a very powerful question because it allows you to come up with the solutions, opportunities and options, rather than dwelling on or being stuck in the problem.

2.  Start giving yourself feedback on the actions you are taking.  Instead of beating yourself up when faced with challenges, telling yourself all the things you could have or should have done, give yourself some constructive feedback.  Sit down at the end of each day or week and write down the answers to these questions:

  • What did I do well today/this week?
  • What can I improve?
  • Overall, how was my day/week?

This will assist you to learn and grow from your actions, and help you move to the next level of your personal and professional performance.  Used consistently, this becomes an extremely powerful process for training your internal coach for consistent success.

Are You Keeping Yourself Accountable?

Since completing your Qt program have you been:

  • consistently taking action;
  • effectively bouncing back from challenges;
  • avoiding distractions and scattered focus;
  • keeping yourself accountable to achieve your goals; and
  • setting more goals to keep yourself motivated?

As you know, personal and professional challenges can occur at any time in life. While we are unable to control those challenges, how we deal with them is the key and within our influence.

  • Some people are really good at keeping themselves accountable, staying on track and bouncing back from personal and professional challenges.
  • Other people work best when they are kept accountable to someone else, and have the support to assist them with additional mindset and communication skills to deal with personal and professional challenges.
  • Most people also don’t know what they don’t know, are unaware of how much more is possible, how much more they can learn and more easily achieve.

Your Personalised Support

If you are in the last two types of people, then you will be pleased to know that additional personalised support is also available to you.  You can choose between 3 value-packed affordable programs, depending on how much support you would like.  

If you would like additional information on how your personalised support can assist you, please feel free to email me at

Looking forward to continuing to empower you!

Dr Vesna

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