Your lasting and quick personalised life and business quantum transformation and results.

How we Empower You for Lasting and
Quick Transformation in Your Confidence
and Personal and Professional Success

3 Transformational Personalised Options for You

We offer you three highly personalised and transformational options to choose from, ranging from quickly empowering you to assisting you with the ultimate transformation.  All of our personalised programs below are confidential face to face consultations at either our:

  • consulting suite at East St Kilda (just off Dandenong Road, with free all day/night parking and nearby tram): consultations are available from 9am to 9pm during weekdays
  • office at Collins Street, Melbourne: consultations are available from 9am to 5pm during weekdays

Once you choose your preferred option below and secure your preferred day and time for your session, we will confirm all the details with you.

Option 1: NLP Confidence and Success Booster session

Quickly boost your confidence, motivation and success in your 45 minute NLP session.  This session is a great way for you to personally experience and quickly benefit from NLP and is ideal for:

  • changing small habits, including eating, nail biting, exercise, etc
  • stopping minor distractions and avoidance
  • quickly increasing your motivation, confidence, energy, drive and focus
  • stopping worry and minor stress
  • clarifying and setting your goal.

In this session you will experience several very quick NLP techniques to kick start you into action and success.  You will also receive one hour of complimentary email support after your session.  Total value for this session and support is $375.  To save 50% off your session, simply complete this booking form to secure your preferred session day, time and location, and we will confirm all the details with you.

Option 2: Personal Breakthrough

Quickly and permanently identify and address the patterns sabotaging your success.  These sessions are ideal if you wish to once and for all stop the patterns from the past affecting you now and into the future, including:

  • addressing major habits eg. procrastination, emotional eating/drinking, smoking, stress, sleep, inconsistent exercise
  • permanently, quickly and easily addressing your past hurts, fears, anger, rejection, sadness, guilt, depression, anxiety – and without having to relive the past or experience those emotions again
  • overcoming self-doubts, unwanted patterns and limiting beliefs (eg. fear of failure/success/rejection/public speaking, not good enough, don’t deserve happiness/success, fear of being alone, etc)
  • stop sabotaging your confidence, relationships, career, health and personal and professional success
  • clarify your goals and develop new success habits and strategies for your ongoing success.

Experience a range of NLP, TLT and Hypnotherapy techniques to let go of the past and create the personal and professional success you desire.  To ensure you receive the best long-term result in the shortest time, these sessions are in 2 hour blocks, and most clients book their sessions either once or twice weekly.  The total number of hours required to assist you to achieve your outcomes ranges from 4 hours to 10 hours, depending on the nature of the problem and your readiness to let go and experience your transformation.

During your first 2 hour session we will have identified all the underlying issues that need to be addressed and we will give you an estimate of how quickly we can complete addressing those issues – the estimate we give you is guaranteed which means you have peace of mind that if it takes longer to assist you, you will never pay more than the number of hours we have estimated you.

Your Personal Breakthrough also includes email and phone support in between your sessions, plus a one hour complimentary follow up session in person after your last session (total value over $1,875) to ensure your success.  We guarantee your results when you follow our unique success formula.  We also offer a 12% saving for all Private Health Fund members.  To secure your preferred day, time and location for your session, and  your special offer, simply complete this booking form and we will confirm all the details with you.

Option 3:
  Qt Transform Your Destiny® program 

Your ultimate personal transformation!  Address all of the above plus finally get the respect, love and appreciation you deserve, discover your purpose, ignite your passion and Transform Your Destiny® during our unique proven program, exclusively available from Qt.

This program is ideal for you if you would like to quickly and permanently increase your self-belief, confidence, motivation and personal and professional success, as well as to permanently transform disempowering dynamics into empowering ones, and attract the lasting personal and professional relationships, and the happiness, health and success that you desire!  This program will assist you if you wish to:

  • stop dreading going to work, feeling unfulfilled, frustrated or unappreciated
  • stop feeling lost, like a fish out of water, or you are lacking direction/purpose in career, relationship or life
  • have the strength and confidence to stand up for yourself and deal with challenging people and their behaviour
  • get the respect you deserve and feel loved, valued, appreciated and recognised
  • eliminate negative thinking and beating up on yourself, and instead, learn how to love and respect yourself
  • stop other people from sabotaging your success and happiness
  • more effectively deal with difficult people and stressful situations, and feel peace, happiness and joy in your life
  • find greater meaning, purpose, direction and fulfillment in life and purposefully and passionately follow your dreams and goals
  • eliminate conflict, disagreements, frustration and stress from your personal and professional relationships and learn effective communication and other strategies for satisfying and successful relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

Personally experience our proven, safe and recognised Qt respecti ® techniques – where you never need to recall, work with or refer to past memories or past events, or relive past memories, in order to safely let the past patterns stop once and for all.  You quickly, profoundly, positively and permanently change the dynamic between you and other people at the deepest level: at the mind-body-deeper self levels, at the same time.  The integration is fast, which means that you can see quick and lasting changes rather than waiting up to weeks for the changes to be demonstrated in your behaviour; with Qt respecti ® the integration is immediate.  These powerful techniques address an unmet client need and are only available from Qt.

The Qt Transform Your Destiny® program is a series of weekly consultations of 2 hours each, over 7 weeks.  It includes your own Qt Transform Your Destiny® manual which is yours to keep as a valuable reference after your program, plus your free Transformational Empowerment Program© and resources (valued at over $4,875) to empower you for ongoing success.  We guarantee your results when you follow our unique success formula.  We also offer a 12% saving for all Private Health Fund members.  To secure your preferred day, time and location, and special offer for your ultimate transformation, simply complete this booking form and we will confirm all the details with you.

Which personalised journey of empowerment and transformation will you choose?

To secure your preferred option please email Dr Vesna today, call her on 0411 479 256 or simply complete the appropriate booking form above, and she will be happy to answer all your questions, assist you with choosing the best option for your needs and confirm all the details with you.

Looking forward to empowering you for lasting confidence and personal and professional success!

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