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How to Transform Your Team’s Resistance and
Empower them to Embrace Change and Innovation!

  • Do you have employees who are unwilling to embrace changeor innovation?
  • Is your business growth being sabotaged by individual, team or leadership resistance to change?
  • Are you frustrated by the lack of traction of your cultural change, process improvement programs or innovation initiatives?
  • Do you wish you could fast track these and make them last?
  • Would you like your leaders and teams to really embrace your innovation and change programs and give your business a competitive edge?

The Biggest Business Risk

The comfort zone and lack of innovation and change are the biggest risks to business growth.  If your business follows the herd you will end up commoditizing your product or service, competing solely on price and risking your business’ longevity.  By being a leader in your field, being proactive and innovative you can ensure your business gains and maintains a competitive edge and thrives!

Often business growth is limited because the people in the business become complacent and are caught in the comfort zone.  “Being creatures of habit, we can allow ourselves to be trapped by our comfort zone.  Often we opt for the easy way, for mediocrity, for what we know because what we don’t know is unknown – it is unfamiliar.  The comfort zone keeps us trapped because we mistakenly believe that the “known” is safe.” (1)

Our patterns of behaviour become comfortable for us.  At the same time, it is important to adapt to changing environments, whether these be the changing economy or a personal or professional situation.  If you stay in your comfortable patterns of behaviour, it makes it more difficult to adapt, to feel confident, and to succeed in a new environment.” (2)

Your leaders and teams are by far your greatest asset in your business.  The extent to which they are willing to change their own thinking processes, behaviours, communication and interaction with others will either help your business to thrive or sabotage its success.

“Cognitive dissonance theory also explains why people fail to stop sabotaging themselves.  This theory states that people tend to seek out information that fits in with their existing beliefs, values, and behaviour, and ignore information that does not fit in with them.  In turn, this continues to reinforce their existing beliefs, values, behaviours, and patterns of sabotage.” (3) 

The Key to Fast and Lasting Transformation

We are passionate about assisting our clients to embrace and grow through innovation and sustainable people performance.  Experienced in shifting the toughest of resistance to change, we have a 100% success rate in transforming resistant employees and leaders.

Since 2000, we have been using our proven processes, our in-depth understanding of human behavior and our unique and innovative award-winning advanced behavioural change techniques (created through our founder’s PhD research and experience) to empower individuals, teams and leaders in growing companies like yours for long term success.

While our experience spans many industries (including manufacturing, sustainability, transport, ITC, professional services and wholesale), all our clients value their people’s contribution to the growth of their business.  We have a proven track record of quickly and permanently transforming mindsets, behaviors and dynamics for exceptional business success.  With our expertise, we can assist to:

  • accurately predict how much resistance you may receive and how best to minimizethis to ensure successful change programs and outcomes
  • assess the individual members in your team and quickly understand how responsive each person in your organization is to change so that you can obtain far greater people engagement in your change programs
  • quickly and effectively identify the underlying issues that are causing employee or leadership resistance to your cultural change, process improvement programs or innovation initiatives
  • effectively shift mindsets, behaviours and dynamics so that your people willingly embrace change and innovation for long term business success.
  • align the culture in your organization and embed the change and innovation culturefor your ongoing business growth and success.

We offer a range of transformational programs to suit your needs all designed to your specific outcomes, with measurable results and fast return on your investment.

Partner with Leaders and Innovators

We are leaders and innovators in our field, and we partner with our clients to successfully implement change and innovation programs with them.  Some of our own innovations include:

  • assisting our clients with our methodologies to think laterally and generate “out of box” solutions to grow their businesses and with a 100% success rate
  • assisting our clients to be nominated and successfully selected as finalists for innovation and other business awards
  • developing our own proven advanced behavioural change techniques and processes, and intellectual property, Qt respecti ®, which are a certified and recognized set of techniques, and covered under professional indemnity insurance and multi award-winning
  • multi-award winning, with awards for innovation, sustainability, training, coaching, NLP excellence, marketing, strategy and speaking industry excellence
  • being the first in our industry to receive the GMTM Sustainability Certificate for three consecutive years and continuing to run a sustainable business for over 17 years
  • our book, Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence, being the first book of its genre to be gifted to Hollywood and Australian celebrities at Red Carpet events, including Golden Globes, Emmys, Logies and ACRAs
  • Dr Vesna is a co-author of the book, Game Changers: Innovation in Business and her chapter “How to Master the Innovation Mindset” outlines the mindset and behavioural changes that you and your team can make to fast track your ideas, innovations and business growth.

Qt is a multi award-winning, unique business transformation company.  Our founder and CEO, Dr. Vesna Grubacevic, is also a best-selling author, sought after speaker, award winner and media commentator (being interviewed in many magazines, newspapers, on radio and TV, has her own regular columns and extensively contributes articles).

With a PhD, a BEc, and over 35 years’ experience in business (including in economics, domestic and international financial markets, global strategy, cultural change in multinational organisations, hospitality, and working with CEOs, executives, professionals, salespeople, business owners, managers, teams and individuals), Dr. Vesna has mastered the art and science of understanding behaviour and performance on an individual, team, business, organisational, economy wide and global level.

Dr. Vesna works closely with a team of specialists to ensure that you and your team are totally empowered and supported to achieve your desired results!

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Qt and Dr. Vesna are Multi-Award Winners in Innovation, Sustainability, Training, Coaching, NLP Excellence, Marketing, Strategy and Speaking …

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