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Transformational Business Success Story!

March 2009

Welcome to our Transformational Business Success Story where I interview one of our very successful clients, Bruno Col from Ponto Combo.  Ponto Combo is a media production company based in Melbourne, which was created three years ago on the idea to use Bruno Col’s past professional experience in documentaries to offer clients the ability to communicate via the visual media.  Combining Bruno’s and his business partner’s (Manny Vassal) expertise, they offer a very strong understanding of how to leverage marketing, communication and sales and also have a strong understanding of how organisations work.  This enables them to work with organisations with a marketing department or with people with little experience in this area.

How was business prior to your transformation? 

Business was good.  It was not Ponto Combo that had problems, it was me.  We have never had any doubts about Ponto Combo.  What was difficult was my inexperience to deal with people one on one and my understanding of others.  I translated my own fears, stress, anxieties and issues to business.  It was very hard for me to distance myself from comments from others, how other people were working and their commitment levels.  I needed to understand how people work, how they have the attitude that they do and how they run their business, and to adapt myself to them.  I decided at the beginning of 2008 to look at myself, so I got in touch with Qt.

You have made significant changes to the way you do business Bruno, can you tell us about your transformation. 

My transformation included a weekend seminar and personalised sessions with Vesna.  When I arrived at the workshop I was in a very bad mood and very sceptical.  In the first hour of the seminar, I started to open up – it was something very personal and I really liked that.  It gave me the guidance to use the tools and to own my transformation.  I now manage my time and make myself a priority, as well as find the time to be with people I love.  My relationships with others are becoming richer because I give the time for myself.  When I now deal with people in business, I have a much better ability to understand them, listen to them and understand their needs, and give them creative pointers in a diplomatic way, and have the freedom to be able to do that.  I freed myself to be a really good advisor to my clients.

To what extent has working with Qt helped you to reduce conflicts with people? 

It gave me the techniques to refocus on the way I need to approach relationships with clients and suppliers.  It has given me the ability to be less angry, less defensive, less stressed and less anxious.  I have a much more positive outlook on my personal and professional life.  I have the ability to be a more peaceful person and I learnt to be more tolerant of others.  It gave me a much more open view of others – I am less judgemental as a person.

What has been the biggest change for you?  Has the change been a lasting one? 

My ability to be more balanced and at peace, my ability to focus.  It has been a life changing experience.  For example, since I started my transformation, I have developed the ability to exercise and to do it consistently, and I have lost 20 kgs.  Another big change has been my ability to love again – I met this wonderful woman.  I found the ability to not take things too personally and to deal with my divorce.  Yes, it has been a lasting change.  I wish I had done this sooner – 20 years ago.  The tools that I have learnt have given me the freedom to become the person I want to become – it has helped me beyond my business.

How would you sum up your transformation? 

I rediscovered myself and I discovered new things about myself.  It allowed me to create my own tools, using the techniques that Qt shared with me, to maintain my own transformation.  I used to stress about where the business would come from, now I trust it to happen and it works out well.  It has been literally a life changing experience.  For anyone who has doubts in their life, do it!

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