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Confidence – The Key to Your Business Success

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Do you lack the confidence to attend networking events, give presentations, promote yourself and your business, convert prospects into clients, follow up late paying clients and follow through on your business strategies and goals?

The Great Intention

When we start a business we begin with a great intention – we are passionate and excited about our vision, goals and helping other people to make their lives easier in some way. When we begin a new career or job, we are excited about our contribution. Then challenges come our way and, after a while, those intentions can remain unfulfilled.

Our lack of success in meeting our intention negatively affects our confidence, and our lack of confidence then sabotages our success. One of the biggest hindrances to our business success is lack of confidence to begin, follow through on and to complete the strategies, marketing activities and actions towards the goals and targets we set. It is only through completion that we obtain our results and success. Yet, many business owners and professionals struggle to start, follow through on and complete their strategies, and achieve their goals and targets.

Confidence Saboteurs

Most people have had confidence at one time or another in their business and life, then “lost” it. Common types of business events that can sabotage our confidence include:

  • past failed businesses, business partnerships or projects 
  • a series of rejections, retrenchment, missing out on promotions, sales or deals 
  • conflict in business partnerships, with teams or individuals 
  • loss of good staff or customers 
  • business growing too fast and being unable to manage growth effectively. 

From working with thousands of clients since 2000, and through my research, I have discovered that there are over 35 different ways that we can sabotage our confidence and success in business.   The main 3 ways that business owners, leaders and professionals sabotage their confidence are:

1.     Disempowered Mindset
Business owners, leaders and professionals with a disempowered mindset make excuses, have negative self talk, self-doubts and limiting beliefs (eg. fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, etc).   All of these negatively affect their level of confidence and can lead to feeling overwhelmed, lack of motivation, procrastination, hesitation to delegate, lack of prioritisation, overreacting to others’ requests and taking things too personally, etc.

2.     Disempowering Communication
Business owners, leaders and professionals who engage in disempowering communication may blame other people rather than take responsibility for their communication. They can put other people down rather than constructively support them with empowering feedback. They can also have frequent misunderstandings, disagreements or conflicts with team members, managers, customers and suppliers.

3.     Disempowering Dynamics
Your dynamic with other people can impact on your levels of confidence and success. For example, if you are part of a supportive culture and a positive dynamic at work, you will probably feel more confident in asking for help and support when you need it. In turn, this will assist you to be more successful. Alternatively, if there is a negative culture and dynamic at work, you may avoid speaking with people or asking for help, which could have you feel isolated and unsupported; and can negatively impact on your confidence, performance and success.

Because all of the above can negatively affect your level of confidence and success in business, a great way that you can begin to develop an empowered mindset, communication and dynamics is to complete your self-empowerment course, Stop Sabotaging Your Confidence.

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