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Qt Graduate Assistants’ Program

Would you like to deepen your skills and understanding, while empowering others on their journey?

Our Qt Assistants’ Program is very popular as it is an effective way to review your existing NLP, Time Line Therapy™ techniques, Hypnotherapy and Qt respect i ® techniques, while empowering others in their learning and transformation.  This is an exciting voluntary program, and is complimentary for you to attend.

There are many benefits to you for assisting including:

  • reviewing your existing NLP, TLT, Hypnotherapy and Qt respect i ® skills at a deeper level
  • obtaining new insights about yourself, others and the content you hear
  • deepening your understanding of the techniques you have learnt
  • the reward of helping others in their learning and growth
  • opportunity to personally ask me any questions regarding the content we cover on the day/s you assist, at lunchtime/end of the day
  • certificate of completion for the hours that you assist once you fully complete your assistant commitments and duties, which you can then present to the ABNLP/ABH as part of the 15 hours of Continuing Education that they require each year.  So if you assist only 2 days a year, you will exceed this requirement and you will have evidence of that from Qt.

You will need to have completed and have been certified at the equivalent training as the one during which you would like to assist i.e. have completed and have been certified as an NLP Practitioner to assist at the NLP Practitioner training, etc.  From time to time we do major training updates and offer our graduates training upgrades so that they have the latest skills.  In order to assist on the days when we cover this new content and to be fair to the students who invest in this additional training, you need to have completed the training upgrade first.

Please email me and let me know which day or days suit you for our upcoming trainings ASAP (remember first come first in as there is only one assistant present for each day of the training), and I will be pleased to confirm additional details with you.

Looking forward to seeing you at our training soon, and continuing to empower you!

Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

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