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How to Guarantee Your Financial Success!

Do you worry about money and feel like you are on a financial rollercoaster?  Are you tired of struggling financially?  Does money seem to slip through your fingers?  Would you like to know how you can attract and keep more abundance and wealth in your life?

What is your relationship with money?

How do you relate to money?  Is your relationship with money a love-hate one?  Do you enjoy having money, feel guilty if you have it, question whether you deserve it, feel envious if others have more of it than you or resent those who are highly financially successful?  Are you clear about exactly how much money you want and is it aligned with your life purpose?  Do you spend money like it is your last dollar or spend it with gratitude for the value you receive?

Money is energy and how you use this energy determines how much money flows into your life.  If you hold onto money and are attached to having to have it, you will stop the flow of energy and this will limit the money you attract.  Instead, see money as a flow, where as you freely (and wisely) spend and invest it, it comes back to you many times over.  So if your current relationship with money is one of not having as much as you desire, you can create a brand new relationship with money by letting go of the old one first!

Here are 4 ways to create a new relationship with money, increase the flow of abundance in your life and guarantee your financial success: 

Spiritual alignment – Ask yourself “For what purpose do I want money in my life and how does it fit with my life purpose?”  For example, to what extent does it help you to make a difference, to contribute, etc?

Mental alignment – Ask yourself “Am I clear about exactly how much money I want and do I have a crystal clear and achievable goal to attract it?”

Emotional alignment – Let go of any attachments to money and the need to have to have it, including any fears, issues about not being deserving, not being able to make money and beliefs such as money is evil.  Money is attracted to people who treat it well and with respect – people who respect themselves.  When you treat yourself with respect and value yourself, you will attract abundance more easily into your life.  There is a direct relationship between your relationship with yourself and your relationship with money.

Physical alignment – You can align all of the above, however if you take no action, take the same action as you did before or take insufficient action, you will block the flow of money and it will only remain a desire.  Therefore, it is important to align all four areas for money and abundance to flow freely in your life.

When would now be the perfect time for you to know that you can create the financial success and abundance that you desire?
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