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How to Attract and Keep Your Ideal Relationship!

Do you keep attracting the same sort of partner that you don’t want?  Are you sabotaging your relationships, even the ones that are wonderful?  Do you feel unworthy or undeserving of love?  Are you telling yourself this relationship is too good to be true or wonder when will it end?  Would you like to put the passion and excitement back into an existing relationship?

The key to relationship success

Whether you are in an existing relationship, have just come out of a relationship, want to attract a new relationship or get over an old one, there is one thing that determines the success in your current and future relationships with others…. and that is your relationship with yourself!

Because like attracts like, if you keep putting yourself down or beating up on yourself, you will keep attracting partners and other people in your life who treat you in the same way – until you change your relationship with yourself!   How specifically do you need to change your self talk and behaviours so that you are your best friend and attract a partner who is your best friend too?

Know exactly what you want

Because you get what you focus on, be very clear about exactly what you want in a relationship and an ideal partner.   Make a list of the specific physical, emotional, mental and spiritual qualities you want your ideal partner to have – and then ensure you have these too!

Let go of all past relationships

Then make sure you let go of all the past relationships you have had, yes even if you are currently in a relationship!   Because to the extent that you still hold onto past hurts, fears, anger, rejection, betrayal, abandonment , unworthiness, etc you will keep attracting this in your current and future relationships until you have resolved them.   Remember let go of the old to make room for the new!

Do Something Different

Now if you continue to take the same action, including going to the same places to meet your ideal partner, you will keep attracting the same people and behaviours.   It is important to take different action and to accept only those behaviours that support you.   If you accept anything less than that you are sending a very disempowering message to your brain around your self worth.

Really understand each other

And once you have attracted your ideal partner, the key to keeping the relationship and the passion alive is to really understand each other – each of your preferred communication styles, what motivates and drives each of you and how you each know when you are being loved by the other person.

When would now be the perfect time for you to know that you deserve a great relationship both with yourself and your partner?   Isn’t it time you had the fulfillment, love and passion you desire!

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