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Transformational Success Story!

Welcome to our Transformational Success Story where I personally interview one of our very successful clients, Matt.  Matt is an entrepreneur extraordinaire who loves innovation and invention and is driven by a purpose and passion of new things.  Matt also enjoys contact sports, cycling and electronic gadgets and loves people.  He comes from the upper echelons of IT, technology and infrastructure architecture.  After realising that there is more IT than people in infrastructure, he decided to move into a more people centric space and this transition equated to sales.

How was your life and business prior to your transformation? 

The entire dynamics of doing business is very different in IT compared to sales.  I was now required to walk the beat, operate at street level and make those dreaded endless cold calls to secure any level of income from sales.  I needed more of a handle on people and the intricacies of dealing with people.  During the transition realigning priorities to engage in business became a fine balancing act.  Needless to say, my finances suffered greatly and I never want to see that again, I went through very tough times.  I couldn’t believe I’d gone from earning a healthy 6 figure salary to zero.  I realised that NLP would assist me to adapt.

You have made some significant changes to your financial situation Matt, can you tell us about your transformation journey?

While externally I appeared very happy, on the inside I’d beat up on myself and pull my hair out when things didn’t go well.  My self talk is now more patient, I have more clarity and understanding.  Just 24 months prior to attending the NLP Practitioner certification training with Qt, I was hand to mouth from one job to another.  I had 9 different employers, none of these jobs really offered me real future value, I was reactionary and at best the jobs were a band aid solution.  Since the training with Qt, my goals have become real!  Mapping a path to achieve my goals has made them very realistic.  In past roles I was not achieving my financial or personal goals.  Now I have overachieved my goal!

In the previous 12 months I achieved earnings of $30 – 40K per year, which is not much when your fixed outgoings are substantial.  I finished my NLP training on Saturday, set a goal on the Friday before to achieve an annual income of $85K.  Less than 72 hours after the training finished, I was really astonished.  I was called by one of the leading global financial insurance companies to commence work with them.  While on a contact basis, my annual earnings are now $95K.  Once I achieved this goal I realised I could do it again and I set another goal.  It is all about being specific and being internally and externally congruent.  Now I have set a target of earning $20K per month and I am going beautifully towards achieving this goal.

How has transforming your thinking impacted on your success?  Has the change been a lasting one?

Absolutely!  Thinking impacts on everything we do – the intent behind the thought has changed.  Without that change, what I have achieved so far would not have happened.  It has been a lasting change because all I can see now, clearly is success.  Before there was a shadow of a doubt, now there is none.

What tips would you give to others thinking about improving their finances? 

Be very clear about where you are currently and where you want to be.  As much as you read books on finance, etc. if your thinking isn’t right then it is not going to happen.  Acquire skills to see clearly, then see clearly!  Harness skills like NLP with Qt.  I’ve researched several NLP training programs and found they are too cramped with a high number of participants per class, the sad truth is that even if participants could interject they were too afraid to ask questions in fear of sounding silly – now that’s a total contradiction to the teachings of NLP to begin with.  Qt’s smaller training classes are more intimate and have more benefits.  I had free flowing dialogue during the entire training with the Trainer!

How would you sum up your transformation? 

Where crystal met clarity.  We all believe we can see clearly but it isn’t until you see clearly that you realise you didn’t see clearly, thanks to Qt for the new insight and learning.  I am thoroughly glad I did the training.  A key trait of an entrepreneur is the ability to inspire others.  I feel like I have got that entrepreneurial spirit back.  Thank you!

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