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Growing Your Business Through Excellence!

  • Are you missing out on taping into the money making machine that lies dormant in your business?
  • How often have you or your team done something really well in your business and then could never repeat exactly the same results again?
  • Would you like to have a proven system for creating excellent teams, systems and processes in your business and for replicating excellence time and time again?

Excellence occurs when someone exceeds, surpasses, outdoes or does better than others in a particular activity.  We see excellence in athletes who break world records, in successful entrepreneurs who outdo their competition, in professionals who far exceed the performance of their peers, in adventurers who master great feats like climbing Mt Everest, and in individuals who achieve things that no one else thought possible.

Every single one of us has the potential to achieve excellence.  Rather than asking whether we can be excellent in a particular field, we need to ask ourself how we can achieve excellence in that field.  As you think about your business, there are probably things you do really well and better than other people you know in your industry – that is another example of excellence.  The question then becomes, do you know exactly how you achieved that excellence in the first place so that you can repeat it time and again and leverage yourself?

To grow your business through excellence involves a simple formula: Excellent Leadership + Excellent Systems + Excellent Team = Excellent Business Results©.  Below are some ideas to get you started with creating excellence in each of these areas:

Excellent Leadership 

A leader is someone who empowers themself and others to excellence.  Excellent leaders are great visionaries, who focus on the vision, objectives and goals and know how to mobilise their team and other resources in the most effective way to achieve the best result possible.  They focus on the big picture, know how to inspire others with their vision and how to enlist their support.

Excellent leaders are “people” people and know how to build great relationships.  Regardless of the business you are in, we are all in the business of selling relationships – with our customers, prospects, employees, investors, partners and anyone!  So knowing how to build rapport and trust quickly is critical to a leader’s ability to motivate a team into action.  Excellent leaders are also great communicators and influencers and have the flexibility to communicate their message to anyone, regardless of their personality, communication and processing styles.

Do you know exactly how to create excellent leadership in your business?

Excellent Systems 

Excellent leaders also ensure that there are excellent systems in place to run the business more efficiently.  When duplication and double handling is eliminated, errors are reduced, productivity increases, as do bottom line results.  It is important to have clearly documented processes and procedures for the key areas of the business including: strategy and planning, marketing, operations, sales, finance, people, etc.  Once current processes are clearly documented, the opportunities to streamline processes, cut out duplication, eliminate unnecessary steps, reallocate tasks across the team, reallocate time spent on activities, etc become obvious.  Up until that point, ignorance can be expensive!

If you are currently using a strategy in your business that is producing great results, make sure you document it and keep replicating that excellence.  You will only know that a strategy is producing great results if you have processes in place to track the performance of the strategies you use.  Sometimes business owners will implement a strategy and will change it too soon without giving it time to yield results.  Some strategies will deliver immediate results if executed effectively.  Others take time to produce results.  If you stop the latter too soon, you will never know if the strategy was effective or not, and you will never give yourself a change to produce excellence.

Do you know exactly how successful your current strategies are so that you know how to best allocate your and your team’s time, effort, energy and other resources?

Excellent Team 

Excellent systems also include having a system for selecting the right team for the business and a system for motivating and getting the best performance from the team.  After all, the team (including you, your employees, alliances, referral partners, customers, etc.) are all critical to excellent execution of the business strategy and vision.

Choose your team wisely because it is easier and less expensive to retain people that have been selected appropriately in the first place.  You can easily do this with Qt’s simple and effective techniques that will assist you to conversationally assess the cultural fit of each potential employee, alliance, referral partner, customer, etc. and to accurately predict their job/relationship longevity, their personality preferences, etc. in around 20 minutes!  And the great news is that if you already have a team in place, you can use these techniques to effectively align your team to work together even more synergistically and productively!

Importantly, you will also want to have a system in place for choosing your ideal customers.  Again, it is a lot easier to work with an ideal customer that you are truly passionate and energised about working with than spending a lot of time, effort and energy with prospects and customers who drain your energy and time for little reward.

Do you know exactly who is an ideal team and customer for your business and do you know exactly how to attract and keep them?

Imagine how much more productive and profitable your business could be if you implemented the above ideas and grew your business through excellence!

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