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Transformational Business Client Success Story!

Welcome to our Transformational Business Success Story where I personally interview one of our very successful clients, Dereck.

Tell us a little about yourself Dereck.
In my role as Senior Personal Trainer at South Pacific Health Clubs, I am a very busy employee with a high level of responsibility, and am unofficially seen as a leader within the location I operate from. Outside of my working hours, I am very active socially, being more involved in the organisation of social gatherings/events.

How was business and life prior to your transformation?
Before undergoing the transformation with QT, I was constantly stressed and at times less effective at managing my time and energy towards achieving anything. Procrastination was common in my lifestyle outside of work, and many day to day tasks I would pass over by busying myself with inconsequential activities.

What were the biggest obstacles you needed to overcome in business and life?
I needed to free myself from the mental blocks that had built up over the years that limited my potential for growth and professional success. I had to become more disciplined with my time and remain focused on the (desired) outcomes, while reclaiming my confidence and self-esteem.

You have made significant changes Dereck, can you tell us about your transformation.
During my sessions with QT, I was able to break free of the mental and emotional shackles my past experiences had given me. It was liberating to have changed my perspective on past events, and no longer be burdened by the fear of negative outcomes in similar circumstances. I now have constant complete confidence in myself to do everything to the best of my abilities at the time, and embrace failure as an opportunity for learning and growth towards my personal success!

To what extent has working with Qt helped you with your transformation?
Through backtracking my personal timeline for events in my life that had left me with doubts and fears, and re-examining those events in an unemotional setting, Vesna helped me to see everything in different contexts. My sessions with QT rewired my thought process to understand that I needed to be clear about my desired outcomes, what is the purpose of meeting those outcomes, and that I have to take action (and not make excuses) to achieve them. The creative visualisation techniques enabled me to maintain positive throughout the days that were highly challenging.

Having now made these changes, what do you now enjoy most about business and life?
Having shifted to a positive mindset, I am having better relationships with everybody – including myself! Every day I am looking forward to making a positive impact on the lives of others. My time is more productive than ever before, and I am having far more time free to expand my knowledge and skills. Every day I make time to listen to great speakers for the purpose of constant learning, also engaging in meditation at least twice a week. Learning to become grateful has opened up new possibilities for me, as I recognise small successes each day and am thankful for the unsuccessful things that occur.

What tips would you give to others wanting to be more confident and successful in business and in life?
For anybody looking to be successful in any area of life, but suffers from some self limiting beliefs, I would recommend NLP therapy with QT. It is necessary to be patient for achieving the ultimate successes in life, while engaging in persistent actions towards reaching whatever that is for you. Being free of the fear of failure, and being able to use them to learn is very important. Find people who you can trust to support you and believe in you as you undertake your personal journey, who will keep you accountable and not let you quit is very important!

How would you sum up your transformation?
For me, my transformation has re-awakened my purpose in life, that I had buried under falling into the socially normal pattern of working for others, just to get by. I always wanted to entertain people, to stir emotional response, educate and inform, and to be able to help people philanthropically. Even though I am doing some of that now, it is not to the level that I dreamed of. My passion to change the world for the better can be best achieved when I have reached the status of world famous, with wealth that I can put to good use. It has become important to set forward a path towards that, and every day I make a little progress (some days more) because I invested in myself by engaging QT to clear the path. Even though finances were an obstacle at the time, I made the commitment to change my life for the better, and I am so glad that I did!

Dereck is happy to talk to you about his transformation so please contact Dr. Vesna on 0411 479 256 for her details.

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