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How to Transition to Running Your Successful Business in Helping Others

  • Have you been thinking about starting your own wellness/coaching/NLP/hypnotherapy business for a while?
  • Would you like to smoothly and successfully transition from employment to self employment?
  • Do you wish you had the skills and confidence to help others to improve their lives?

Dr Vesna was invited to present as a featured speaker at the Thriving Wellness Coaches Success Summit on How to Transition to Running Your Successful Wellness Business.  During this interview, Dr Vesna shares with you proven tips and strategies and a 5 step action plan that you can action right away – these are the same strategies she has used to successfully transition to running her own business over 18 years ago and that hundreds of our clients have used successfully too! 

Are You Ready to transition to greater levels of confidence and skills to successfully help others while being fulfilled in your work?

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