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Transformational Business Success Story!

Welcome to our Transformational Business Success Story where I interview one of our very successful clients, Melissa.  Melissa is a professional photographer who runs a fabulous business.  Many of her commercial clients to date have come from the building industry including architects, town planners, landscape architects, urban designers and engineers.  She has photographed numerous buildings, developments, open spaces and urban spaces for them.  Other clients have included the corporate sector, hospitality/restaurant and events and personal portraits.  When Melissa is not shooting for a client she is often developing a theme for an exhibition of her own fine art photography.

How was business prior to your transformation?

My business was often at a road block without being able to see the way forward.  I could go so far and then I would stop and progress would also cease. I found this quite frustrating.

What were the biggest obstacles you needed to overcome in business?

My biggest obstacles were second guessing myself and talking myself out of doing things.  I wouldn’t always write down the things that I wanted to achieve, and by not writing them down I had nothing to compare my progress against.  Also, in not having a check list I didn’t have the sense of achievement by ticking off completed tasks as I progress along.  I’ve found that when you work by yourself, sometimes you have to give yourself a pat on the back, because there is no one else to do that for you, and we all need to feel a sense of achievement and forward moving progress.

You have made significant changes to the way you do business Melissa, can you tell us about your transformation.

Finally, I’ve been able to refine some of my systems and client management processes and this will help improve my cash flow.  Typically I used to bill my commercial clients at the end of a job and this could see me waiting up to 6 months from the time of shooting until the time of 100% payment.  With being able to revise my processes and be more confident in my product and myself, I now bill three times during the job.  Needless to say, this small change will make a huge impact on my cash flow and budgeting, equating to a 33% improvement.

To what extent has working with Qt helped you to address your limiting beliefs and grow your business?

Qt has taught me the tools with which to unlock my progress and achievements.  Now, I am the key to my success.   I am more determined to follow through on an idea.  The biggest change has been changing my thought processes and being able to effectively deal with limiting beliefs and thoughts that held me back.   Because I can see the benefits of this change, I’m determined to make it a lasting improvement.  I am now less stressed, more calm, get more done and have a greater sense of achievement.

Having now made this change, what do you now enjoy most about business and life?

By using the tools that Qt has shown me, I have now, finally, been able to achieve a balance between being self employed and having a personal life.  There are boundaries to both, and now I can see that.  By making one small change I can now schedule in time for all the important things in business and my personal life.  This gives me peace of mind and a sense of achievement, because I can fit it all in when I plan ahead.  My stress levels are greatly reduced and I am feeling the ongoing benefits of a greater level of calmness.

What tips would you give to others in business wanting to stop sabotaging their business success?   

Get a mentor like Vesna and Qt and utilise their tools and knowledge so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you face a hurdle.  You might be surprised at just how quickly you can stop running around in circles and actually make some progress.

How would you sum up your transformation?

It has all been positive – I wish I had done it sooner.

Successfully stop sabotaging your business success!

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