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Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Last

by Dr. Vesna Grubacevic

Have you kept your new year’s resolutions to stop smoking, lose weight, start a new job/relationship/business?  Do you find yourself reneging on your resolutions days or weeks after you make them?  Would you like to know what makes resolutions last so that you can achieve them?

Below are the five most common reasons why new year’s resolutions don’t last and how you can create success instead.

1.   Lack of commitment 

This is by far the biggest reason for people not achieving their resolutions.  Some people say things like “it would be nice to stop smoking/lose weight/have more customers” rather than make a firm commitment to do it.  Others make new year’s resolutions because someone else (eg. their partner, friend, family) tells them they should or have to do it.  Instead of making a commitment to themselves, they feel obliged to change their behaviour to please others.  The first step to success is to make a commitment to yourself to make a change in your life for the right reasons.

2.   Lack of clarity

Too many people make vague resolutions eg. to lose weight, get a new job/relationship/business, etc without being specific.  This is similar to when you go shopping and you don’t know what you want, you end up returning the product, being unhappy with it, not using it or complaining about it.  If you are unclear about exactly what you want, you will attract something or someone with whom you will be unhappy.  Instead, make sure that you are very specific as to what you want so that you can easily attract it.

3.   Lack of belief

Unresolved fears, self doubts and limiting beliefs are by far the biggest saboteur from being committed to yourself and taking action on your resolutions.   Some people fear success, others fear failure, rejection, not being good enough, not deserving/worthy of love, etc.  Some people have past anger, resentment, hurt and other emotions which keep them stuck in the past and prevent them from moving forward in life.  Instead, address your fears, emotions, self doubts and limiting beliefs so that you free yourself to attract and take action towards what you really want.

4.   Lack of imagination

Most people miss out on utilising their mind’s powerful resources.  They do not use their imagination to visualise themselves successfully achieving their resolution.  If you can imagine yourself achieving your resolution, you can achieve it.  It has been scientifically proven that the mind is unable to differentiate between what is vividly imagined and what is real.  Once you clarify your resolution, believe it and commit to it, then visualise success.

5.   Lack of support

Often people share their resolutions with loved ones, friends and colleagues.  Some of these people are empowering of them and supportive of their resolutions, while others may disempower them.  The latter’s negativity often reflects their own self doubts and fears.  Carefully choose with whom you share your resolutions so that they empower and support you in your success.

How to ensure you achieve all your new year’s resolutions and goals! 

While the intent of a resolution is to make a change for the better, often how resolutions are made sets people up to fail rather than to succeed.  If you would like to transform your resolutions into success, help is at hand to empower you.
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